Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1019

Strength! The strength of formidable attracting pulling appears, the Xia Tian surrounding crushed stone collapses, the imposing manner of his whole person had the tremendous changes. Seizes dragon, attracts! The flash, 500,000 compounded drugs the strength of attracting pulling appears, the Xia Tian head is hanging all goes to his left hand gathering, quick, these swords were attracted Xia Tian in an instant on hand, at this moment. Ka! These sword unexpectedly changed into instantaneously casually, is [gold/metal] Dao, the Xia Tian right hand is brandishing the [gold/metal] blade, these swords are bumping into [gold/metal] Dao the flash to be bombed by the [gold/metal] blade, suddenly the spark four shoot. Was bad, he breaks Hushan sword again.” Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder understood the intention of Xia Tian immediately, but he does not dare to leave now, because he behind is Shan Yunzong the disciple, once his retreat or leaving, the sword piece that these break to pieces instantaneously will strike to kill the innumerable mountain Yun sect disciple. Bang! Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder keeps resists to break to pieces the sword piece that. At this moment. The scene is very magnificent, several thousand swords continuous toward Xia Tian left hand gathering, but these swords when approach the Xia Tian left hand, changed into the fragment, these fragments four shoot to go, the spark, the golden light, has filled the entire battlefield. On Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder also had the wound, for he does not make behind these people be injured, his oneself shouldered all attacks of Xia Tian. , On Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder the wound are gradually getting more and more. Brothers, remote antiquity elder to protect us is injured, do we want to look? Everybody on together.” A famous mountains Yun sect disciple was unable to continue watching finally, he rushed directly, the person, has the second person. , Several hundred famous mountains Yun sect disciples all rushed gradually, they defend these fragments together. You.” Reason that Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder a moment ago crazy was because he felt that he could not see Shan Yunzong tomorrow, Shan Yunzong three big elders, sovereign was inferior to one in addition, therefore he unhealthy person broken fell.

But when sees the fragments of these swords, he clenched the teeth, he is unable to see the disciple who Shan Yunzong all ruins here, in that case, he died also had what honor to go facing the generation. Therefore he uses to try, to protect behind disciple. However he has not thought that these disciples see he is injured, will stand to protect him. Ah! Ah! Pitiful yells transmit, the disciple who these cannot resist, died under the bit, suddenly the population of casualty was increasing, Shan Yunzong remote antiquity elder both hands made an effort to pat in the ground, suddenly the surrounding bit all was curled flies. Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder now is very happy, he saw the future, Shan Yunzong the future, his low heart lived once more, he has made a decision at this time, he must protect these Shan Yunzong future. Ka! Xia Tian there sword piece unceasing flies, the casualty figure of Shan Yunzong disciple is still increasing. Sufficed!” Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder bellows, looks at these to have the disciple of strength of spirit, he at this time one's blood bubbles up to the brim, he must protect these Shan Yunzong future, for these Shan Yunzong future, he will spell. Ticktack! Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder has broken by biting own finger. Blood sacrifice! Combustion life! Eight Trigrams day palm. Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder gives a loud shout, afterward his body vanished in thoroughly same place, at the same time appears with the light screen that the naked eye could not see, these fragments were collapsed in the flash of hit light screen fly.

Shan Yunzong the disciple was safe. This mountain Yun sect remote antiquity elder enlarged the unique skill finally, to protect these Shan Yunzong disciples, he started to breakneck. extraordinary, Shan Yunzong the disciple has the strength of spirit really very much, the remote antiquity elder who their moods let mountain Yun sect started to go all out, he a moment ago used should be the blood sacrifice big law, that thing must burn the life.” „The mountain Yun sect disciple compared with their sovereign and elders have the strength of spirit many, looks at Shan Yunzong sovereign, was representing Shan Yunzong already the edge that moved toward to perish, but had a look at these Shan Yunzong New Student strengths again, Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder had the hope.” He to hope to fight, he is an honourable person.” Behind statue these people said that they all admire the spirit of Shan Yunzong remote antiquity elder, to be honest, today's war, he not wrong, Xia Tian not wrong, but is the standpoint is different. Who regardless of trades to do is, sees Xia Tian to get the entrance, cannot sit by and do nothing, therefore Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder he such does is also normal. Xia Tian is to save own female friend, all alone rushes to the entrance, the courage may be good, he not wrong. Therefore this fight, does not have so-called to with wrong, only then hits. The Xia Tian head sword are getting fewer and fewer. In this time ground is the sword piece, everywhere is on stone wall, on furniture that on the trees, breaks to pieces, only then had the open area place many to be gripped by the sword piece, the surroundings of Shan Yunzong remote antiquity elder did not have any sword piece. Shan Yunzong disciple thorough safety. Come!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, head all swords all have attracted in a flash, then his both hands have gotten hold of [gold/metal] Dao the line, exhausted to brandish fully, this was he crushes finally. Meanwhile, he has broken by biting directly mouth all restoration compounded drugs. Several thousand fragments shot at the surroundings, such landscape possibly for a lifetime only appeared one time, all people have all witnessed that moment of miracle, but Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder all has actually kept off all sword pieces.

Bang! Xia Tian has stopped own body. Whistling! He is breathing the surrounding air greedily, the flash, he has created the miracle. A person has ruined Shan Yunzong Hushan sword, moreover succeeds has ruined Shan Yunzong several thousand long swords, from now henceforth, Shan Yunzong will become very poor, their treasure houses were all stolen away by Xia Tian. All long swords also by Xia Tian destroying. Bang! Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder knees down, big mouth is panting for breath, tired, he felt that his life has soon overdrawn cleanly, his hair turned snow white, on the skin presented the serious fold, fast is senile. Treads! Xia Tian stride stand forth. Shan Yunzong the disciple encircled Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder directly in the middle, they did not permit the remote antiquity elder who Xia Tian injured Shan Yunzong, although Xia Tian was very fierce, but now their did not fear death. You not in list that in I must kill, therefore I do not need to kill you.” Xia Tian light saying , to continue stand forth, he gains ground, the vision looks to mountain Yun sect sovereign, ten steps, he was away from Yun Miao to have ten. Shan Yunzong sovereign whole face panic-stricken looks at Xia Tian.