Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1016

War! Xia Tian has never feared. Even if facing the mountain Yun sect remote antiquity elder, he does not fear, this is last pass, if cannot pass through this pass, he today all roads all go in vain, living that Xia Tian wants, but does not die. He must carry off Yun Miao, but is not and Yun Miao ruins together here. Therefore he will not impulse absolutely, regardless to fighting any match, he must maintain the most sober mind. You do not know the Earth Grade late stage terrifying probably.” Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder had not explained that because his Earth Grade late stage can induce to the aura is a secret, only then Earth Grade late stage Expert knows. This secret is everybody will not say that each other has a tacit understanding. When they cope has not arrived at the Earth Grade late stage person, using this point can create the invincible phenomenon, regardless of the opposite party from any angle attack, sneak attacks, will not have any function. Waits for the opposite party to respond the time, should be has almost been dying. If Xia Tian has not battled with Earth Grade late stage Expert, he will truly not know this matter, moreover he certainly will also sneak attack, Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder certainly will prepare when the time comes. By the Xia Tian Profound Grade greatly complete strength, if were hit by the mountain Yun sect remote antiquity elder directly, that does not die must delaminate the skin. This is because his human body compared with normal person wants formidable. Otherwise a move makes him die sufficiently not entire corpse. To fight with Earth Grade late stage Expert, Xia Tian must hit 200% spirits, once he makes the mistake, must die without doubt. Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder, both hands pat to the ground.

Bang! A formidable imposing manner erupts from his within the body, his front Xia Tian directly by this imposing manner to flying, afterward his body seems the shell same has shot, the goal is full Xia Tian, his fist point of descent is very accurate, Xia Tian must fall on position. Whiz! Flickers the body technique. The Xia Tian slight stay, the instance of landing, directly with flickering the body technique runs away, the response is quick. Bang! In the instance that the Xia Tian body vanishes, Shan Yunzong a remote antiquity elder palm of the hand claps above the ground, the ground was patted by him directly has broken to pieces one piece, if Xia Tian did not run away a moment ago, this palm wanted his half to assign. Narrow squeak!” Xia Tian long expiration. The Earth Grade Expert strength is really out of the ordinary, his goal does not strike to kill this Earth Grade Expert, rather. Xia Tian in behind of mountain Yun sect remote antiquity elder, his double refers to selecting at this time instantaneously, at the same time he has burnt 10,000 compounded drugs, a pure strength enters in his left hand, direct point to the back of mountain Yun sect remote antiquity elder. Snort, really courts death.” Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder thinks that Xia Tian does not know Earth Grade late stage can induce to the matter of aura, therefore he thinks that Xia Tian this is courting death simply, he turns head instantaneously, a palm rumbles. Bang! The formidable explosive force repels Xia Tian directly, the strength that but Xia Tian double refers to is not small, the control of remote antiquity elder is also very painful, eats the pain in him the flash. Whiz!

Flickers the body technique. Xia Tian repelled direction Jiang Tian raises the position that is, he from Jiang Tian raises at this time, only then several steps, but he still does not dare to be negligent, flickers the body technique to arrive at the side that Jiang Tian raises. Puff! golden light flashes dodges, number of people that Jiang Tian raises high flew. Sneak attacks successfully. The Xia Tian goal is not Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder, but is Jiang Tian raises, therefore he intentionally will attack, to use the reacting force arrives at the side that Jiang Tian raises, although Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder strength is very strong, the speed is quick, but he cannot catch up absolutely. All during the plan of Xia Tian. Xia Tian is worried to have any accident, therefore used to flicker the body technique intentionally, actually he did not need to flicker the body technique, can cut to kill Jiang Tian fully to raise in a flash, but Xia Tian did not allow to make the tiny bit mistake absolutely. If some people have any special ability, can Teleport, big of world, every possible strange thing, he not want any fault. Saw Jiang Tian to raise, all people were shocked. I said that you cannot block me.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. He lived up to one's words, Xia Tian successful killed Jiang Tian to raise, he was in front of remote antiquity elder to kill Jiang Tian to raise, this was hitting the face of Shan Yunzong remote antiquity elder simply, Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder has thought one can relaxed cutting kill Xia Tian. However he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly was in front of his to cut to kill Jiang Tian to raise. Jiang Tian raised unexpectedly to be killed, moreover was in front of Shan Yunzong remote antiquity elder to kill, too extraordinary, his unexpectedly has achieved.”

He simply is a talent, the fight talent, after such a long time fight, his unexpectedly brains so is clear, the method most common battle method of a moment ago using, is his unexpectedly with mountain Yun sect remote antiquity elder operation and application this preliminary skill, what is main was his unexpectedly succeeds.” Mountain Yun sect this honor has lost completely, thorough losing completely.” Behind statue these people all by Xia Tian the shocking, Xia Tian told them with the fact, he is one likes creating the person of miracle, if the normal person fights with the mountain Yun sect remote antiquity old ancestor, in that mind definitely is thinking how to maintain life. However Xia Tian unexpectedly in this case can also think how to kill people. He such does without doubt is the remote antiquity elder who stirs up Nu Yun sect, the mountain Yun sect remote antiquity elder who gets angry thoroughly is very terrifying, that destructive power and lethality are very abnormal, but Xia Tian most does not fear is the anger. In his opinion is angrily easy to make the person brain short-circuit, although the striking power has stiffened, however the response of brain slowed down. Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder striking power was not weak, even if is angry, the striking power is stronger regarding Xia Tian is also same, because Xia Tian will not go to meet the tough head-on with toughness with him, therefore regardless of now his striking power is much strong, so long as he does not hit Xia Tian, that result is the same. Good, Xia Tian has helped us solve a trouble.” Saying of Yu He face smiling face. Em, but also misses a trouble, he should also be able to solve.” The Jiang Tianshu vision looked to Shan Yunzong sovereign, all people think that he and Jiang Tian raised is Shan Yunzong the sovereign son, but was not a mother. However Jiang Tianshu knows that he is not surnamed Xia, but is surnamed Jiang, in the past Shan Yunzong sovereign killed his father to snatch his mother, sat this seat, for did not cause his suspicion, the Jiang Tianshu mother endured for 11 months to live stiffly him. On Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity long shameless blue vein sticks out suddenly, a face angry looks at Xia Tian: You are courting death.”