Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1024

Xia Tian rested was very long. When he sleeps, Heaven Absolute Wake rapidly is restoring his stamina. The fight of Hidden Sect, Xia Tian looked like the sight regulations he had consumed all stamina and energy at that time, this energy did not restore to be OK Spiritual Force, looked like his Inner Strength is most abundant, but afterward he did not move. The body of person has limit. That very intensive fight, even if were Xia Tian early has also reached the limit. In the sleep, Xia Tian saw the Eight Trigrams mirror! Those who made Xia Tian surprised was, after the Eight Trigrams mirror fused, not only the might increased, but also presented one set of Movement Technique, this set of Movement Technique with Fan Zhuifeng looked like very much, but was different, Fan Zhuifeng Movement Technique had five points, in these five points he was invincible. But in the Eight Trigrams mirror emergying Movement Technique unexpectedly is eight points. Eight Trigrams step. Xia Tian was skilled in I Ching Eight Trigrams, at this time this Eight Trigrams Movement Technique is trained, Eight Trigrams Movement Technique that in the Xia Tian mind keeps is different from Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step probably is the angel descends to earth to be the same, to the person an illusory feeling, this type is used to fend illusory is best Movement Technique. However the Eight Trigrams step is different, in eight points its tempo of attack may be called invincible, probably is Fan Zhuifeng that five points is the same, after Xia Tian has trained this Movement Technique, he discovered that this Eight Trigrams step with Fan Zhuifeng that Movement Technique very similar. But the Eight Trigrams step wants on many three points. This thinks that Xia Tian has rested for three days three nights, finally Xia Tian was awaked hungrily, after awaking, he has taken a bath directly, then took a fruit to eat from the refrigerator, finally he started to get ready to prepare food directly.

His cook is not cracks a joke, now he was hungry, naturally must start to prepare food. After a half hour, Xia Tian has made four meals, then has eaten directly, after eating meal vegetable, Xia Tian has thrown into these things the hoist crane, this is a secret door in Xia Tian room, after he these things throw, some below people help him tidy up, moreover one pile of new fruit and vegetables also delivered. Food also ate to the full, it seems like went to black market to look.” Xia Tian has rested for three days, these in three days had any him not to know, but he actually knows one came here mission. The black market poster gives his mission. The black market influence is strong, outside Heavenly Connection the hole opens time, Xia Tian truly also needs the help of black market, even if black market does not help, so long as they did not add to the chaos were good, if he offended black market, that black market and Quicksand joined up, he may really be dies. The black market address he knew, the place of Capital he was findable. Therefore he can only wait for goes downstairs has taken taxi, in the closet is the new clothes, moreover measurement exactly the same as Xia Tian, various styles has, various types color also has, Xia Tian selected western-style clothes to put on, he usually little wore the western-style clothes, but today is first time goes to black market of Capital, therefore he left behind a dignity. In shoes is also various types of shoes, the measurement is also just right, Xia Tian has worn pair of new shoes, then brought a cash and bankcard goes out. Went out later Xia Tian to stand there and other elevators. dīng! The gate of elevator opened. Four items of relative, a young attractive female appears in the Xia Tian front, the woman is very pretty, young, but actually gives people a noble feeling, her skin is very white, very , a red tight-fitting skirt her stature perfect shows.

„!” The vision of female looked in the surroundings: I know that you here wait certainly to want me to sign, I give you and that's the end, but you must remember, cannot tell others me to live here.” Xia Tian has not spoken, but entered the elevator. Said that making me sign to you? Must sign on the body, then you do not take a bath for a lifetime.” Saying that the females thought aloud. The Xia Tian vision stares looks at female: „Do you exit, I must go downstairs.” Although this female is very beautiful, however present Xia Tian had the beauty resistivity, if beautiful, nobody can be more beautiful than Yun Miao, if gentle, nobody can be gentler than Zeng Ruo, the ancient spirit demon, is Bing Xin. Xia Tian female each is beauty, therefore he currently had has certainly resisted. Volume!” A female face strange looked that went out of the elevator to Xia Tian, they each other think so the opposite party, finally the elevator shut down slowly: Releases in order to catch, certainly releases in order to catch, has not looked, this boy also a little skill, unexpectedly understood that the use releases in order to catch this move.” „.” The females turn around, moved toward a front door afterward: „Who is elder sister? But elder sister big star, how by your this trick fooling.” Afterward the female opens the door, walked. Xia Tian previous time comes here time was too hurried, at that time he was very tired, therefore does not have carefully appreciates here, at this time he went downstairs had discovered the luxury of this hall, hall first and second made a connection. Here has the rest area, tea and coffee wait / etc.. All are free.

Except that after building, luxurious of this community is also makes Xia Tian exclaim in surprise that he first time sees such luxurious community, but passes and out the community to need Minca, after Xia Tian has brushed Minca, went out of this community. Goes to this place!” Xia Tian has given taxi driver the address. Good!” After the taxi driver looked at an address, said. This is 300 dollars, does not need to think detouring, gave me to go in the quickest way on the line.” Xia Tian throws 300 dollars directly. On taxi driver face one red, from action he can look, Xia Tian definitely is first time goes to this place, therefore he was planning to detour, but has not thought that his unexpectedly was seen through by Xia Tian. How can.” Taxi driver awkward saying of: Here is two points, the position that you give is four points, I deliver you to pass.” Two points! Although Xia Tian has not come to Capital, but he knows that Capital house general price, two points of houses, that is expensive scary, his community so is luxurious, such calculates that his house most minimum several million. Paternal grandmother, the father usually lives is the one-story house, the house is less than 40 square meters, now unexpectedly lives in such expensive house all of a sudden, TM was too luxurious.” Xia Tian innermost feelings infinite says with emotion. He continues to read the material in hand. black market of Capital is in China biggest black market, here anything people have, the person from world, however here request also compares other place to be high, is no one can go, also because of so, therefore here is very chaotic.