Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1038
Hit! This is the Xia Tian only outlet. The posters make him come, that definitely is because recently had the good thing to auction, although these people have not caused trouble temporarily, but they see the thing time, definitely will get rid to rob, snatches to run. Even if the black market energy were greatly impossible to find them. Therefore black market does not dare to carry on that grand auction recently, they , after waiting for Xia Tian, first suppress these people, making them not dare to disturb, the black market 12 health/guard, everyone has own mission, therefore here was one's turn Xia Tian. Capital! Biggest black market has given Xia Tian. Poster, Xia Tian went to two buildings.” Since he went to two buildings, that notice auctioneer, these things tonight directly auction, now starts to propagandize, several hours, should be enough.” Poster light saying of black market. But didn't we have a look at the result to say again?” Did not need to look, he was Xia Tian.” Poster self-confident saying of black market. Capital black market two buildings. A Xia Tian person stands there, the vision looks to inside these people, although these people are only part, but Xia Tian must kill the chicken to startle the monkey. Snort!” Earth Grade Expert cold snort, in the eye all disdained, although Xia Tian a little reputation, but the matter in Hidden Sect they do not know, therefore they do not pay attention to Xia Tian. ! A [gold/metal] blade appeared on that person of neck, afterward the voice of devil reached in that person of ear together: Looks at your appearance, you refuse to accept probably.” That Earth Grade Expert has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly so will be quick.

But he after is Earth Grade Expert, he must have the demeanor: Refused to accept? I do not believe you to dare to begin.” Puff! The blood light dodges, that Earth Grade Expert has covered own throat. This all people are one startled, very ruthless, they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly so very ruthless, a few words disagreement kills people, moreover kills people in black market, this simply was too wild. What is main was he killed that person that a moment ago is Earth Grade Expert. Comes the person!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward he has pinched the black ring on knob. One team of guards walked. Lifts him, processes cleanly here.” Xia Tian light saying. Yes!” All person respectful saying , the ring on Xia Tian, so long as is the black market person knew that at this time he makes these people see the ring intentionally, to indicate status. Introduced, I was black market one of the 12 health/guard, now is in charge of black market of Capital, in other words here was my domain, if anyone of you dares to act unruly here, I will not be softhearted, although you outside were a side overlord, but here your nonsense was not.” Xia Tian vision 11 has swept the people. Heard Xia Tian saying that they the nonsense were not, these people were unusual not being feeling well, but they do not dare to say anything, because Xia Tian started is really too very ruthless, said that the murder killed people. Your unexpectedly became such fierce.” The demon respect building looked that said to Xia Tian. You are also, I think you lost the reason completely, turned into a killing devil, now looks like the issue is not big, but I warned you, should better not to go crazy in my black market, otherwise I will not show mercy.” Xia Tian very impolite saying. „Did you have the confidence to kill me?” Demon respect building puzzled looks to Xia Tian. ! The body of Xia Tian appeared in the front of demon respect building directly, this suddenly appeared frightens all people to jump, because Xia Tian was also away from the demon respect building to be very far a moment ago, but his unexpectedly stands in the front of demon respect building now.

Eight Trigrams step! This is Xia Tian first time uses the Eight Trigrams step, effect extraordinary good, so long as they in destructive range, then Xia Tian can shuttle back and forth willfully. Good quick speed.” Demon respect building surprised saying. My blade speed is faster, wants to try?” Xia Tian ponders looks to the demon respect building. Ok, I am only go shopping, money I have prepared.” The demon respect building took a stand, his such remarks, represented in his black market not to cause trouble absolutely again, moreover he has prepared money, that wanted the right start to auction. Xia Tian wants is they take a stand. You? Also who refuses to accept?” Xia Tian turned the head to look to other people, they did not speak. Nobody took a stand, they did not convince, did not convince, was consuming in that in their eyes, their people are many, Xia Tian on a person, they do not believe that Xia Tian dared a person to deal with their these many people. „Did nobody speak? I start Zha Shu, three integers die a person, what as for dying is, I could not guarantee.” Xia Tian light saying, his words are extremely arrogant, his unexpectedly regarded here these Expert is the chicken bastard, was casual he to act bashful. He said that kills kills. One! Xia Tian not to opportunity that they spoke, started Zha Shu directly, heard Xia Tian Zha Shu, these people gawked, can Xia Tian kill people really? Does a person kill their these many people? Two! Xia Tian looks up once more, three integers passed two, nobody stands, but they have prepared all defense, especially from the Xia Tian recent that several people, they opens own imposing manner instantaneously. Has completed the best defense attitude. Dies to knock!

Their this is planned that dies to knock with Xia Tian! Three! Looks up three times, the Xia Tian whole person disappeared in same place, was that move a moment ago, at this time on the spot all people all were the whole body alerts, does not dare to have slight relaxation. Puff! A number of people high flies, these Expert turn head completely, because the sound passes from behind, in other words Xia Tian has sneak attacked their following people, is quite quick, nobody noticed how he suddenly appears in the rear area. However that person actually died. At this time the people here are Expert, the strength worst is Profound Grade greatly is also complete, but Xia Tian seems is chopping the melon to cut the vegetable to be the same. One! When all person all gods, Xia Tian once more shout. I took!” Hears Xia Tian once more Zha Shu time, immediately some people could not shoulder, shouted directly, has the first person, had the second person, had the second person to have the third person. Increasing number of people gradually have surrendered, they stood upside-down demon respect building there. However finally also remaining five people, these five people completely are Earth Grade Expert, their five are backing on standing of back there, as if must resist the sneak attack of Xia Tian to be the same together. It seems like your five refuse to accept, since I also played like this enough, that five same places killed.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Extremely arrogant!” At this moment in the stairways of two buildings has broadcast a sound.