Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1017

You, if can kill me, does not need to look helplessly I killed people here.” The Xia Tian vision and Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder interwines, although the battle seemed the remote antiquity elder creates an incident tigerishly. However he actually fully fell leeward, because Jiang Tian raised. He just said that his Xia Tian no one could kill here, Xia Tian directly cut off the head that Jiang Tian has raised, that moment of dying, Jiang Tian raised cannot think one will die, the death that Jiang Tian raised also gave his father Shan Yunzong sovereign to sound the alarm. Comes the person, displays sword before me.” Shan Yunzong sovereign shouts directly, although he is also Earth Grade Expert, but he also fears death similarly, moreover his strength also by compounded drug and so on thing stiffly pounds, he has not attended any war. Therefore a strength of his elder was inferior. Xia Tian to fighting that three elders time, two moves on Insta-kill two, therefore he does not want to try the blade to Xia Tian, although like this does not look like any demeanor, moreover is recognizing obviously instigated, but he thinks that recognizes instigated always compared with good that losing the life comes. Therefore he called dozens Profound Grade late stage and Profound Grade greatly complete Expert all of a sudden, before him on cloth sword, but in their hands did not have the sword, therefore can only replace with other weapon. At this time the swords of Shan Yunzong all disciples are hanging in the head of Xia Tian, only if the swords of these false Spirit Tool above ranks still, other were lower than the false Spirit Tool rank the sword to be attracted. Big mountain Yun sect unexpectedly recognized to 18-year-old Xia Tian instigates. Their Shan Yunzong honor time was thorough losing completely. The Xia Tian reputation becomes incomparably resounding. Snort!” Shan Yunzong remote antiquity elder cold snort, looked at Shan Yunzong sovereign one eyes disappointedly, Shan Yunzong the sovereign procedure clarified did not trust him, this made him not be feeling well very much, moreover solemn advocated unexpectedly to link a strength of spirit not to have. You have a look you mix, any nonsense remote antiquity elder, your person does not trust.” Very Xia Tian disdains looked at Shan Yunzong remote antiquity elder one eyes, Shan Yunzong sovereign such did to clarify is thinks that the remote antiquity elder may not protect him. Therefore he will call sword. Idle talk little said that I will certainly kill you.” Shan Yunzong remote antiquity elder coldly looks at Xia Tian.

Wait / Etc.!” When the mountain Yun sect remote antiquity elder wants to begin, Xia Tian lifts the hand to shout suddenly. Feared?” Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder asked. No, our two do hit a gambling to be what kind of?” Xia Tian ponders looks to the mountain Yun sect remote antiquity elder. Makes a bet?” Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder does not understand that actually Xia Tian must do. „Before bets you kill me, I can extinguish your Shan Yunzong whole families.” Xia Tian coldly smiles, his smiling face is the devil seems to be common, his words want to be a devil, extinguishes the whole families, what boldness this is. However in the people eyes, the words that Xia Tian spoke absolutely can achieve, because he has proven this point with the fact. Extermination. Shan Yunzong whole families. Over a thousand people. Hears the Xia Tian words, according to is Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder also stares, Xia Tian unexpectedly must extinguish his whole families, if trades to do is others, he already a palm of the hand clapped the dead opposite party, but he first time sees the Xia Tian such hard to deal with match. Starts!” A Xia Tian face smiling face remote antiquity elder who looks at Shan Yunzong. Whiz! Flickers the body technique! Puff! Puff!

The Xia Tian words just said that has two numbers of people to fly, he used the fact to prove, he was not the remote antiquity elder who threatened Shan Yunzong, was is not boasting, he was the threat, if Shan Yunzong the elder did not obey, disciple who he killed off all Shan Yunzong. Hateful, you court death!” Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder breaknecks throws to Xia Tian. His speed is quick, now his anger arrived at an apex, he must kill Xia Tian, suddenly, Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder as if turned destroyed the machine, Xia Tian is forced also only to go around, Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step was joined to flickers the body technique, Xia Tian also pants, but, he had the man of compounded drug. Has consumed, eats to restore compounded drug. Bang! Bang! Suddenly in the entire square the mist and dust rises from all directions, the destructive power of Shan Yunzong remote antiquity elder was really too big, so long as this destructive power in hitting Xia Tian one time, Xia Tian definitely could not stand, therefore Xia Tian from the start no matter consumed, completely was escaping of breaknecking. Do not kill my person? Kills.” Shan Yunzong remote antiquity elder angry saying, his unexpectedly by a 18-year-old boy threatening, this simply is the shame, today Xia Tian to the shame that he brought simply is too many, he needs to erupt, he must kill Xia Tian, this can solve hate of his heart. The death, only had the death of Xia Tian to let his happy some. Evades its point, this is the Xia Tian tactic. Your present striking power, with eating stimulant, I have not fought you, how you like getting angry, how to get angry to go, when your strength consumption similar I on again, this is the measurement that Xia Tian habitually uses. Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder worthily is Earth Grade late stage Expert, he does not know completely is exhaustedly same. The attack was getting more and more sharp. The crushed stone of ground collapses, made Xia Tian receive many wounds, but he has not stopped over in any place for over one second, because he knew the fight of this rank, even if were one second can also decide the life and death. Stops, dies.

Regardless of consumes how much compounded drugs, dodging that he must keep. Kills, do not kill my person?” Remote antiquity elder angry shouting of Shan Yunzong, he had not discovered that actually Xia Tian in blind dodging, he does not dodge unusual is orderly. Moreover the position that he dodges presented the golden light of faint trace, but the golden light was too weak, at this time here mist and dust rises from all directions, nobody can see that golden light. The fight turned the superheating. He is a monster, the living monster, after that many people fire off, unexpectedly also has the strength with the mountain Yun sect remote antiquity elder war.” Hits real intense, this is the fight of true Expert rank.” Does not know that you still do remember words that Xia Tian spoke a moment ago, I guess that the good play should to start.” Behind statue these people by Xia Tian the strength and endurance deep has shocked, in their eyes, Xia Tian is a monster, forever does not know that the weary monster, he fights does not know tired. Xia Tian, aren't you very wild? Has the skill not to run away, do not kill people? Now how only to know that ran away? Are you only a turtle?” Shan Yunzong remote antiquity elder angry shouting. Since you want to look at your disciple death, I help you.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, afterward the right hand makes an effort in the air.