Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1011

The left hand of Xia Tian double refers to pointed out instantaneously! The fist and double direction in one, an explosive force erupted from the experience and skill fist, on his fist has a very strong impulse, this impulse as if instantaneously must Xia Tian to flying. Hateful, arrives with great difficulty this step, cannot absolutely retreat.” Xia Tian clenches teeth, the left hand has burnt instantaneously 10,000 compounded drugs, during a pure strength enters to his left hand double refers. Bang! The formidable explosive force erupts from their intersection points. Experience and skill retreat one step, that impulse has raised the furniture of surrounding these smashing directly flies, the smashing that tears. Em?” An experience and skill brow wrinkle, he must Xia Tian to flying a moment ago obviously, but Xia Tian double referred to unexpectedly erupting a formidable strength, this strength was very strong, he has not withstood this impulse. His retreat one step. Xia Tian also stands is in-situ. This time fighting, was Xia Tian had the superiority. Quite fierce, he strong, from coming to start, projected on is iron man Inner Strength also quickly consumes now up, but his unexpectedly can also , when fought with mountain Yun sect Expert had the superiority.” Was too strong, his strength seems continuously, the Expert fight with this rank can also get the advantage, it seems like he has also retained.” That is uncertain, perhaps he is supporting by hard and stubborn effort, is he wants to deter the match?” Words of this person, everybody nods in abundance, they also think this person said is reasonable, after all Inner Strength of person is limited, Xia Tian hits, and has not been short of the enlargement to incur. That may most consume Inner Strength. Therefore they think that present Xia Tian should early be the spent force, he is just is supporting by hard and stubborn effort, one after another to fighting these many people, but also so many Expert, he should soon not move now. The experience and skill shows a faint smile, afterward fights with the fists once more, he also approves the words of that person.

That fist technique, might was big a moment ago. Xia Tian has bitten mouth ten compounded drugs, afterward the left hand double refers to selecting instantaneously, at the same time he has burnt once more 10,000 compounded drugs, during a pure strength entered the left hand of Xia Tian double to refer. Bang! This Xia Tian is the directly-burning, when they hit in together, the experience and skill was raised to fly directly, the experience and skill just started also to think after Xia Tian that explosive force is, counter- vigor, therefore he has not cared, has prepared defense, but he has not thought Xia Tian double referred to this time directly erupting the might. This experience and skill direct retreat five steps! On his face suppressed red, thus it can be seen, a moment ago that his hit anxious, Xia Tian the technique was before fought with others summarized, first made the opposite party think that what own strength was, then suddenly erupted, letting the opposite party is unable to adapt to this strength. At this time the experience and skill within the body vitality tuck dive, he thinks Xia Tian Inner Strength has soon exhausted, therefore he chooses most consumes the hit of Inner Strength, consumed light, like this him Xia Tian Inner Strength with this method thoroughly wins. But he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly can also erupt the so terrifying strength. Hateful, I do not believe that your Inner Strength consumption is not spatial!” Experience and skill angry saying, his fist pounded afterward once more to Xia Tian. Xia Tian has not spoken, has bitten ten compounded drugs once more, then the left hand double directs, his directly-burning 30,000 Rank 1 compounded drugs, he knows now is the opposite party most self-confident time, therefore now is also the best opportunity that he gets rid. His clear experience and skill how to think at heart. The experience and skill is thinks certainly that his present Inner Strength has soon consumed to empty, therefore chooses so consumes the Inner Strength method to fight, after two fingers of foreshadowing, the middle finger of Xia Tian hit a moment ago directly. Bang! The formidable explosive force raised to fly the experience and skill directly, this time raised directly flies. Famous mountains Yun sect Expert went forward to catch the experience and skill body directly. Puff!

A big blood spouts from the experience and skill mouth, the internal injury, these makes the experience and skill receive the internal injury directly, this is the fate of thinking oneself clever, he fought with Xia Tian directly, may win very much. However he too wants to be opportunistic. This caused in him the Xia Tian snare, was defeated by Xia Tian directly. This time to fighting was Xia Tian wins. And the showdown between mountain Yun sect true Expert, Xia Tian three fight the total victory. In the eyes of people, Xia Tian turned into perfection emperor at this time, genuine emperor, Xia Tian from front door forcing one's way into stiffly, 100 steps, from 100 steps starts to present 40, this is the blood comes the foreshadowing road. Xia Tian. This name is doomed to become famous in Hidden Sect. He has made now earth-shakingly entire Shan Yunzong, Shan Yunzong the disciple casualty is serious, three big elders two die run away, super Expert three are injured completely, this is the Xia Tian success. The present remote antiquity elders started to have doubts. He is very difficult to believe that this is real. I have said that nobody can block me.” Xia Tian light saying. Treads! His once more stand forth, is that steady, if the beforehand some people said that Xia Tian Inner Strength has soon exhausted, then at this time this view already by PASS, because Xia Tian told them with the most powerful fist a moment ago also many strengths. The Xia Tian form instantaneously became formidable. You think really own perfection?” Shan Yunzong remote antiquity elder coldly looks to Xia Tian, afterward waved to three people: In your three same places, I want him dead.”

Three people! On together! Shan Yunzong finally starts not to be concerned about face, before to maintain demeanor, they carry on the fight in which several persons take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out, making that several Expert one after another attacks to Xia Tian, like this won them also to boast. Because they accept others to challenge directly. Now is but different, Shan Yunzong remote antiquity elder unexpectedly lets three super Expert on together, copes a Xia Tian person, this is not concerned about face in people opinion, moreover recognized instigates. Does not dare to carry on one to one fights. These three people separately are old swords, old leg and Lao cold! Their names carry on the name by their skills, like the beforehand old blade and experience and skill, naturally, to old broad and Lao cold such, Lao cold was not the person in that guard treasure house. He had almost discovered at that time Xia Tian. The strengths of these three people are great. Also is in Shan Yunzong topest Expert, now three people must collaborate to deal with a Xia Tian person. 30 steps! Xia Tian has anchored own footsteps, the vision has swept these three people, he knows that the real challenge must start, this will certainly be a war, a person to fighting three mountain Yun sect Expert.