Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1031

When Xia Tian sees that Jade Stone innermost feelings one happy, but he has not actually displayed anything. Heard that presented seven levels of Jade Stone, the surrounding person were also getting more and more, here was encircled one at once thoroughly with huge crowds of people. Everybody, new round must start, better Jade Stone is still waiting for everybody, this is the tonight's second most precious object, I believe you definitely have the lucky fellow, here gets huge windfall wealth is not the dream.” The people of auctioneer started propaganda wantonly, more proper that they propagandized, here person were more, that price can also lift was higher. The price is higher, they gain are also more. The following ten auctions are the crazy bang randomly explode simply, the highest price even rose dramatically 800,000, finally but they obtained was actually the trash jade, all was the Rank 1 jade, this reluctantly made bidding the price drop slightly. 100,000!” Xia Tian got rid. The new round upset price is 5000, but Xia Tian came up to pat 100,000, saw Xia Tian got rid periphery all people all gawked. Everybody paid attention, the person who obtains two treasures continuously has gotten rid, his first time got rid to gain 5 million, second time got rid to obtain priceless treasure seven levels of Jade Stone, now his third time has gotten rid, everybody do not miss this opportunity, perhaps today is the golden opportunity that you increased the family fortunes.” The auctioneers naturally cannot forget to hype, Xia Tian gets rid regarding them simply is the big good deed. Because Xia Tian had been linked a moment ago two, today biggest winner, even some people start to think that he can see inside stone from the semblance, so long as is Xia Tian gets rid, that follows absolute many. Moreover this Xia Tian gets rid is 100,000. The price was higher than before, in other words, this time possibly compared the beforehand stone more precious. 200,000!” Xia Yun has bid, this time cannot tolerate, he even also starts to suspect that Xia Tian can completely understand the stone, this absolutely is a good opportunity of enrichment, this time he must get rid, this making money way was really too quick, if made him gain 5 million all of a sudden, then obtained together seven levels of stones, he wanted to be happy simply. These two stars, he want to soak many to soak many. However now the front two opportunities have all been missed by him, the present is the third opportunity, therefore he will not let off absolutely, he believes that this time also absolutely is the good thing, he must take, then he can also gain one greatly.

This time Xia Yun even starts to fantasize that after having him to obtain this sum of money, should be how colored. 300,000!” Xia Tian increased price. Xia Tian increased price once more had proven this absolutely was a treasure, surroundings these also had the hesitant person also to start to increase price in abundance, suddenly the price rose, the quick price was lifted 500,000. This is the charisma. Xia Tian got rid to lift instantaneously 5000 jade 500,000. 800,000!” Xia Tian this time added 300,000 directly. 30 ten thousand Ah! Increases price one time 300,000. Xia Tian the increasing price way lets be considered immediately that he worries to obtain this stone very much, the value of this stone had been regarded as the treasure all of a sudden, because the Xia Tian increasing price way worried. Right now scene thorough has seethed with excitement, the auctioneer also starts to think that this possibly was really a treasure stone. The keen competition started once more. 1 million, I leave 1 million.” Xia Yun shouts directly. He looked that Xia Tian worries, confirmed that own idea, he thinks that this absolutely is a treasure stone, otherwise Xia Tian is impossible such crazy increasing price, this increasing price way makes him feel that was a little shocking.

May be so, can prove this stone on exceed the uncommon place. 2 million.” Xia Tian increases price once more. This time added 1 million directly. Attract! All people have held breath cold air, they start to guess that actually this was any stone, why Xia Tian got rid on in addition 1 million, at this time this stone broke this year has recorded, the monolith stone laid out 2 million prices. Now the auctioneers smile has grinned with ear to ear, these stones are the unification receive, the price that lays out is higher, they gain are also more. 2 million prices, have made many people start to withdraw, because this price is not, even if were they who they play wants to play does not have that much money, therefore they, although was very regrettable, but has chosen withdrawal. Xia Yun clenched teeth, this has surpassed his estimate, this price was really too high, but thinks high repayment time, he clenched teeth actually: 2.1 million.” This is money, has spent these much money all of a sudden, he also in anxiety. 3 million!” Xia Tian did not have the stay to increase price directly. 3 million! Hears this price time, before these , the people who has suspected thoroughly did not suspect that they think that this absolutely is a stone of over seven levels of gem, otherwise Xia Tian is impossible such crazy increasing price. That is 3 million China coins.

Xia Tian increases price now is over a million added that the flames of war were lit instantaneously. 3 million. The auctioneers simply are excited was dying, such high price, this time can attain richly deducted a percentage, he made one's own way to rush all of a sudden well-off, he simply loves dead Xia Tian now. Hateful!” Xia Yun cursed angrily one. Cannot afford do not buy.” Xia Tian looked that said to Xia Yun. Hears the Xia Tian taunt the words, Xia Yun the anger has come up thoroughly, his unexpectedly was taunted by Xia Tian, Xia Tian unexpectedly said him unable to afford, at this time here these many people , he if not put out a real skill to come, he really did not have the face to see the person, moreover his side two stars are also anticipating in a face visits him. Therefore, he planned to use that sum of money, that sum of money was money that his father account just came, he plans to use now, in his opinion, oneself were just pulls out part, the waiting a while jade comes out he directly to sell, then went back Qian Bu, when the time comes the guarantee was! All during his plan. 4 million! I leave 4 million, has the skill you to increase price.” Xia Yun crazy shouting, he as if was also transferred the mood by Xia Tian, added to 4 million all of a sudden, at this time his whole face disdains looks at Xia Tian. Really is the rich man, turned over to you.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Sees Xia Tian this smiling face time, he one unlucky premonitions, was he swindled suddenly? But he absolutely does not believe that Xia Tian will put out 3 million to work as the bait, therefore his confident saying: „, All cuts.”