Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1026

This sound conveys, all people looked to him, saw only one seems the 27 or 28-year-old man walked from the rear area, his right hand was hugging a beautiful woman. This jade I settled on.” That man light saying. Sees this man time, the small sea said in a low voice: Sir, the thing gives him, we cannot offend him, he is surnamed Xia, in Capital is a ten points extraordinary family, that woman of his arms is two stars.” The small sea is reminding Xia Tian, this person is not affable. When Xia Tian hears the opposite party is surnamed Xia, slightly gains ground, he does not have to think one such quickly bumped into the Xia Family person. That jade I wanted.” Man after surnamed Xia walks, said with the beauty server directly. Embarrassed gentleman, the jade has sold.” Saying of beauty service person apology. You did not know that who I am?” Male coldly surnamed Xia looks to the beauty server: Thing nobody who I want dares to snatch with me.” Sir, who no matter you are, here is black market.” That beauty service person reminded, black market had the black market custom, regardless of you outside multi- cow B, so long as you dare to cause trouble in black market, that black market absolutely easily will not let off your. Good, this jade I give you 300,000, I bought.” That man surnamed Xia said. Excuse me, Sir, had finalized a moment ago.” That beauty service person said. Snort!” Male cold snort surnamed Xia, looked said afterward to Xia Tian: This jade my girlfriend had a liking, I give you 300,000, your this changed hands has gained 20,000.” Does not sell!” Xia Tian said.

Xia Tian on the airplane has input directly the password in POSS, trades successfully. Sir, this is your jade!” The black market beauty service person has given Xia Tian the jade. Boy, being concerned about face.” Male coldly surnamed Xia looks at Xia Tian, this is threatening Xia Tian, who is he? But he is surnamed Xia, in Capital that is the respected families. Today takes two stars with great difficulty, planned that leads her to come black market to see the world, this can tie up this star, that this star could not escape from her palm. This star also knows that man surnamed Xia is rich, therefore she said directly must buy the jade in Xia Tian hand, because in her eyes, others' thing forever was best, some people snatched to explain precious of thing. „Do you bite me?” Xia Tian looked that surnamed Xia said to that man. You.” Man surnamed Xia does not have to think own today unexpectedly bumped into a such fellow, unexpectedly has not given him the face: I told you, I was surnamed Xia.” He thinks that Xia Tian definitely does not know his status, dares such to speak to him, therefore he directly identifies one's role when first coming on stage now, hopes Xia Tian to give way before difficulties, he thinks that Xia Family has very high status in Capital. So long as a little skill person has heard Xia Family. Then?” Xia Tian very tranquil asking. His manner was too calm, surroundings many people when heard Xia Family to turn the head to look to here, because they have heard Xia Family, was Xia Tian unexpectedly is so tranquil. „my name is Xia, I am the Xia Family person.” That man surnamed Xia thinks that Xia Tian has not understood what is heard.

You are surnamed Xia, naturally was the Xia Family person, you were surnamed Xia, your father's name was Wang Fuyi.” Xia Tian seems was looking idiot same looks at man surnamed Xia, he felt that this person brain has the problem. He is surnamed Xia, he definitely was the Xia Family person, was difficult to be inadequate he surnamed Xia is the person of prince, was his father Uncle Wang of next door? You dare to scold me.” Man surnamed Xia looks at Xia Tian to say angrily that afterward must get rid to Xia Tian directly, the Xia Family person has somewhat practiced martial arts, even if the strength bad is also similar to the person who these have become a soldier. The surrounding person looks to have good play, has encircled, at this time everybody understands that this was the face has struggled, man side surnamed Xia was standing two stars, he spent very big thoughts to soak. Now he cannot certainly lose face. Security, some people must hit me.” At this moment, Xia Tian shouts suddenly. One hear of Xia Tian words, surroundings these people all are look at Xia Tian that disdains, they think Xia Tian so was a moment ago unyielding, now must certainly surnamed Xia get one with man, but the people have not thought that his unexpectedly recognized directly instigates. Called the security to recognize on the representative instigates. Snort, you are waiting to me.” Man surnamed Xia stared Xia Tian one, then hugs that two stars to walk toward side, since Xia Tian called the security, he naturally cannot begin, the black market security is not an average person, moreover they get rid to be possible, no matter you are which family. Shouted, narrow squeak.” Small sea long expiration of: You best careful, his name was Xia Yun, was the Xia Family juniors, he appeared and disappeared in black market frequently, has the Xia Family such big backer, nobody dares to offend him, even if several did not enlarge ones vision, finally did not have the good end.” Young spoke of here time, because he remembered Xia Tian probably is the fellow who that did not enlarge ones vision. Walks.” Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention to young saying that he happen to must treat some time in Capital recently, he also planned that chooses an auspicious day to go to Xia Family to visit, perhaps when the time comes he will send to a big ritual to Xia Family, at that time Xia Family sent 100 Profound Grade Expert to go to Jiang Hai City to cope with him, now Xia Tian also planned that finds an opportunity to return salute.

Then called to pay a man back in his own coin. Xia Tian looks in the hand was taking the jade, has placed the bosom directly, the quality of this jade is good, suits refiner. Comes to see quickly, here started to auction the jade semifinished product.” At this moment Xia Tian some front people shout. What situation is there?” Xia Tian asked. Auction jade semifinished product, one day one time, is some have not undergone the processing the jade, the surroundings are also bringing the stone, this type of jade gambles completely, if buys together the good jade, that is gets huge windfall wealth, if has bought worst jade, that accompanied the grandmother family, jade thing wanted is natural unearthed, even if were worst, the finger covered the size to be lowest can also sell several hundred, if were the superior good jade, the finger covered that in a big way on can sell on several million over a thousand.” Young answered. „, Is this, we had a look in the past.” Xia Tian said that walked directly, there this time has encircled many people, this was also in this room most interesting one moves. Snort, you also dare to appear before me.” At this moment Xia Yun the voice appeared in the Xia Tian side, his whole face disdained looks at Xia Tian. I like noticing that your this not being able to get used to seeing I could not have killed my appearance.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face.