Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1023

You cannot!” The void old person has given Xia Tian a packet: This inside has your airplane ticket, with all that going to there you needs, you felt relieved that all have prepared, I will be responsible for returning to Jiang Hai City their two.” Good! Since you arrange was so detailed, I also can only act accordingly.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, he moved toward Yun Miao afterward directly, holds Yun Miao in the bosom. Yun Miao has not spoken, at this moment she is in this world the happiest woman, she love to Xia Tian is very thick, even if can with Xia Tian in one minute, she also think together own this for a lifetime value. Spirit, helping me look after your Senior Sister.” Xia Tian has patted the spirit shoulder, spirit is only eight years old, this secret was Xia Tian knows reason that a moment ago, she now can camouflage one about 20 -year-old person, was because on her has put on false Spirit Tool. Em.” Spirit nodded. I will telephone to Xu, when the time comes has any demand, you said with Xu.” Xia Tian said. After arranging all, they have walked toward above, leave the Hidden Sect road is very long, Xia Tian was very weary, but he also knows that here has not gone to the safe place. Therefore he also needs to continue. In Hidden Sect. Jiang Tianshu soon directly had been irritated, Xia Tian gives his big ritual unexpectedly whirls away Shan Yunzong all treasures, this Xia Tian greatly noisy Shan Yunzong, making mountain Yun sect lose seriously, moreover he has also ruined Shan Yunzong all swords. This descending the mountain Yun sect turned into the poor wretch thoroughly. Although Jiang Tianshu is Shan Yunzong sovereign, but he also turned into history poorest sovereign. Xia Tian this biggest harvest is not in treasure house these things, but is Spirit Tool, kills Spirit Tool that Shan Yunzong sovereign that moment is suitable for in him, before Xia Tian is to bump into Spirit Tool now also little likely, was so excited. However this Spirit Tool is different. Sees his time, Xia Tian is sighed own luck as good as family. The other half of Eight Trigrams mirror.

The Eight Trigrams mirror is Intermediate Spirit Tool, what Xia Tian has is only half, at this time he obtained other half from mountain Yun sect sovereign there, after he wanted to wait till Capital, thought the means to fuse two Spirit Tool again. After saying goodbye to Yun Miao and the others, on Xia Tian the airplane, on the airplane, Xia Tian has rested directly. This thinks that he does not know how long has rested, he only knows one are awakened by the stewardess, he wakes up, the people on airplane were exposed, right now he hoodwinks, he does not even know where one should go. Therefore he turned on that package. He has put out a card from inside and one bunch of keys, on the card has an address, afterward he flipped, here also records several cards, he has not worried to watch the card, but turned package of below. Below of package has 10,000 cash and a bankcard. Whistling!” Sees the cash time, Xia Tian relaxed finally. The richness was easy to do, he hired a rental car directly, then has given the rental car the address, after on rental car, he careful turns the package, when he operates the first card, above writes him to have one 600 even house, what 600 draws are, this has surpassed the Xia Tian cognition. Can the house construct 600 draws? However he has not thought that afterward continued to look to discover his also garage, in the garage is a BMW, this also turned over to him, driver license ready-made. The position of his school, classroom position wait / etc.. In brief is a few words, he now was the TM local tyrant, was very seemingly rich. Meanwhile a heavy pound news travelled in Jianghu. Xia Tian! For a woman, intrudes Hidden Sect, and alone resists in Hidden Sect by a oneself person of strength second large amount gate mountain Yun sect, he has defeated Shan Yunzong all Expert, broke in Shan Yunzong Hushan sword.

Has ruined Shan Yunzong several thousand long swords, and also has swept across in Shan Yunzong all treasures. This news spreads. The Xia Tian reputation turns time infinitely. This boy, is really same as his father, to a crown anger is the young person.” Grandfather light saying of Bing Xin. Good, this boy unexpectedly can a person almost put down Shan Yunzong, this strength cannot be underestimated, it seems like his talent is not absolutely lower than Xia Tianlong.” Eastern Man drank one cup of tea to say. Outside Heavenly Connection the hole must open, perhaps when the time comes our several old bones must move.” Grandfather very optional saying of Bing Xin. Em.” Eastern Man nodded. In Quicksand. Agrees with the proposition of Yu He.” Wei Guang said that walked directly. At this time in entire China had been swept across by this news, some people envy, some people are the envy, some people are angry. Suddenly many influences sent for the Jiang Hai City inquiry news. But Xia Tian at this time not in Jiang Hai City. This time Xia Tian by own family being shocked. Just started the rental car he delivered to this community the time, Xia Tian was not absolutely cheap on feeling here house, because this community was really too luxurious, moreover close community. When he goes upstairs, this elevator simply looks like the treatment of president rank.

What is main is the door is that input password, after he inputs the password, he was shocked. I force to scratch!” The mouth of Xia Tian turned into O, although in he already had a mind to prepare, when he saw such when luxurious house does not know that thoroughly should say any was good. Here house was unable to describe with the luxury. Thing that so long as he can want to obtain, in this house has, moreover is very big, these villas do not seem also big, but also is luxurious, here occupies Xia Tian to feel that very luxurious, in the room is most expensive, is most luxurious. He understands finally the house why more than 600 have put down, because in the house has two, another is a basement, in the basement has a study room, an indoor swimming pool, gym. All has, when he opens the refrigerator, the fruit, the drink, the liquor, wants anything to have anything, in another refrigerator is the meat, the vegetables and seafood wait / etc.. After looked simply, Xia Tian does not know how should describe this room, he returned to the bedroom afterward, he planned first sleeping well, but was quick he to remember the Eight Trigrams mirror. He took two Eight Trigrams mirrors. Whish! The sky blue ray appears in the Xia Tian front together, afterward two Eight Trigrams mirror unexpectedly started to fuse automatically, at the same time a huge information entered in the brain of Xia Tian. The Xia Tian whole person fainted.)