Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1035

Very strong cold.” Xia Tian looks up the small sea, discovered that he does not have any discovery, in other words, this bead will only attack with the person who it contacts, but will not proliferate cold, the surrounding person is unable to induce to this cold. Swipes the card!” Xia Tian received the pillar directly. The small sea discovered that Xia Tian buys these strange things specially, before was this, now is also so, until now Xia Tian purchased, all was the thing that others did not favor. After the payment, Xia Tian went out of here directly, now here other have not been able to look at the thing that glances. Next!” Xia Tian said directly. Next is.” Bang! The words of small sea just told only half that a form of man flew from the entrance, Xia Tian right hand, young Khayra, this has not made the small sea be hit directly, if a moment ago Xia Tian did not draw the small sea, that small sea became that person has fronted the back. Fight! This inside unexpectedly some people fought. Sees such situation, a Xia Tian brow wrinkle, exceed walks to inside, the thing is more unusual, similarly, here person also becomes more complex, before the void old person had said here is a little chaotic. But looks like in Xia Tian. But now he finally noticed that some people have fought, unexpectedly dares to fight in black market. The small sea whole person there, he a moment ago felt that Xia Tian like was raised the chicken him carries directly, his such Freshman individual unexpectedly was carried by a Xia Tian hand, this simply was too inconceivable. Has a dream! I was having a moment ago certainly a dream.” The small sea consoles itself. At this time the security has also caught up, their anything words had not said that but has carried off that person directly, if were some people begins unilaterally, that black market will punish that person, if two people both began, person who that did not have the skill will be thrown, therefore was as far as possible low-key in black market, does not have the skill don't with others act high and mighty. Avoid takes a beating.

Xia Tian walks toward inside directly, he saw an acquaintance, Fang Shao and his two personal servants, at this time the surrounding person is away from him by far, does not dare to approach him, the person who thus it can be seen got rid of a moment ago is he. Sir, here is the wonderful rare treasure palace.” Young said. Jane rare treasure! To put it bluntly is the treasure in Martial Arts, the average person has not seen generally thing, here has the compounded drug, has the weapon, other small Buddhist musical instruments, this small Buddhist musical instrument general might is limited, but deceives the person. After Xia Tian comes, has not gone to other control people, but is walks toward inside directly, this only in the right way is short of his subordinate at this time, other people let the two sides, but Xia Tian came in directly to walk in this. The vision of all people looked to him. Sir!” The small sea shouts hurriedly. You got off work.” Xia Tian looked that said to young. Has gotten off work, i.e., Xia Tian did not need the small sea to guide, he has clarified in black market some details and situations at this time, therefore he has not needed the small sea to continue to guide, moreover he will then work, he does not know, therefore he does not want to annoy troublesome to the small sea. After all he must live hand to mouth to eat here. Treads! The Xia Tian footsteps are very light are very steady, after he passed by Fang Shao two bodyguards, has not gone to look at Fang Shao, but moved toward Fang Shao front directly, at this time Fang Shao the complexion changes immediately. His unexpectedly was disregarded. How this matter he possibly tolerates, he is the side old and young, where arrives at to be most noticeable that but his unexpectedly was given to disregard at this time, moreover this everyone can look is his exclusive path, but some unexpectedly people dare to walk now. This does not give him simply the face. Here nobody dares not to give him face.

Hey!” Side few facial colors stare, shouts to Xia Tian. But Xia Tian from the start has not responded him, but examines front these things. Disregarded. Side few unexpectedly were disregarded, how does this make him endure? Hateful!” The side little directly moved toward Xia Tian, he wants to pat the shoulder of Xia Tian with the hand, makes an effort a racket, this does not calculate that first begins to hit the person, moreover can teach Xia Tian well. This is the measurement that he habitually uses, moreover dealt with a moment ago that person time, he also such first got rid, then the enemy counterattacked, finally was hit directly by his subordinate. His time also thinks one's old tricks heavy. Surroundings these people see him to pat to Xia Tian shoulder that was not cruel enough to look, when side few hands patted to the Xia Tian shoulder on immediately, Xia Tian turned left suddenly one step, he has not turned head, but goods on stand. Shunted. During Xia Tian had no intention moving footsteps unexpectedly to shunt Fang Shao, surroundings these people relaxed. Snort!” Fang Shaoleng snort, he forwarded afterward one step, sees the step that he forwards, all people understood, he has not given up, he must cope with Xia Tian with that move once more. After walking one, he entered in the attack range, afterward he pats once more to the shoulder of Xia Tian. Was watching the above goods Xia Tian to move once more toward left one step, took up a little thing on stage to look. Also shunted. Too skillful. Xia Tian unexpectedly has shunted, looked that Xia Tian looks with great interest there, all people determined that he is not intentionally, but is by chance, but this was also too skillful a point.

Fang Shao sneak attack to be hidden twice by Xia Tian two. Skillful! Too was really skillful. The surrounding person made way, they do not want by the side old and young and his bodyguard injuring accidentally, his two bodyguards may be Expert, solid Expert, that person was trampled a moment ago to fly by a foot. Hateful, I do not believe your luck to be so good.” The side old and young forwarded once more one step, then patted to the shoulder of Xia Tian. Shoes were how dirty.” The Xia Tian squatting down body has polished own leather shoes. Shunted. Third time has shunted, this all people all could not speak, this was also too skillful a point, three times have shunted the attack of side old and young one after another. This power of exponent old and young could not bear again. Hey, does the boy, you find fault?” Fang Dashao looked that said to Xia Tian. „Were you speaking to me?” Xia Tian doubts looked that asked to the side old and young. „Does here have others?” Saying of side old and young coldly. „Did I polish my shoes to offend you?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. He such remarks, making side old and young feeling very speechless, although Xia Tian did not give him a moment ago the face, but the innocent appearance on his face seemed was saying that he radically was not intentionally, moreover he truly is flattering now, how polished own shoes possibly to offend others. You offend me.” Fang Dashao could not control that many, his manner is always overbearing.