Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1025

Although black market of Capital is very chaotic, but here never has the person to dare to look up, moreover Xia Tian does not know how the poster achieves, no matter national unexpectedly existence of black market, by the China detection strength, impossible not to have discovered existence of black market. However in entire China, black market biggest underground trading market. „Did black market pay taxes?” This is an only possibility that Xia Tian thinks, only if has paid taxes . Moreover the tax is very high, how otherwise the country possibly tolerates existence of black market: Ok, did not go to think, what had a look here black market first.” After Xia Tian got out, almost does not have Thunder Dao. At this time here is an intersection, this intersection has a big iron gate, the iron gate is opening, above has two shining large characters black market. I force to go, is so wild?” Xia Tian has not thought that black market is so wild in Capital unexpectedly, black market in Jiang Hai City is so low-key, almost few people know, moreover place also in underground, but black market unexpectedly of Capital is a street. The entire this street is black market. This Xia Tian has determined, black market is pays taxes absolutely, such obviously did not need others to look up. Looked that can see that two large characters, moreover these two large characters or LED, in other words in the evening these two characters become well-illuminated, wants to enter black market to in Jiang Hai City have the recommender. But here actually hangs a sign black market is not being everyone can go , in does not have Qian people and dog can not enter.’ Xia Tian moves toward the inside of street directly, here this time has to drink many people to stroll, but their is well-dressed, here does not have the shop front, the gate of retail sales to outside, here only then some scattered people are selling the thing, but almost nobody buys their here, all people walk to inside. It seems like true black market should in inside.” Xia Tian said that also walks toward inside, suspends the person of stall to add also less than 30 all the way, this street has the kilometer. Actually only then such 30 sell thing.

After walking for ten minutes, Xia Tian saw a building: It seems like here should be true black market.” These thing all sorts of strange and unusual anything that sells all the way have, but the average person does not dare to buy, therefore there business is not good, but enters to this building in time, Xia Tian heard quarrelled the mixed sound. Many people. ! The entrance has the instrument to scan, enters here not to permit the belt weapon and water, because the water possibly is the liquid bomb. This building has three, the position that now Xia Tian is first, here is very big . Moreover the pattern is distinct, the different things buy and sell in the different rooms, here interior decoration is hardbound, indoor light is very bright, but on the wall does not have the window. Although quarrelled mixed, but here and nobody smoked. This is considers for the air environment, in each room has the air scavenger and air conditioning, here gives the first feeling of Xia Tian to quarrel, little, the second feeling is clean. He looked in the surroundings, here has not sold the contraband goods, in Jiang Hai City black market has the (spear|gun) to sell, but must be the acquaintance introduced that Xia Tian estimated here should have, but cannot put on outwardly. black market of Capital has very big difference with Jiang Hai City black market. Although here service girl wear also very expose, but not any yellow transaction. Brother, buys treasure?” In a male hand took one glass of liquor to approach Xia Tian.

Has a look!” Xia Tian on bypass. Brothers are first time come, black market is very chaotic, person who does not have the experience here goes shopping must certainly by the pit.” That man has given Xia Tian one glass of liquor, this is tries to get close in Xia Tian. Xia Tian not polite, took up liquor to drink one directly. „To buy anything, told me that I help you introduce.” The men asked. „Does here have the auction?” Xia Tian asked. Has, naturally had, but the auction starts at 10 : 00 on time, one week only then one time, happen to have one time tonight.” The men answered, heard Xia Tian saying that was attended the auction, his at present immediately one bright, the people who because attended the auction were rich. Therefore he also regarded a triumphant child Xia Tian. Regardless of any profession, does not lack this person, the business that they make is very simple, oneself do not spend, helping others handle matters, omits troublesome, obtains part to deduct a percentage from here, draws an analogy looks like this person is the same, if he went shopping the Xia Tian belt in the past, the seller will deduct a percentage to him, if Xia Tian one happy, thinks that thing truly genuine goods at reasonable prices, that will again also hit to enjoy his sum of money. Therefore the income of this profession is many, but they also select the person, looked that frequently appears and disappears here person, they will be will not provoke absolutely, the people who they will find will be first time enter here person, or looked that will be leads the woman to come in act high and mighty that. You lead me to understand here first.” Xia Tian throws 1000 dollars directly. Has saying that Xia Tian gets rid is very natural, that man sees 1000 dollars time, on the face has piled up with the smiling face immediately, if his Tiantian can bump into Xia Tian such person, he got rich. In the ordinary circumstances show due respect for feelings person, possibly said visits him very laboriously to the 100-200 dollars, some even because anything has not bought, simply does not give him on the one cent, but he does not have group of sellers to sell out the thing, therefore the seller naturally will not give him money.

Good, you can call me the small sea.” Small sea respectful saying, Xia Tian has given money, he naturally must serve for Xia Tian. The small sea brought Xia Tian to enter in the first room directly. Here is the jade carving area, jade raises the person, therefore our China person compares to recognize this thing, here genuine article less than 10%, therefore buy , if no a skill to absolutely by the pit, moreover others also brought to light said that bought false calculates you had bad luck.” Young said. Em!” Xia Tian nodded, he moved toward a counter directly: Takes me to have a look this jade.” The small sea looked that Xia Tian comes up to go shopping, the incomparable excitement, he knows that own today fished certainly to a big fish. The black market beauty service person took the jade. Good jade, this jade how much money? I wanted.” Xia Tian said directly. 280,000.” The beauty service person said. Is inexpensive, swipes the card!” Xia Tian has given the beauty service person own card, he is any money does not need to spend with the thing in black market, but he does not want to expose the status now, therefore he has put out the card directly, the card is also black market gives him in any case. Wait / Etc., that jade, I wanted.” Transmits from behind in this time together sound.