Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1033

Good, turned over to you.” Xia Tian said directly: Yeah, the country bumpkin has year after year, this year are specially many, 1234 come one time again.” Hears the Xia Tian words, all people stare. Xia Yun also one unlucky premonitions. The auctioneers simply must love dead Xia Tian now, today gets huge windfall wealth is not others, is they, deducting a percentage that this time they take certainly is very rich, black market well will certainly reward with food and drink their. 5.1 million. Has broken all records once more. Did not have incision stone unexpectedly to be sold 5.1 million prices, this simply was the sky-high price. Opens, opens to me.” Xia Yun said hurriedly that in his innermost feelings is comforting itself, Xia Tian envies certainly him, because Xia Tian does not have money unable to buy, therefore envies him, certainly is this. Thinks that Xia Yun the mood was crisper. However periphery these people may not think, looks at the Xia Tian smiling face, they felt that Xia Yun was swindled probably, the time passes quickly, the jade was cut, is the Rank 1 jade, sees the Rank 1 jade time. Bang! Xia Yun has fainted directly, he is not really able to bear such attack, such met him to lose 9 million, this was his father's government money, now is given to spend by him directly. Moreover all lost. Rich man is different, 5.1 million buy block Rank 1 Jade Stone, was really too willful.” Saying of Xia Tian face admiration. However everybody does not think that he has respects Xia Yun the meaning slightly, everybody looked to understand, he was played that Xia Yun thoroughly, Xia Yun already his fumbling and breaking up the show, twice bid the pit to fall Xia to say 9.1 million.

Losing everything that this it can be said that compensates. Then we continue to auction.” The auctioneers still do not have any advertisement, started to auction once more. Nobody goes to the control to fall on ground Xia Yun, so long as he does not die, that nobody will pay attention to him, if he died, that security will throw him, that two female star looked silly, he knows that this time Xia Yun was compensates certainly miserably, therefore she left directly quietly, she does not want to go out in the evening the room with a poor wretch. This is the tree but actually macaque is loose. 100,000!” Xia Tian is 100,000. At this time periphery these people had the immunity to Xia Tian, they have been familiar with Xia Tian such 100,000, 100,000 shouted, they do not want to turn into second Xia Yun, this time situation already in that obvious, Xia Tian gets rid definitely to cheat. Therefore at this time nobody increased price again. Since nobody increased price, that 100,000 finalized.” The auctioneers are Xia Tian swipe the card directly. All cuts.” Xia Tian said. The small sea has stood in Xia Tian, today's matter has made him unable to speak thoroughly, Xia clouds that this eldest son also by running around in circles that Xia Tian plays, Xia Tian simply was too extraordinary. Moreover he harvests the biggest that person today. Seven levels of Jade Stone add on 5 million together. Today that gets huge windfall wealth the person is Xia Tian, but person Xia Yun who today that turns into the poor wretch. They have formed the sharp contrast.

Comes in the small sea has said to Xia Tian, here will possibly make a person get huge windfall wealth, may to turn into the poor wretch overnight, now these words were effective. What hand official title during the spring and autumn period for the person in charge of public works cautious and solemn is Xia Tian is cutting, but Xia Tian today's super client, therefore he must earnest treatment. Although everybody thinks that this time definitely is also cheats, but they very interested look that having a look at Xia Tian this time to leave anything, came out, quick Jade Stone came out, but everybody anything has not looked, because this Jade Stone is very strange. Even likely is not the jade. The hand official title during the spring and autumn period for the person in charge of public works continues to start to cut, the quick finger covered that big Jade Stone to appear in the front of people. Nobody knew that this is any stone. Volume!” The auctioneers a little were also muddled, does not know how should introduce. Xia Tian had not explained that his cautious and solemn received the stone, then looked that said to young: Walks, here did not have the meaning.” The people after Xia Tian leave also responded, they think that this definitely was one of the most trash stones, otherwise impossible nobody to know that Xia Tian just therefore has not said for the face. Xia Tian will certainly not go to explain anything with them, what because in his hand takes is nine levels of Jade Stone, therefore they meet nobody to know, reason that nine levels of Jade Stone in world also few, this Jade Stone were called nine levels of Jade Stone , because it has her independent life. When Xia Tian saw this stone he has set firm resolve to take, but he also knows that Xia Yun stared at him, therefore his direct pit Xia Yun two, although he is also first time sees Xia Yun. But he has found out Xia Yun the disposition. His brain hot anything can do, therefore he so will be easy to be swindled. After Xia Tian leaves, the auction continues irritably.

Small sea at this time to Xia Tian very respectful, he brought Xia Tian to arrive at the second room: What in this room sells is some rare materials, these materials are very generally rare . Moreover the part is the alloy, but the price is inexpensive.” Em.” Xia Tian walked directly, his vision took a fast look around in the surroundings, here really has many good things, he has also bought several types of materials, these materials assist the good material of refiner, the price is inexpensive, therefore he has bought one time. Purple gold! At this moment, Xia Tian saw a sign, above writes Purple gold. What thing is Purple gold? Is the gold refines, it is said one kilogram gold can bring forth one gram Purple gold, moreover needs very troublesome technique to refine, but Purple gold the most precious object of refiner. Here is placing two grams Purple gold. Price-marks 6.5 million. Purple gold I wanted.” Xia Tian handed over the card directly, the quick reality spent successfully, black market was quite really kind, actually although in Xia Tian did not know how much money, but looked like definitely many. Naturally, he also understands that money absolutely is not the white bloom, black market does not raise Sir's place, he must pay the similar value, therefore black market does not fear him to spend, because the black market poster believes that Xia Tian can be black market creates that many values, looked like was the same a moment ago, because of the appearance of Xia Tian, making black market bet jade there to sweep across 10 million today directly. This is one of the Xia Tian values. The small sea admired to Xia Tian at this time, because Xia Tian got rid to take the value 6.5 million things, has not winked including the eye, when Xia Tian just about to leaves, the entrance had several people to push a vehicle to walk. Well, good familiar feeling.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle.