Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1029

In all people all when there discussed the price, the sudden person walked from behind, his with two personal servants, on his face wrote all over me is son from a wealthy family these characters. Moreover he likely is not Xia Yun, after having soaked two stars, which arrives is bringing. He is different, two stars regarding him are not anything, these stars all give instead of taking, he never leads the star outside, once because was made the picture, is very troublesome. Although in black market nobody dares to photograph. But he was used to this, at this time saw this person time, surroundings these people resigned a channel automatically, thus it can be seen, this person background was not small, Xia Yun also let one side. Jade Stone, 5 million, I wanted, now makes a payment.” That person looked that has not looked at Xia Tian one, said to the auctioneer directly. Good, Fang Shao, this installs to you.” Auctioneer very polite saying, saw that the auctioneer is so polite, Xia Tian was a little strange, black market is not always does not give anybody well complexion? In black market should be all people are the same treatments, but actually this Fang Shao are any backgrounds, unexpectedly can have so the treatment. Sir, your money should return, you look up.” The people of auctioneer said. Em.” Xia Tian has not gone to look up, the black market working efficiency he believes. After that Fang Shao have bought thing, walked directly, the entire journey he has not gone to look that here also has many rich men and sons from a wealthy family, but his as if person has not paid attention. In his eyes only then that Jade Stone. After Jade Stone succeeds in obtaining, he also walked, after this place were few, Xia Tian heard many to gasp for breath greatly, thus it can be seen a moment ago they anxious, gasping for breath of big mouth did not dare.

Was good, everybody, our here left a climax today, the stone that 50,000 buy, handed over has sold 5 million, I think that everybody also knows our opportunity, here was this, some people can get huge windfall wealth, therefore I anticipate tonight the second sudden wealth person.” The auctioneers will adjust the atmosphere very much, this is creating the free propaganda simply, any method and advertisement cannot compare personally to see. Perhaps before them, heard that has to get huge windfall wealth the matter, but that personally does not see after all, at this time saw with one's own eyes Xia Tian to get huge windfall wealth, these people all one's blood bubbles up to the brim, they were ready to fight, prepare to pat the following stone. After Xia Tian the stone, the auction becomes exceptionally intense, below 100,000 digit did not have, even most has presented 500,000 high prices, however after these stones succeed in obtaining, best is also scrap Rank 3 Jade Stone. Compensated. All compensated. Although has compensated all, but this does not affect the mood that they surge upward. Jade Stone of this auction is not big, but everybody also knows small often is the good things.” The auctioneers have put out of their flickering person, started to coax directly the people: Starting bid price 2000.” 2000!” Xia Tian has gotten rid directly, sees Xia Tian gets rid, the surrounding person stares, beside that fish-shape Rank 3 Jade Stone that because Xia Tian except for sold out a moment ago, again has not gotten rid, has not presented any good thing, now Xia Tian unexpectedly gets rid once more. This made the people get hold of the fist. Everybody also saw, the kings of our tonight's luck have gotten rid, everybody do not miss this opportunity.” The auctioneers have shouldered everybody's desire once more. „, A person how possible luck to have been good, he was just the Gou excrement transported a moment ago.” Saying that Xia Yun disdains, that two stars looked a moment ago are also excited, therefore also begged him to leave several hands, but compensated finally. Afterward he again had not gotten rid, because he was clear, general day can leave a good thing that is very extraordinary, therefore he does not think that today can also leave second good Jade Stone.

This time Jade Stone is very small, the auctioneer also said that only then less than half nail so is big. Once is Rank 1 Jade Stone, that company 100 may not sell, but must pull out 500 going well labor costs, therefore this time looks like compensates the probability very much to be big, but this time has gotten rid including Xia Tian, therefore some people started exploratory increasing price: 3000.” 5000!” Xia Tian gets rid once more. 6000!” Also some people increased price. This Xia Tian unexpectedly has not spoken, this may scare that person of increasing price, he thinks Xia Tian definitely will increase price, but Xia Tian unexpectedly has not increased price, this all of a sudden on quite in Wenpei. „Did 6000 have the person to increase price?” The auctioneers asked. 7000.” When the auctioneer decides the drop hammer, Xia Tian increased price, sees Xia Tian to increase price, that person long expiration of, this time he does not dare to increase price rashly, suddenly everybody did not speak. 7000, but also there is a person to increase price?” The people of auctioneer ask directly. Nobody replies. 7000 deals.” Xia Tian has given the person of auctioneer the card directly. Receives 8000, helping me cut open.” Xia Tian had just gained 5 million, naturally did not love dearly this change, the small sea saw that Xia Tian bought a stone, he was puzzled, he does not understand the stone why Xia Tian bought was the appearance is not best. That big stone had 99% a moment ago possibly is Rank 1 Jade Stone, this time so was also small, this was also too small, even if were Rank 3 Jade Stone perhaps also on the value about 10,000.

The probability that therefore he loses is very big. Rank 3 Jade Stone is not good. This time stone is small, therefore that hand official title during the spring and autumn period for the person in charge of public works cuts carefully, but this coming out actually quick, surrounding these person all looking at steadily looks at that stone, although to be honest they do not dare to buy this stone, but actually they very much anticipate this stone what, because Xia Tian, but that lucky king of tonight, a stone has gained 5 million. Soon came out.” Some people shout. The hand official title during the spring and autumn period for the person in charge of public works started with the sanding the surrounding crushed stone, Jade Stone that this Xia Tian auctioned wanted public in Shi finally, although Xia clouds that does not believe Xia Tian can buy better Jade Stone, but his also looking at steadily looked at the stone in start official title during the spring and autumn period for the person in charge of public works hand. Suddenly, scene very peaceful, nobody spoke, these gravel fell in the sound of ground they also hear clearly, gravel little depreciation on the ground, the original condition of stone must come out finally. At this moment, the surrounding these people are even more tense than Xia Tian. Looked quickly, comes out.”