Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1032

Finalized. This Jade Stone final knockdown price was 4 million. This has renovated the probability once more, at this time periphery all people all one's blood bubbles up to the brim, they start to anticipate that actually this Jade Stone was the stone of any rank, because this stone had initiated a war a moment ago. A bloody battle. Finally increases price to 4 million stops. 4 million. Xia Yun is that results, at this time side Xia Tian that two star face worships visits him, thinks that he is a son from a wealthy family, gets rid unexpectedly to put out 4 million casually. This too exaggerated simply. Normal is the rich man, wants to put out 4 million also to require the time to transfer directly, but Xia Yun is the direct exchange. Opens, certainly is the good treasure, after I obtained the treasure, directly sells for money, then blocks this account, otherwise my father will kill me.” Xia Yun thinks of here, anticipated what the stone opens to be. He believes that this time absolutely is the good stone, otherwise Xia Tian is impossible to increase price. But reason that he finally gave up, definitely is because he does not dare to get rid again, because he knows that his financial resource are not many. Surroundings many people are the worships looks to Xia Yun. Xia Yun enjoys this vision, he likes seeing others to worship his vision, this makes him feel that rich was very good, therefore he anticipated that now the stone can cut anything to come.

Cutting of hand official title during the spring and autumn period for the person in charge of public works cautious and solemn. This stone was auctioned to 4 million prices, he does not know that actually is anything, if is really the treasure stone, was cut by him badly has been possible to trouble, therefore he must be careful carefully again careful. Time little passed, surroundings nobody spoke, their vision all centralized on stone, this time stone laid out the sky-high price, therefore they do not dare to miss, even if a link of faint trace. The hand official title during the spring and autumn period for the person in charge of public works is getting more and more careful, this also made this procedure very complex. Finally must come out.” Everybody saw the dew, appeared can open has scratched, then can determine the jade the material quality. A little green color, should be together the good jade.” Immediately some people said. Ha Ha Ha Ha, that is natural, this absolutely is together the good jade, doesn't that side that boy, you dare to continue to increase price a moment ago? You definitely are the fear money insufficiently lose face, now helplessly looks at the precious jade to run up to my hand, is not feeling well.” Xia Yun Wubi excited saying with a smile. He can start to taunt Xia Tian finally. Sees that green jade, he knows one this time gained certainly turned, it is said had a jade to be greener is more valuable. Surroundings these people also all are envy looks to Xia Yun. Yun elder brother, this time you have sent, others want a car(riage).” Saying that two stars whined. Good, buys.” Xia Yun very excited saying.

Well?” A hand official title during the spring and autumn period for the person in charge of public works brow wrinkle, he saw probably this was any jade came, but he does not dare under to judge easily, because this was the stone that 4 million patted, therefore he planned that continued to cut the stone. Quick. The stone complete picture came out, without any shape. Rank 1 jade, emerald!” The hand official title during the spring and autumn period for the person in charge of public works said that has given Xia Yun jade directly. What? Rank 1 jade?” Xia Yun who laughed was shocked suddenly, his whole face inconceivable looks to the jade in own hand: You misread, this jade was so green, moreover perhaps inside also had the blood thread and so on, you were look certainly to miss.” I did this line of more than 20 years, the emerald saw were too many, mistakenly.” That hand official title during the spring and autumn period for the person in charge of public works said directly. This is everybody thinks that this is really not the emerald, but also some people put out the emerald that had patted a moment ago directly, a contrast discovery is really exactly the same, right now the surrounding these people almost smile to turn. 4 million have bought Rank 1 jade. Moreover in the Rank 1 jade the most common emerald, this jade value 400 dollars, cannot come out including the hand labor cost. All compensates! 4 million all compensated all of a sudden. Xia Yun directly has almost not fainted, that is 4 million, four million unexpectedly have only bought a Rank 1 emerald, he understood, is Xia Tian in the pit he, therefore he looks angrily to Xia Tian: You *** unexpectedly dares the pit I.” Idiot, here was gambling, your sentiment I hope, I have not compelled you to buy it, is you must spend 4 million to buy, but you also are really rich, the unexpectedly flower 4 million has bought Rank 1 jade, is really willful.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face.

Xia Yun directly had almost been irritated by the Xia Tian words, he wishes one could to choke to death Xia Tian now directly, but he does not dare, because here has the security, if he begins, he will be exited by the insurance base hit. But all of a sudden has owed 4 million, this money is he moves from his father's company, if tonight, his father definitely will not discover. Following auction next.” Auctioneer time has not spoken many words, because made money in the low key a moment ago, does not need to propagandize. 100,000!” Xia Tian has gotten rid once more, is 100,000, this time also nobody dares to increase price again, Xia Yun by the pit 4 million, they have not been wanted to turn into second Xia Yun, sees such scene slantingly, the Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one. His expression by Xia Yun catching: Was right, I understood, he definitely is knows that this jade is the good jade, therefore he a moment ago intentionally the pit I, making everybody be afraid, does not dare to increase price, he quite reaps profits, certainly is this, certainly is this, has spelled, could not return in any case, might as well spell again, won returned to the initial capital, lost words, was one dies in any case in any case.” Xia clouds innermost feelings secretly thought, when he saw the expression of Xia Tian corners of the mouth, he guessed that Xia Tian certainly was this plan. 1 million.” This time Xia Yunzhen was angry, he raised all of a sudden the price 1 million. Saw that Xia Yun gets rid once more, surrounding these people very puzzled, they are not clear, Xia Yun has eaten one time to owe obviously, why can also continue to get rid with Xia Tian? 5 million!” Xia Tian was the exaggeration calls 5 million prices all of a sudden. This everybody understood, originally the Xia Tian true goal is this stone, his pit Xia Yun made foreshadowing for this stone a moment ago, the surrounding these people start to commend that immediately Xia Yun is insightful, had the boldness. Xia Yun hears here to commend sound, grasped was bigger, moreover Xia Tian except for 5 million, this showed all of a sudden he was afraid, 5 million should be the Xia Tian complete properties. 5.1 million, if I have not guessed that wrong, 5 million are your complete property, was you sold the money of jade a moment ago, therefore I only needed to add 100,000 again, this jade was my.” Xia Yun Wubi excited saying.