Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1037

The side old and young has fired into Xia Tian directly. Standing of Xia Tian face smiling face in same place, does not hide does not dodge. Young master!” The hurriedness of that two personal servant has held on the side old and young, they cannot make the side old and young begin, otherwise the security will not be softhearted, Xia Tian stands there is motionless, that is the hand that the side old and young moves first, first did not say here everywhere is the security, solely is here camera they cannot escape. black market inside camera is 360 degrees does not have blind spot, every three steps have a camera, therefore wants to be up to mischief here, that must be retaliated by black market. The retaliation of black market is not that simple. Once the reporter infiltrated black market, wanted to broadcast here matter, what he used was in the world the most advanced pinhole camera, the scanning of black market evaded. But when he goes out of the black market also less than 100 meters, had been knocked down, finally he body is only appearing in the sewer, from now henceforth again did not have the person who which did not enlarge ones vision to dare to go to black market to do these small methods. Naturally, this is only the person of common people social stratum, the rich man actually does not believe that they think they were a cut above other people, therefore does not pay attention to the black market custom. At that time even extravagant young masters took the lead in causing trouble in black market, just started the piece of work, but afterward one time, they finally jointly caused trouble in black market. That person of lead has the background in Capital greatly, therefore he wants to enjoy the special status by his influence in black market, but he failed finally, black market has not killed him, after he leaves, he actually turned into a fool. Finally the family member of that son from a wealthy family has also let it go, from then on any people do not dare to cause trouble in black market, the side old and young wanted with a moment ago black market gets angry, has remembered that son from a wealthy family. Reason that he so dreads black market , because that son from a wealthy family he knew, he also very small time, that son from a wealthy family is figure that the entire Capital becomes famous, on being considered as was his Senior. Because thinks of that Senior son from a wealthy family the fate, therefore he will bear.

He was been dark by the Xia Tian air/Qi a moment ago the brains, has almost gotten rid to Xia Tian, once he has injured Xia Tian, Xia Tian did hit back, that black market security will not be softhearted to him. After lowest is hits to be remnant, throws to outside. Has impulsed, truly was I impulsed a moment ago.” The side old and young deeply inspired, after he stared Xia Tian one, left directly, Xia Tian this time not with, because he is clear, the side old and young that impulse vanished a moment ago. How now Xia Tian is deaeration he, he will not be angry. The side old and young was fell into special Realm a moment ago, was the fit of temper in legend, this time he looked that anything can not be satisfactory. Snort, ok, this is regarded as a lesson.” Xia Tian said that moved toward two buildings directly, this side old and young regarding him is just small, black market definitely has nothing to do with these dandies randomly, if these sons of the influential could not cope continually, that black market cannot be called black market. Therefore Xia Tian walks toward two buildings directly. After arriving at two buildings, atmosphere becomes is different immediately, two buildings have the guard, the average person do not let, even if the person who wants to attend the auction is also directly goes directly to the places of three buildings to walk from side that. Halts.” The entrance guard has blocked Xia Tian. Whiz! Xia Tian under foot Movement Technique dodges, afterward he presented in that two people directly, quick, his speed was quick, that two person times have not spoken, has not turned head, but whatever Xia Tian walked. This is the second basic way, the average person does not permit.

Interesting.” Xia Tian to second walking, his Movement Technique is very directly steady, second and first equally big, but the second person is few, does not have any to quarrel the mixed sound. Treads! The Xia Tian footsteps are very steady, when he enters second, all people all turn head to visit him, second one room, at this time in this room altogether more than 40 people, in such big room, only then more than 40 individuals, first has over a thousand people, is this second trivial more than 40 individuals. When Xia Tian enters second, these people have sized up Xia Tian. This more than 40 individuals, uniform Expert. Their aura are very steady, sees these people the time, Xia Tian knows that actually the black market poster was any meaning, here was the place that he most was worried about, these person of strength formidable, might hit anytime. Xia Tian saw an acquaintance in the crowd. Demon respect building! In black market, these Expert from different places, naturally, there are has the enmity, looks like the demon respect building, all people want to kill him, although these people do not dare to begin temporarily here, but Xia Tian understands that they definitely had that day of eruption. Xia Tian must do suppresses them, making them know that fierce of black market, does not dare to begin in black market. This is the rule. This is also one of significances the black market 12 health/guard have, suppresses person who these have to disturb the thoughts, the following these sons from a wealthy family have black market ordinary Expert to suppress, even if their families does not dare to look for trouble.

But black market second, is suppressed by Xia Tian, who dares to cause trouble here, Xia Tian takes who operates. Xia Tian!” Demon respect building coldly looks at Xia Tian, he and Xia Tian has met, that side his brothers died, Xia Tian has defeated of a Wei Guang China four big Expert disciple, and hit remnantly Wudang Expert. Xia Tian this name was no longer strange on Jianghu. I heard that recently here was not peaceful, therefore I manage one.” Xia Tian light saying. Although the Xia Tian reputation is resounding, but this did not represent these people to fear him, here person each was Expert in Expert, the disposition one by one is unruly, wish made them submit, that first was not a matter of easy solution. Moreover they do not represent here, but also is representing some influences. Depends on you?” Male coldly looks to Xia Tian, his body braves strong murderous aura, light was the imposing manner of transmitting, Xia Tian knew his strength, Earth Grade Expert. The thing that in black market sells is very mysterious, had the legend, black market inside has sold Spirit Tool, naturally this is only the legend, but this also sufficiently proved the black market strength. Reason that these people nobody begins, that is because has not presented them the treasure that is worth beginning, once the treasure appears, they definitely will get rid to rob. Who refuses to accept?” The Xia Tian vision looks to the opposite these people, at this time he understood finally, black market must auction large quantities of treasure, but here nobody suppresses these Expert, when the time comes the treasure enters the stage will directly be robbed, therefore Xia Tian must result in now hits clothing these people.