Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1013

Humph! When Xia Tian takes off gold thread soft armor that moment, all people were all shocked. At this moment everybody nobody thinks that Xia Tian is any God's favored one, the luck is good and so on, they understand finally Xia Tian so will be why strong, all these wrote on the body of Xia Tian. Over a hundred wounds, knife wound, bullet wound, innumerable, entire, front behind, or on the shoulder, does not have one to be clean. All is the wound. The body of Xia Tian writes is the origin of his strength. Here many person thinks he is the luck is good, the master is good, the father is good, can therefore study these peerless Martial Arts, was the present was different, Xia Tian wrote is being his effort. Regardless of what talent, if, same is unable to become Expert diligently. This. This also too exaggerated, what did he experience? So many wounds, will he be why big? 18 years old, actually did his these for 18 years how pass?” I also envied his luck to be good before, but I was sincerely convinced now, he really has the qualifications becomes Expert, his fatal wound has nine, then many time he contacts with the god of death short distance, therefore he will have strength so.” He so will be no wonder fierce, I took, Xia Tian this name I have remembered, he in the future after all becomes peerless Expert, wanted fierce peerless Expert compared with his father Xia Tianlong.” Behind statue these people all were surprised saying, on Xia Tian these wounds told them the experience of Xia Tian, told them the strength not to lie down at home can increase. But needs fight between the birth and death. He.” The mouth of spirit opens big, she could not speak.

Yun Miao thinks that this is the real man, can make her worship man for a lifetime, Xia Tian wound in her opinion is most sexy, is most perfect, in his eyes, Xia Tian is that peerless Expert. It seems like he experiences many.” Jiang Tianshu light saying. His strength is not accidental, but is experiences times life and death to obtain, therefore his such person is most dangerous, but his weakness is also similarly obvious, that is the so-called loyalty and emotion.” Yu He shaking own feather fan gently. I thought that this does not have anything not to be good, the person needs the loyalty and sentiment, because of this, we can be called the person.” Jiang Tianshu light saying. If some day I in life and death edge, but you faced with choice time, I do not hope that you are the same with him, get emotional.” Yu He said. No, my procedure will be the same with him.” The Jiang Tianshu vision is firm, is worth having three people who he such does, that is these three people of his side. The Wen Ya vision is tranquil, nobody knows that actually he is thinking anything. The vision of remote antiquity elder is also slightly: Really is a fearful fellow.” Snort, are you are gaining the sympathy?” Very the flatter sword disdains looks at Xia Tian saying: I heard that you are the Yin Nie apprentice, puts out your sword, actually I must have a look at Yin Nie apprentice swordsmanship what actually.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, gold thread soft armor vanishes in his hands, vanishes baseless, this everybody has been used. Depends on you!” Behind the right hand of Xia Tian, the left hand double refers to reaching the front, standing proudly there: You have not matched me to use the sword.” Overbearing! The Xia Tian words are very overbearing.

His unexpectedly said that Shan Yunzong super Expert, Expert of Earth Grade intermediate stage does not match him to use the sword, actually speaks the truth, Xia Tian these words absolutely in act high and mighty, but this also to shock match. Reason that he does not use the sword, because the biggest reason beyond his such move of day the flying immortal, this will only hire the role that one time can play shocks, but with second time may be seen a clue. Everybody will discover when the time comes, actually his only such move. Moreover beyond the day the flying immortal consumption is big. Therefore he will not use the swordsmanship. You court death!” This time flatter sword fell into the anger, the long sword in his hand flings unceasingly, dozens sword air/Qi pound down, Xia Tian under foot Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step keeps is dodging, he looked comes out the flatter sword to start to be blind. Your this skill? Cannot project on me.” Xia Tian stimulates the flatter sword with the language once more, the flatter sword is hearing the Xia Tian words, is burning with anger. He has thought that does not compare these Swordsman to be extremely bad in the comprehension of swordsmanship, reason that he thinks himself is not Yin Nie and the others the matches, completely because of the Realm issue. But now his unexpectedly by a boy taunting, moreover this boy or Yin Nie apprentice. In him, if Yin Nie and he is the same Realm, they battle, who wins who loses is really uncertain, therefore he such vitality, he thinks that is Yin Nie does not dare such to speak to him. You really disappoint me, unexpectedly must with my single Tiao.” Shaking the head that Xia Tian keeps, but his Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step does not dare to have the slight stop, because the swordsmanship of opposite party is quick. So long as one have slightly may be hit by the opposite party carelessly. Although on his mouth said unusual is relaxed, the movement is the idle courtyard is also free, but he knows, if continues such to get down, soon he must unable to shoulder, but now started to attack in the flatter sword well blindly.

The flatter sword now is keeping flings the big move. Suddenly, here everywhere is the sword air/Qi able to move unhindered, the flatter sword made all people see the mystery of swordsmanship with his skill. He truly is extraordinary Swordsman. However before he and several people have a similar problem, that is the heart not only, because of this, therefore he must defeat today without doubt, a strength of person possibly has the weakness, but a heart of person can actually change the war. Regardless of what Expert Xia Tian meets, even if to fighting the Maoshan old ancestor, Eastern Man such Expert time, he is also clear, does not have the slight flurry, because he knows the strength that more chaotic can display is worse, will be confused by the method of opposite party. The present flatter sword is so, he by the Xia Tian method confusing. Is hateful I to want you dead.” flatter sword angry shouting, at the same time, the long sword in his right hand flings, suddenly over a hundred Sword Light scatter in all directions to go, Xia Tian knows one are unable to dodge this sword, therefore he can only resist with the both arms as far as possible. Puff! Puff! On the arm of Xia Tian left five openings all of a sudden. Death!” flatter sword both hands grasped the sword, the strength of whole body all gather to his sword blade, afterward divided directly, the might of this sword was powerful, was the big unique skill of flatter sword. Finally came.”