Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1028

Very Xia Yun looks at Xia Tian with vision that disdains. Attacks the Xia Tian opportunity with great difficulty, how he possibly misses. Listened to you a moment ago that the act high and mighty words, I also think that you must leave several million, used to blow fiercely greatly cow B, finally only added 5000.” A Xia Tian words such saying, Xia Yun immediately on face one red. He wanted to taunt Xia Tian, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly a few words spoke of his sore spot, truly so, a moment ago he only added 5000 to blow such Freshman cow B, seems truly a little two forces! 50,000!” Xia Tian opened mouth on in addition 20,000, moreover he added very light, seemed have the demeanor more than Xia Yun, this time Xia Yun has not increased price, he mixed frequently here, naturally knows that this jade was not the good jade, reason that he a moment ago increased price just to mump with Xia Tian. Also has increasing price?” The auctioneers heard the price to promote 50,000, that naturally was very happy. Hey, that side that two B, don't you increase price? Didn't you have a moment ago very much?” Xia Tian turns the head to look that said to Xia Yun, he directly has added on two B such titles to Xia Yun. You.” Clenching teeth of Xia Yunqi, but he has not increased price, because he knows that this price cannot add. Since has not increased price, this Jade Stone turned over to this gentleman all.” The auctioneers said directly that Xia Tian has handed over bankcard, sees action his behind small sea helpless shaking the head of Xia Tian. So long as mixes after a period of time people to know that here such bulk jade definitely is not valuable, 99% are the Rank 1 jade. He had reminded Xia Tian before, what a pity Xia Tian has not listened his. „! All cuts.” Xia Tian has pulled out 1000 directly. Surroundings these people cast the vision of disdaining to Xia Tian, because they think that this jade radically was the Rank 1 jade, spending 50,000 dollars to buy the jade is the big end, money were many fever.

Snort, the idiot, spending 50,000 to buy Rank 1 jade.” Very Xia Yun disdains stared Xia Tian one. The hand official title during the spring and autumn period for the person in charge of public works starts to cut the stone, his technique is skilled, moreover cautious and solemn, he does not dare to have slight careless, any jade, so long as above had the scratch, that price may drop sharply, when the time comes was their black market loses money. He is a scrap, a stone of scrap to undercutting, this stone is very big, therefore he has been sweating profusely at this time, after cutting Xia Tian this, he must start to rest, changes on a hand official title during the spring and autumn period for the person in charge of public works. Must come out.” Immediately some people shout. Although they were guessing is together the Rank 1 jade, but whenever must cut open, they very excited, every day is so, is the Rank 1 jade that sometimes one cuts all day, but they are also that excited. Now is also same. I thought how you one will cry.” Saying that Xia Yun disdains. Came out.” The hand official title during the spring and autumn period for the person in charge of public works starts to open in the surroundings with the sandpaper hurriedly scratches, afterward his whole person stares slightly: „It is not Rank 1 Jade Stone, is Rank 3 Jade Stone, blue red stone.” What? Rank 3 Jade Stone!” All people all inconceivable looks to that stone in hand official title during the spring and autumn period for the person in charge of public works hand. Rank 3 Jade Stone, unexpectedly is Rank 3 Jade Stone. Such Freshman block Rank 3 Jade Stone.

Usually together fingernail that big Rank 3 Jade Stone can sell 10,000-20,000, but this unexpectedly is palm that big Rank 3 Jade Stone, this price will not be lower than 300,000-400,000 absolutely. 300,000, this Jade Stone I wanted.” Immediately some people bid. This is also here one custom, after Jade Stone left, some people bid to buy, their prices are not too generally high, but is not low, generally this large-scale Jade Stone must look that the associative perception can have the good price, although the detecting instrument can see the general size, but actually cannot see the concrete shape. 400,000 I wanted.” Another person bids to say. Wait / Etc., after waiting for the Jade Stone complete picture to come out, again the initial price.” Xia Tian said directly that he such does is gambling, because after Jade Stone comes out, once is ugly, that price may be big. The hand official title during the spring and autumn period for the person in charge of public works continues to cut cleaning. After ten minutes, the grinding type of jade came out, when sees this jade the shape, all people were shocked. 500,000, I leave 500,000.” Some people shout. 1 million, I wanted.” The following some people shout. Crazy, Rank 3 Jade Stone unexpectedly sold together 1 million, moreover this Jade Stone was Xia Tian spends 50,000 to buy, normal, such Freshman block Jade Stone 300,000 are the good prices. But now unexpectedly is sold 1 million, this is because this Jade Stone is a shape of fish, pure natural, without any manual fish-shape, this is the good sign, if this Jade Stone is placed in the company, that company definitely is progresses day by day. Here has not presented such Jade Stone, unexpectedly is pure natural fish-shape Jade Stone.

So long as is naturally stone that has the shape, can sell a good price, so long as is not the cake and so on good that the type, can sell, is the Jade Stone of present is different, his Jade Stone unexpectedly presented complete fish-shape, this simply was too inconceivable. All people believe that this is the propitious omen, this Jade Stone simply is the priceless treasure. This. How is this possible?” On Xia Yun the face has written all over inconceivable, his unexpectedly had brushed past with this most precious object, he very regretted now, if he a moment ago added 50,000 again, Xia Tian will definitely not increase price, when the time comes this jade was his, in he obtained this jade belt to go home, that inside these old fogies will certainly appreciate to him. Now Xia Yun the intestines quick regret was blue, he increased price a moment ago obviously, why he hates himself not to have again multi- in addition. 3 million.” Behind some people increased price. When hears 3 million prices, many people are the unusual regret, their this is helplessly looks that the treasure winds through from them, if this jade attains the magnificent scene to auction, the price absolutely is very high. They on hand on money was what a pity insufficient, otherwise they must buy. The small sea is the surprised chin must fall the ground at this time, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly was so lucky, has bought such a Freshman stone, inside unexpectedly was Rank 3 Jade Stone, this got rich simply. Xia Tian was that gets huge windfall wealth the person. 3 million, person but who also there is increasing price.” The people of auctioneer are also excited serious, they have not thought that unexpectedly presented such unprecedented Jade Stone, in words that their here auctions, they must charge 1% handling charges, now 3 million, they have gained 30,000. 5 million.”