Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1021
His movement is quick, saw that his knife edge must delimit on the neck of Yun Miao, Yun Miao has closed one's eyes, she does not have the slight fear. Puff! Blood fog. All people saw inconceivable one. Shan Yunzong sovereign body unexpectedly changed to the blood fog directly. ! Xia Tian right hand, Gold Thread flew, is Gold Thread, how Xia Tian possibly not to prepare, although he walks the worry person sneak attacks, therefore walks is very steady, but this may not represent him not to find the way to protect Yun Miao. In a moment ago, him had formed a Gold Thread safety net around the body of Yun Miao, Gold Thread is very thin, therefore besides Yun Miao, nobody can discover that Shan Yunzong sovereign had not discovered. Tread! Three steps! Tread! Two steps! Tread! One step! Yun Miao threw the Xia Tian bosom directly, flowing that the tears could not stop. Do not cry, we go home.” Xia Tian has wiped the Yun Miao tears. No, Xia Tian, my master also in their hands.” Yun Miao turned the head to look to that Earth Grade Expert of Qingshan gate. ! The Xia Tian vision looked instantaneously to that Qingshan gate Earth Grade Expert, he also had the person to encircle a moment ago kills Xia Tian, but afterward drew back, he thinks Xia Tian will not note him.

But after Yun Miao these words, his heart also hung. Senior Sister!” At this moment, spirit ran from the crowd, spirit is also the tears of whole face. Yun Miao has held the spirit hand directly. Senior Sister, the master had been killed by them, the master had been put on the shoulder blade by them, experienced suffering many suffering, finally the master worried that you are too silly, for she works, therefore he committed suicide.” Saying of spirit whole face tears. Heard this news, Yun Miao has almost fainted, Xia Tian selected her acupoint hurriedly. Yun Miao and spirit they support to sob. You come out, I do not feel embarrassed others.” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to that Qingshan gate Earth Grade Expert, by the finger of Xia Tian , a that person face was been panic-stricken. „Do you want to do?” That person asked. Whom told me to do.” Xia Tian asked. Hears the Xia Tian issue, the body of that person cannot help but to retreat one step. It seems like did not need to ask, should be you do.” Xia Tian vision stubbornly is staring at that Earth Grade Expert of Qingshan gate. Truly is he does, he to climb up Jiang Tian raises this big tree, asks the Yun Miao master to discuss this matter, the Yun Miao master did not agree that he assigned the person to catch the Yun Miao master, was used to force Yun Miao. Moreover among this he also used various methods to combine threats with inducements. But the Yun Miao master is unwillying to do. Finally suicide! In this I, I goes to revenge for your master.” Saying of Xia Tian tender feelings. Yun Miao nodded. Whiz!

Flickers the body technique! Puff! Cut in two at the waist! Quick! Quick, no one has thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly can also maintain the so quick speed, moreover Xia Tian method unexpectedly heyday such, this simply is the monster, he broke Shan Yunzong a Hushan sword time a moment ago, everybody thinks that he has consumed thoroughly. But Xia Tian this Expert they, oneself do not have the matter, if which person dares to have illegal attempt, he will not be absolutely softhearted. ! The applause passed from the crowd together. Kills good.” One line of five people walked from the crowd directly, is Jiang Tianshu their five, that Earth Grade Expert of Qingshan gate is the person who Jiang Tian raises, therefore Jiang Tianshu will say good that kills. Jiang Tianshu!” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, at this time in front of him unexpectedly is Jiang Tianshu and Wen Ya several people. Xia Tian, we are really long time no see, has not thought that you became such strong.” Jiang Tianshu appreciation looked that continues to say to Xia Tian: You can consider now, so long as pledges allegiance to me, I later can not kill you.” Must hit hits, that many idle talk that which comes.” Xia Tian said directly. His words are simple, he does not fear Jiang Tianshu and the others, although he knows that these people are not absolutely affable, but his restored was similar, but can also fight. No, now is also not the time, I and your fight was not here, you also noisily has sufficed today, now you can have the person to walk, I must start to clean up the aftermath, after all I will be Shan Yunzong new sovereign.” Jiang Tianshu very optional saying. You do not have the qualifications to work as sovereign, your father is so mean and shameless, does not have the strength of spirit, why you work as sovereign.” Is, your family must expel Shan Yunzong.” Your several simply are Shan Yunzong the shames, moreover you are not surnamed Jiang, but is surnamed Xia, now Shan Yunzong should return.” Shouting that Shan Yunzong the disciple is not convinced.

Snort!” Jiang Tianshu cold snort: I may be different from that two waste, because my name is Jiang.” Jiang Tianshu has arrived at the front of statue directly, he used the knife to lacerate his finger, then the blood dropped in a statue scoop channel, the scoop channel the blood put immediately brilliantly, sees such scene, these Shan Yunzong disciples do not speak. Because this has proven, he is really the descendant of Jiang, but why does nobody know? Starting today, I am Shan Yunzong sovereign, I will lead Shan Yunzong to move toward magnificently, simultaneously I must warn that your people on the scene, do not think that Shan Yunzong did not have the strength now, goes back to tell your sovereign, my Jiang Tianshu has the above person to cover, moreover Thunder Ye in Hidden Sect, I momentarily can ask him to get rid.” Jiang Tianshu said loudly. Hears the Jiang Tianshu words, many people on the scene do not understand that is any meaning. However Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder understood, he knows meaning that above represents, knows that who that Thunder Ye is. Now the sovereign position will give Jiang Tianshu also is really a quite good choice, because Jiang Tianshu is the descendant of Jiang, and has the relations with the above person, then Shan Yunzong can stage a comeback. In addition Thunder Ye the deterrent force, that nobody dares to move Shan Yunzong. Has not paid a visit newly sovereign.” Shan Yunzong the remote antiquity elder said directly. Heard a remote antiquity elder such saying, all disciples all respectfully looked to Jiang Tianshu: See sovereign.” Wen Ya vision stubbornly is staring at Xia Tian, Xia Tian also felt her vision, turned the head to look to her: I do not want to kill you, but does not represent me not to kill you, I advise politely you to look for place heavy New Student to live, will otherwise meet next time is your time of death.” Wen Ya has not spoken, in her vision has the hatred, infinite hatred. We walk.” Xia Tian is drawing Yun Miao and spirit walks toward outside, this time also nobody dares to block Xia Tian again. Wait / Etc.!” At this moment, Jiang Tianshu shouts suddenly.