Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1034

The Xia Tian vision places on that rubble stone suddenly. What is this?” Xia Tian asked. That is the goods that the tonight's auction auctions.” Young answered. Auction.” The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously, the vision has completely understood the box on vehicle instantaneously, when he sees the goods in box, on face immediately one happy, is beyond the day the meteorite, unexpectedly is beyond the day the meteorite. This is the God is helping him simply, he wants the refiner, ascended the sky unexpectedly to send beyond a day the meteorite. Actually he can the present indicate status, then beyond the meteorite the day auctions, but he has not done, he is not wants the thing today, but is investigates the situation, what he must know now in black market is. However looks like from the present, in black market, did not have what special matter occurrence. Goes to the next place.” Meteorite of Xia Tian beyond regarding the day wins, if he first wants the means lane to select Qian to come again, he does not want to spend the black market money, although he also gave black market to create the profit to come, but the black market money was not that good colored, therefore Xia Tian planned to change hands a thing to make money in black market. Here is the raw material for medicine hall, inside is various types of precious herbal medicines.” Young answered. „Does here receive the raw material for medicine?” Xia Tian asked. Receives!” Young said. Xia Tian walks toward inside directly, but his raw material for medicine are many, Maoshan Faction, Witchcraft Sect, Shan Yunzong, many innumerable.

Meanwhile in Jiang Hai City. Poster, he went to black market, just entered black market to help black market gain 10 million, moreover he has also gained 5 million and together seven levels of precious jades, but he has bought big pile of materials.” Em, good, the potential of this boy is infinite, his card overdraws the card infinitely, making him pass casually, he spends are more, is better regarding us, this can tie up him thoroughly in black market.” Poster satisfied nod of black market. He does not want to spend the black market money probably, he has been selling the raw material for medicine in black market now, many raw materials for medicine.” On him has the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, raw material for medicine many also normal, Expert black market, receives, but the low key, do not expose his status, he does not expose the status definitely to have his truth, purchases him with the 20% discount.” The black market poster said. Poster is good to him, others are three booklets, the 60% discount, the highest vegetable 50% discount, his unexpectedly reaches as high as the 20% discount.” He is the black market 12 health/guard, moreover is one has the big destiny person, and he ties up in black market together, black market can also draw support from his destiny, therefore this matter has the advantage, does not have the fault.” The black market poster said. The big destiny is one cannot see, the thing that cannot feel, but they know that any person who has the big destiny, good deed continuously, moreover his person also will be having many good deeds. The person who the black market poster elects has the destiny to add the person of body majority, but Xia Tian is in these people most prominent one. This time Xia Tian there that raw material for medicine. The small sea saw that he puts out that many really expensive raw material for medicine baseless all of a sudden, has almost not scared to death, but the bidder must to buying at a high price of Xia Tian 60% discount, but they unexpectedly receive a news \; In front of you person is black market Advanced manages figure, the 20% discount purchase, do not expose his status.”

Received this news the person of black market to adjust the 20% discount the price all of a sudden. This may scare the small sea, the small sea for a long time, had not heard here 20% discount price, afterward his simply turn around stood the entrance to go to the hand, the raw material for medicine that Xia Tian brings is the year is high, therefore the price is also very high, they looked for the special appraisal master. Finally Xia Tian to be convenient, has collected, he has sold 100 million Yuan raw material for medicine. These raw material for medicine years are very good . Moreover the majority takes from mountain Yun Zongli, is very fresh, therefore black market has come all of a sudden in many good things, black market in raw material for medicine is very scarce, because of the present this year head, good raw material for medicine and year high point was already dug did not have, suddenly presents words, that is the people raids. Therefore the price also more lifts is higher. Now suddenly presents these many raw materials for medicine . Moreover the year so is good. black market raw material for medicine here business all of a sudden became hot, moreover they lowered a point the price intentionally, this made the person who these resold the raw material for medicine get rid directly, these people also gained the middle price difference. Suddenly, raw material for medicine there also instantaneously becomes irritable. Now was rich, Xia Tian energy also on foot, moreover he also has many herbal medicines, when did not have money, he can come back the selling point raw material for medicine again. Next!” Xia Tian said. Next is the antiques and cultural relic, but really few.” Young reminded.

Em!” Xia Tian nodded, he moved toward this antiques and in the cultural relic room directly, here person does not calculate too, because they know that coming here Taobao probability not to be big, although here also has the good thing, but must result in these to be true Expert to look, because here these vacations the thing is also very ugly. He took a fast look around here, the X-Ray Vision eye opened instantaneously, here thing truly were really few, but also really several real, Xia Tian unceasing walked to inside, his X-Ray Vision eye entire journey opened, does not dare to miss, even if an opportunity of faint trace. He is comes to here to seek for the treasure, so long as discovers the treasure, he can getting rid without hesitation. Here business will not boast that own treasure good, they will only make you look that this is in the legend one is willing to hit one to be willing to suffer, you settle on, that bought to owe you also only to suffer loss without redress. Sir, the cultural relic is no one can play, here has many people are one night loses everything.” Young reminded. Em!” Xia Tian knows the small sea stemming from good intention, therefore he has not said anything, but continues to look at own cultural relic, his vision has swept in the surroundings, has not discovered anything specially. When he wants to leave, his vision looked to a bead in corner, he walked directly, the fixed price of bead was 10,000, he had discovered a moment ago, here thing wanted to be unauthentic, was 10,000, this was also a small gambling, if were really the cultural relic, you have gained, if were false, you compensated. Xia Tian took up the small bead to look at carefully, did not have anything specially, when he poured into Inner Strength to the pillar, he felt the whole body instantaneously one coldly, own body must frozen. ! A warm current erupted from his chest, has rescued his life.