Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1027

Xia clouds very side that two stars disdain stared Xia Tian one, Xia Tian called the security a moment ago, she thought that Xia Tian has planted very much every time, moreover Xia Tian unexpectedly does not know Xia Family, this in her eyes, Xia Tian are most is also an earth rich person. She most looks down upon is these earth rich people, without any connotation, does not have the quality. Yun elder brother, this time you must get so far as together the good jade to others.” Saying that two stars whined. Good treasure.” Xia Yun shows a faint smile, the hand is very dishonest has traced on that two stars. Yun elder brother, others dislikes that ground beetle, an experience no person, you expels to be good him.” That two stars discovered that Xia Tian did not visit her, this makes her feel is not feeling well, no matter what she is also a star, but Xia Tian unexpectedly so disregards her, this makes her feel that own charm reduced probably. Cheap person, is artificial.” Xia Tian said that walks toward front directly. Yun elder brother, he scolded me.” Acting like a spoiled brat that two stars keep. Was good, the treasure, should not be angry, here does not facilitate to begin, waits, I well will certainly help you leave this foul odor.” Xia Yun is also looked that Xia Tian is not feeling well, he already wants to tidy up Xia Tian, but here is black market, does not let begin. If Xia Tian if unyielding, he has hit Xia Tian , can only be the small dispute, once Xia Tian does not begin, called the security directly, he cannot get rid again, otherwise the security will be impolite with him. On the forehead of small sea is the sweat, he gained these 1000 is very happy, moreover his returns to go to that side to get the point to deduct a percentage, but he knows that now this money is the fever hand how. In front of him the little elder brother unexpectedly does not give anybody simply the face, in a moment is a character.

At this time Xia Tian walked, now all people are staring at a stone in processing master hand, this stone goes unable to look at anything superficially, but on the detecting instrument demonstrated that in this definitely has the jade, as for is any jade, that survey does not come out, the qualitative quality cannot survey. Therefore once this type of stone were bought, generally the buyer or the shop owner start little remove outside stone with the knife and sandpaper, they must result are very careful, once otherwise leaves behind the scratch in the jade, that is not good. Now periphery these person of vision all centralized in the hand of that processing, the technique of that processing is very fine, his little baring stone, the jade must appear finally, the jade can be divided into one to nine levels, the Rank 1 jade is the jade of most trash, this type of jade on value 1800 dollars. Nine levels of jade are most expensive, but this jade in society is rare, the world does not have many. Here only then can buy the Rank 3 above jade, generally was steadily gains. Came out, came out.” Immediately some people of excited shouting. The processing master puts down the knife in hand, starts to clean the surrounding stone with the sandpaper, naturally, he has not dared to go to Bang jade itself with the sandpaper, cleaning of his cautious and solemn, the appearance of quick jade on dew coming out half. Yeah! Also is the Rank 1 jade.” Immediately some people of disappointed shaking the head, this jade is spends 30,000 to pat, result jade altogether on the value 700-800 dollars, this is owes greatly. This jade came out, you go back yourself to abandon.” Processed Master Jiangyu to give that customer, that customer was wants to cry but have no tears, he thinks was together the Rank 3 jade, who knows unexpectedly was together the Rank 1 jade. This is mistaken.

Person who they year to year here mix, they think one have learned a super skill, looks at stone Bian Yu. Sir, although this Jade Stone can get huge windfall wealth, but can get huge windfall wealth the person to be few truly, most of the time is loses money.” Young reminded, he reminded was reasonable, because here man-machine met is losing money every day, few people can achieve truly got huge windfall wealth, reason that he said these to seek the Xia Tian favorable impression to Xia Tian. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. Ground beetle, depends on you also to play this, the pit dies you.” Very nearby Xia Yun disdains looks at Xia Tian. Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention to him. Auction managed to put out a stone once more, this stone was very big. Sounding set showed that this inside has the palm that big jade together, although we do not know that jade quality, is the jade of any rank, but we can affirm of this jade is not small, even if Rank 1 jade definitely also value about 20,000, therefore this Jade Stone starting bid price 25,000.” The auctioneers said directly. This small auction does not have chair, does not have numberplate anything, who had a liking for who bid, price high resulted, then paid money directly, after the payment, must pay the labor cost, the hand labor cost was not low, cuts open half, revealing was any jade 500, complete incision 1000. Half Rank 1 white hands official title during the spring and autumn period for the person in charge of public works was only the incision has given the customer, but if the Advanced jade, others did not miss that money. Naturally, you have also been able to cut, once cut badly, that may compensate, if in the Rank 5 jade a Hikido scratch, the price of that this jade will reduce half again.

Therefore so long as generally is buys the jade will not miss that 500 dollars, the direct incision has a look, if the good jade to continue to cut, if Rank 1 jade oneself goes home to slice. The people who mixes here frequently know that generally the stone is bigger, inside jade rank is lower, after all has the palm that bulk jade, how probably is the Advanced jade, the jade needs to absorb world spiritual energy, smaller inside spiritual energy are more. When sees the bulk jade, generally few people buy. 25,000!” Xia Tian shouted out the price directly. Good, this gentleman left 25,000, had a higher price?” The person of auction looked that some people of initial prices have shouted hurriedly, if this jade cannot sell, they will open, because they are clear, such big jade, generally was also the Rank 1 jade, the price of this type of jade can sell more than 10,000 at most, but if took the auction, even if sold the lowest price, they also gained. 25,000, this has gained several thousand, adds on 500 hand labor costs again, these little has not gained, moreover this is almost the money of steadily making. This is the brains of merchant. 30,000!” Person of auction had relaxed, this stone was sells, but he has not thought that some unexpectedly people increased price. The person of increasing price was Xia Yun, Xia Yun already looked at Xia Tian not to be feeling well, how he possibly let buy this stone that Xia Tian achieved wishes, at this time Xia Yun very disdained looked to Xia Tian: Ground beetle, could not afford do not buy.”