Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1015

Peacock plume! Xia Tian puts out the peacock plume finally, Spirit Tool, Xia Tian little uses Spirit Tool before the person generally, especially peacock plume such Spirit Tool most precious object, because this type of thing is easy to cause others' greedy. However now Xia Tian has not cared, because nobody was easier than to cause him greedily, he was the most precious object, so long as caught him to obtain his these skills. Therefore now Xia Tian must do does not retain, but wins. The flash, the innumerable rays have shot at the Xia Tian surroundings, at this time the flatter leg and flatter were cold they to be away from Xia Tian to be too near, moreover they absolutely did not have any defense, therefore this they are unable to dodge. Puff! Puff! golden light flashes dodges, two numbers of people high throws, has killed, Xia Tian this time has killed two Expert finally. The blood column spurts the day. All people were all shocked, the remote antiquity elder does not know that this matter should say anything, he has a dream has not thought fight unexpectedly that must win turned defeat into victory by Xia Tian. Spirit Tool, who with fighting. Peacock plume! The Spirit Tool might is the user is stronger, the might is bigger, wants to sneak attack the Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert with the Xia Tian strength use peacock plume not to be easy, therefore he intentionally will expose weaknesses, making them attack fully, finally in being away from Xia Tian that near situation has not defended. Therefore this has also given a Xia Tian excellent make a comeback opportunity. If the frontage resists them, the opportunity that Xia Tian wins is not big, will consume will be big, especially flatter will be cold, murderous aura of this person will be very heavy, will be a very dangerous person, even if will be Xia Tian gets rid fully, will not have the means with him.

So long as he thought has been OK, first show the enemy to weakly, then defeated a superior enemy, sneak attacked. Today's combat fully showed operational experience of Xia Tian, his operational experience is rich, the rich letting person feels fearfully, deals with everyone to have the different means that moreover he can utilize his various strengths ingeniously, but is not blind flings the big move. Even if his restoration compounded drug are many, if he has flung the big move, perhaps also restores unable to come. Therefore his fight must make the opposite party negligent, making the opposite party expose weaknesses, so long as there is a flaw, he certainly can sneak attack successfully, regarding him match , regardless of being formidable, he must attack fully. Going all out. Has won, unexpectedly has won, moreover this time has killed two mountain Yun sect super Expert directly, that thing in his hand is Spirit Tool, has not thought that his retreat, has disguised to lose, for this moment big make a comeback.” Too extraordinary, he grasped the entire battlefield to be the same probably, the present battlefield is his domain, so long as you pass to battle, you entered his domain, perhaps when was sneak attacked by him successfully.” His operational experience simply was too fearful, moreover various abilities were also outstanding, now Shan Yunzong besides the remote antiquity elder, other people all defeats in his hands.” Behind statue these people thorough has been convinced to Xia Tian, they also think a moment ago Xia Tian this time should reaches the limit, because he started to retreat in defeat again and again, but they have not thought of original all these during the plan of Xia Tian. Feared! Jiang Tian raised the present leg hemp, an unprecedented fear transmitted from the bottom of the heart, he from infancy to maturity was the crown prince master, nobody dares to bully him, cannot become the threat to other party. However today he felt fear, looks that these super Expert pour in the Xia Tian front, he feared. At this moment, the Xia Tian vision looked suddenly to him, this frightened him directly to sit down exhausted on the ground, his heart has been hanging, the innermost feelings all were frightened, now saw that the Xia Tian vision has almost not scared to death him.

Surroundings these people see the appearance that Jiang Tian raises, in the vision all disdain. I said that nobody can block me.” Xia Tian continues stand forth, 20 meters, 15 meters! He has anchored the footsteps, because Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder stands in his front at this time, vision ice-cold visits him, Xia Tian was thought so by him, as if stared to be the same by a monster, Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder is not an average person. He can cultivation to Earth Grade late stage, that strength naturally unable to belittle. His aura is very heavy, he in angry, Xia Tian continually had defeated a moment ago under his six famous artisans, and has killed two, these under with the person of his many years of going on an expedition, strength very formidable, the death that at this time these people die, the wound wound, today's fight regardless of result how. Shan Yunzong damage severely the vitality. I, if you no one could kill?” Shan Yunzong remote antiquity elder coldly looks at Xia Tian. You cannot block me.” The Xia Tian left hand double refers to stretching out, straight standing there, he has completed the combat readiness, to fighting the combat readiness of Earth Grade late stage Expert, he knows that this war will be doomed very formidable. Earth Grade late stage Expert, this has been equal to protector positive with the blood always blames that rank. Xia Tian and this person to war, probability of achievement less than 1/10, even is possibly lower, because the strength of this person was really too strong, moreover Earth Grade late stage Expert can induce to the aura. Therefore Xia Tian these sneak attack methods regarding him, without any use. „To, to, Xia Tian unexpectedly must to fighting Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder finally, this simply was too terrifying, his strength actually strong, this all the way he really gradually hit.” Terror, such strength lets all people to feel the terrifying, if before , I think that Xia Tian is just talent formidable, then I believe him at this moment, not only talent.”

„The mountain Yun sect remote antiquity elder strength in Hidden Sect is topest, this time had the good play to look finally.” All people all are look to Xia Tian and remote antiquity that elder anticipates, among them to the combat general is the final decisive battle, this decisive battle is representing Xia Tian birth and death, won then might be lives, lost, that died. This is the decisive battle of tour of Xia Tian Hidden Sect. Decisive battle between the birth and death. Today, I cannot make you live absolutely am leaving quarrying a mountain Yun sect.” Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder has injured does not get up, Shan Yunzong loses now is big, if makes Xia Tian live again departure. Shan Yunzong status in the Hidden Sect will suffer instantaneously a disastrous decline. When the time comes will set the base to Hidden Sect directly. Therefore he must make Xia Tian die here, he does not allow Xia Tian to live departure. Must kill my person to have, you are not first, is not last, but I still well am living now, who no matter I you are, Expert of any rank, you cannot stop my footsteps.” Xia Tian gaining ground vision looks suddenly to the mountain Yun sect remote antiquity elder.