Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1020

Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder also calculates to have the strength of spirit, moreover he and between Xia Tian does not have what personal grudge, although Xia Tian now and between mountain Yun sect is the dead enmity, but by the disposition of mountain Yun sect remote antiquity elder, he revenges will also look for Xia Tian upright and frank fights one, but will not go to begin to the Xia Tian family member. Therefore Xia Tian does not plan to kill him. Conversely, Shan Yunzong sovereign must die, he is the Xia Tian father's enemy, that is the Xia Tian enemy, therefore Xia Tian needs him die. You. You cannot kill me.” Shan Yunzong sovereign panic-stricken looks at Xia Tian, in his eyes Xia Tian is a devil, very terrifying devil, he not such frightened. Tread! Nine steps! Xia Tian forwarded one step, although was only one step, but Shan Yunzong sovereign actually felt that own life has been short of a point. Xia Tian, you cannot kill me, I am your biological uncle, if you have killed me, this belongs to sin.” Shan Yunzong sovereign said hurriedly. Tread! Eight steps! Xia Tian has not spoken, if he guesses right, oneself father's death is absolutely related with him, perhaps initially was he designed to kill own father, therefore this person cannot remain absolutely, if he worked as himself the nephew, Xia Tian entered here time, he should not to kill Xia Tian. Therefore Xia Tian does not care about this uncle. In the Xia Tian eye, front person is not own any uncle, but is own killing father personal enemy. All people have not spoken, because they can feel that Xia Tian murderous aura, very strong murderous aura, making people feel the whole body ice-cold, everybody knows he must kill Shan Yunzong today sovereign. Tread! Seven steps! Xia Tian each one step, Shan Yunzong sovereign felt forward own foot distance hell was nearer one step, the frightened, unprecedented sense of fear raids, he fears death, he fears death really very much, his present status is hard-won.

He does not want to lose all these. Xia Tian, I know where your mother is.” Shan Yunzong sovereign shouts suddenly. Has anchored, this Xia Tian footsteps have anchored, hears Shan Yunzong the sovereign words, Xia Tian has not continued to walk forward, but has anchored the footsteps, looks to mountain Yun sect sovereign, he has not spoken, but is waiting for Shan Yunzong the sovereign speech. Sees Xia Tian anchors the footsteps, Shan Yunzong sovereign relaxed finally, his big mouth is panting for breath, wants to remove itself on the sense of fear, he also wants to prepare the imposing manner well negotiated with Xia Tian. Since is to negotiate, that imposing manner absolutely cannot lower. When he reorganizes the mood. Tread! Six steps! Xia Tian forwarded once more one step, this may scare mountain Yun sect sovereign, he thinks Xia Tian will not have led the way, how he was also preparing to go with Xia Tian to negotiate, but Xia Tian unexpectedly forwarded directly. Stops, Xia Tian, don't you want to know falling of your mother? If I did not say, do not want to know for a lifetime.” Shan Yunzong sovereign shouts hurriedly. Shaking the head that Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder keeps, person who this is he sees most does not have the strength of spirit, he does not think really clearly, how such person sits the climbing mountains Yun sect sovereign position, if not he, Shan Yunzong is also insufficient faced with today's disaster. Today's matter crosses, regardless of he whether is living, Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elders will not make him work as this again sovereign. Xia Tian has anchored the footsteps once more, he has still not spoken, but looks at Shan Yunzong sovereign. This mountain Yun sect sovereign does not dare to delay, opens the mouth to say directly: You must promise me, cannot kill me, I told you, your mother's whereabouts.” Tread! Five steps!

Xia Tian stand forth, he does not like negotiating with this person once more, moreover this person is he must kill the person, therefore he will not negotiate with this person absolutely, as for his mother's whereabouts, he naturally will look up. Here these many people, he on the contrary do not want to make mountain Yun sect sovereign say falling of his mother now, because he worried that some people pass on this matter, he is afraid to annoy the disaster to mother. Kill! This is the Xia Tian only goal. Shan Yunzong sovereign this time has flustered, he also planned to negotiate, but Xia Tian does not give him now the opportunity, an opportunity of speech does not give him . Moreover the such important matter, Xia Tian does not want to say probably. „Don't you want to know falling of your mother? I told you.” Tread! Four steps! The clear sound of footsteps reached in his ear, his words stiffly breaking, Xia Tian unexpectedly was still going forward, at this moment he understood, Xia Tian has hugged must kill his determination. Therefore regardless of he puts out any condition to come with Xia Tian to discuss that was useless. ! Shan Yunzong the sovereign right hand presented a dagger, the dagger has placed on the neck of Yun Miao directly: You, if dares to walk again forward one step, I have killed her.” Coercing. Doudouyama Yun sect sovereign unexpectedly started the so mean deal, is lets present all people to look down upon simply. However now regarding him, life is most important, whom therefore he could not attend to thinking highly of him, he knows now Xia Tian most cares definitely is Yun Miao, so long as he coerces with Yun Miao, Xia Tian definitely obeys. Stopped.

This Xia Tian really stopped footsteps. Your shamelessness really did not have the bottom line.” Xia Tian started talking finally. Draws back, otherwise I have killed her.” Shan Yunzong sovereign is excited, he might kill Yun Miao, although only then four, but by his Earth Grade Expert strength, but also nobody can block him. Xia Tian goes to principle Huishan Yun sect sovereign, but looked that asked to Yun Miao: Fears?” Has you, my anything did not fear.” On the face of Yun Miao does not have any facial expression of fear, in her heart, Xia Tian is omnipotent, so long as there is Xia Tian, her anything matter can achieve. Closes the eye, no matter what happened do not move.” Xia Tian said that Em!” Yun Miao nodded. You were saying anything, draws back, otherwise I really began.” Shan Yunzong sovereign angry saying, he always felt that the situation is not right, because Xia Tian was really too tranquil. He and on Yun Miao face does not have any fear. This time other people also hoodwinked, at this time, did Xia Tian have the card in a hand? But this is away from him without enough time to rescue Yun Miao radically the institute, but they also know, so long as Xia Tian said Ok, he certainly can accomplish, Shan Yunzong remote antiquity elder eyes suddenly one bright. Originally is this!” Scene very peaceful, therefore all people heard these words of Shan Yunzong remote antiquity elder, Shan Yunzong sovereign felt finally the situation is not right, his dagger rules out to the neck of Yun Miao directly.