Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1010
Xia Tian unexpectedly was bullied. Moreover was sharper than the blade on is bullied, old blade unexpectedly said that looks at the Xia Tian breaking blade with that contemptuous look. With Xia Tian compared with the degree of hardness and sharpness of blade. The blade in senior sword wielder is false Spirit Tool, Xia Tian that the weapon, although is good, but meets the tough head-on with toughness with false Spirit Tool truly insufficiently hits, collided dozens times shutting off by false Spirit Tool of old blade continuously. This are why the common blade guest or Swordsman loved with the weapon or the famous article. Because good weapon not only can make their strengths display in a big way, but also does not need to be worried that cut off by the opposite party, fight time cut off, that strength affirmation sharp decline, will also also cause the psychological burden, even if found the new weapon definitely is also fears the hand to fear the foot, does not dare to spell fully hardly, is worried to be cut off once more. If two person disparities were not big. That uses the person of good weapon absolutely to win. Snort! No matter you use any weapon, my dragon mark blade can cut off it, although my dragon mark blade is only false Spirit Tool, but is to other on false Spirit Tool, I also same have the means to cut off.” Old blade light snort, very self-confident saying. Right?” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. The [gold/metal] blade in his right hand flings directly, [gold/metal] Dao the speed is fast, his left hand, Gold Thread changed into the knife handle directly, blood blade gate blade skill is used by Xia Tian again, although knife edge, only then the [gold/metal] blade was so big, but the might on blade was not small. Since you court death, I again am cut off your blade.” The old blade said the broadsword in right hand to cut directly to the [gold/metal] blade. Ka! A clear sound transmits, Xia Tian has taken back [gold/metal] Dao. Ha Ha, how is it? Also has been cut off?” The old blade laughs was saying that he has not gone to look at his blade, he has the self-confidence to his blade, he thinks that a moment ago this, certainly was the blade of opposite party cutting off. Right?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, before [gold/metal] blade, has collided with others' Spirit Tool, finally is, on Spirit Tool presents the opening directly, say nothing was false Spirit Tool. Ka!

At this moment, the sound reaches in the ears of all people together, afterward they saw the blade of old blade has been cut off, actually normal to the words of war, his blade is insufficient to be cut off all of a sudden. But he a moment ago full strikes is meeting the tough head-on with toughness, he wants to be cut off with the strength directly the Xia Tian blade, but this was makes [gold/metal] blade be cut off all of a sudden on the contrary his false Spirit Tool. What?” On the face of old blade has written all over inconceivable, his whole person was shocked. His blade unexpectedly broke. Whiz! Flickers the body technique. Puff! An arm high throws. Ah! A pitiful yell sends out from the mouth of old blade, the [gold/metal] blade of his left arm by Xia Tian hand had cut off directly, a moment ago in his god looked when the blade in own right hand, Xia Tian has sneak attacked his left arm directly. Loses concentration in the fight, this is courting death simply, Xia Tian will miss how possibly such good opportunity. This is the fight between life and death, is not the martial arts contest, the point, Xia Tian will not miss any tiny bit opportunity. Life-saving!” Remote antiquity elder drinks greatly, other four people have fired into the old blade directly. Xia Tian knows that did not have the opportunity to kill the old blade, therefore he walks toward front directly. Treads! The Xia Tian footsteps are very steady, he such step by step walks forward, the speed is not fast, but actually gives people an associative perception, letting the person is unable from any angle sneak attack, he does not have the weakness from top to bottom.

Successive defeats two Weishan Yun sect decision Expert. Now image of Xia Tian in people heart continually is still rising. Although Xia Tian in surface tranquil, however his was praising at heart also to be lucky, reason that he can successive defeats two Weishan Yun sect Expert extremely because of the arrogance of these two people, the ability of first person completely be restrained by Xia Tian, but his unexpectedly has not known the circumstances of the matter, therefore was sneak attacked successfully by Xia Tian. The second person was arrogant to each side. unexpectedly thinks one were taking false Spirit Tool on the unmatched in the world, what a pity he has bumped into Xia Tian. But the [gold/metal] blade in Xia Tian hand Lian Lingji the weapon can break, but his unexpectedly dares to meet the tough head-on with toughness with the [gold/metal] blade, moreover exhausts fully meets the tough head-on with toughness, this and makes anything not to distinguish. What is main, his unexpectedly after the blade broke, has forgotten the fight, the god looks at own right arm, this in vain has given Xia Tian own left simply, there is blind spot of his eye. Therefore Xia Tian can sneak attack once more successfully. Treads! Xia Tian little stand forth. Lifts therapy him.” The complexion of remote antiquity elder is ugly, he has not thought that Lian the blade let slip, this regarding him is not a small attack, he thinks came up a person to be able casually KO Xia Tian, but he has not thought of the Xia Tian unexpectedly successive defeats they. He finally knows now Xia Tian was thorny. However Xia Tian when deals with these two people, has not shown any excellent method, on the contrary, he wins very tranquil. Experience and skill, you?” This remote antiquity elder inquired. Issue is not big.” Robust man light saying, his head one meter nine, long is high and big, the body weight are least also over 90 kilograms, but on him is not the fat, but is the muscle. Percussive muscle.

40 steps! Xia Tian has anchored the footsteps, at this time he is away from Yun Miao, only then 40 steps being away from, but Shan Yunzong Expert also has five people, these five people of imposing manners do not compare the beforehand two people to lower. Although he already successive defeats two Weishan Yun sect Expert, but he does not think one can kill this rank really with ease Expert. Therefore he cannot have the slight general idea, now here nobody can help him, he is only the island of resistance struggle, even if were a fault of faint trace can also want his life, his spirit continuously in high was tying tight. The X-Ray Vision eye does not dare to switch off, was worried that some people sneak attack. The robust men walked to Xia Tian directly. He rubbish, the right fist makes directly. Inner Strength manifestation! The fist shade pounded together directly to Xia Tian, the Xia Tian left hand double directed, neutralize part of strengths, other strengths all had been absorbed afterward by the Eight Trigrams mirror, this Inner Strength manifestation was not big to his threat. Only if Inner Strength manifestation that Earth Grade late stage Expert uses, otherwise regarding present Xia Tian, the issue is not big, because he has the Eight Trigrams mirror, the Eight Trigrams mirror can help him absorb part of strengths. Sees own strength function, the experience and skill still has not spoken, has fired into Xia Tian directly. Bang! Fights with the fists to Xia Tian, his strength is big, fights with the fists, as if Fierce Tiger smiles the arrogant wooded mountain to be ordinary, even has sent out the slight tiger's roar, this tiger's roar has to shock person mind. Finger of Consonance!