Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1022

Em?” Xia Tian turns the head to look to Jiang Tianshu. Although I do not plan to fight you today, but I let the way that the guard has traded exiting, therefore you strove for fortunately.” A Jiang Tianshu face smiling face the way of looking at Xia Tian, exiting traded. Passes and out the Hidden Sect entrance is a big labyrinth, if no correct turnover way, that simply and brings death not to have what difference. Jiang Tianshu this playing was too ruthless. He on said outwardly that making Xia Tian walk, but he has actually changed the way of departure, does this make Xia Tian walk? Right? That also really wants many thanks your attendance, no matter what our two are also acquainted, today you have worked as Shan Yunzong sovereign, I naturally must well congratulations you, you felt relieved that I will give your big ritual you certainly to like.” Xia Tian said that is having Yun Miao and spirit walks toward outside directly. The Xia Tian words, instead hoodwinked to the lane Jiang Tianshu, but he does not want to think anything, now Shan Yunzong is very chaotic, some of some of his also matters must process, therefore he must be busy now. A today's war. The Xia Tian reputation spreads over entire Hidden Sect. He becomes in Hidden Sect the idols of all men, in the dreams of all women sweetheart. He was really too graceful. For a woman, mountain Yun sect who kills the Hidden Sect second largest sect, and harnesses seven color Xiangyun to get married Yun Miao, overcomes one difficulty after another all the way, has almost put down Shan Yunzong all Expert. Finally picks Yun Miao. Aggressive! However the war ended the later other sect Men people also to say goodbye, they had the Jiang Tianshu words, their sect Men sovereign, the gate lord hears above and thunder master name time.

Said similar a few words. Do not provoke Shan Yunzong, do not provoke Jiang Tianshu.” Xia Tian is a hero, the heroes in all person minds, but Jiang Tianshu is a fierce and ambitious, nobody is willing to offend his such fierce and ambitious, today this fought the achievement the Xia Tian reputation, similarly also helped Jiang Tianshu remove all barriers. These to person who he is not convinced, now died completely, Jiang Tian raised with Shan Yunzong previous sovereign is also solved by Xia Tian. Person who now Shan Yunzong survives, although the strength is not too formidable, but they display except for their courage, therefore Jiang Tianshu compares to appreciate these people. After Xia Tian they leave, walks toward the exit / to speak directly. Mr. Xia.” After a black-clothed person vision took a fast look around surrounding, shouts. „Are you?” Xia Tian doubts looks to black-clothed person. Who I am unimportant, this is the new exiting way, you are careful.” After that black-clothed person said that left directly fast, Xia Tian looks the exiting way in own hand. A little blurry. He should not have the friend in Hidden Sect is right, but he has not thought that goes in later has a look to know this way really or false. In Mount Tai Sect. „Did thing deliver?” Delivered.” black-clothed person said.

That is good, making him leave safely, this was also I can for the little minor matter that he made.” In Shan Yunzong. Jiang Tianshu directly had almost not been irritated, he understands the big ritual that finally Xia Tian said was anything, now in Shan Yunzong treasure house clean, anything did not have, all weapon compounded drugs, the spirit grass wait / etc. same did not have. Pursues, must overtake to me, cannot make him run away, that is our Shan Yunzong all wealth.” Jiang Tianshu angry shouting. At once, Shan Yunzong the disciple hurries to outside in abundance. Xia Tian entered during exit / to speak now, he is walking toward outside, according to the way on this map, Xia Tian really walked, he just went out of the labyrinth, he discovered that behind has many people to chase down. Although his present Inner Strength fully restored a moment ago, but that very intensive centralism had made him soon collapse a moment ago, therefore now he, although seems is all right, actually has been utterly exhausted. Suddenly saw that these many people pursued also really to frighten him to jump. Puff! At this moment, the golden light flashes through together. Is that several people of head is extinguished instantaneously kills, the familiar form appears in the Xia Tian front together: Said you.” Long time no see, has not thought that you were living.” That person of speech is the Xia Tian old acquaintance, the void old person, has hit a void old person in the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure with Xia Tian. Who dares to come, I have killed anyone.” Void old person's vision ice-cold looked that to person who these pursue. Void old person's that sword had indicated a moment ago his strength, the person strengths of these pursuit were not strong, see this grade of Expert, finally also can only give up, reneged on a promise in Hidden Sect.

How you know that I did come Hidden Sect?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to void old person. Not only I know that 12 health/guard, about protector with the posters know you went to the Hidden Sect matter, on the ring that because you brought had the mark, once you entered Hidden Sect, on the ring will send out the red ray.” The void old person answered. This thing also has this function.” Xia Tian says with emotion. Em, Hidden Sect is the place that is not good, the red light expresses the danger, therefore we know that you entered Hidden Sect, the poster have made me aid you, and gave you mission.” The void old person said. mission?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, truly speaking, he could not have mastered this black market, is not willing to complete black market mission. Right, do not want not to meet, mission of poster arrangement cannot reject personally, moreover you must remember, outside Heavenly Connection the hole opens, you is a dead end, but there is a black market help, your dead end will have a slim chance of survival, once you reject, you are the black market enemy, when the time comes you are still the dead end.” Void old person very optional saying, he is not threatening Xia Tian, but was urging Xia Tian. Any mission.” Xia Tian has experienced the strength of poster, he does not want to offend this person, therefore this mission he must meet. Is very simple, making you enjoy the life, when Sir.” The void old person shows a faint smile. „Becoming Sir?” Xia Tian doubts looks to void old person. Right, is such simple, black market of Capital was very recently chaotic, poster wish makes you look after some time, he has helped you go through the transferring schools formalities, Kyoto University, when the time comes you want to go to the school to go, does not want to go not to go, has the time the time goes to black market to have a look, if some people cause trouble, on your ring will have the prompt.” The void old person said. Their two with Jiang Hai City what to do?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Makes their two return to Jiang Hai City first, now is Zhongnanhai does not have your Jiang Hai City security, poster now also in Jiang Hai City, therefore you do not need to be worried that nobody dares to move Jiang Hai City to be tiny bit.” The void old person said. I, if rejects?” Xia Tian looks directly to the void old person.