Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1039

That five people hear the Xia Tian words are very tense, they have even planned to start to give up, is at this moment, in the stairways of two buildings presented an important goods person, enormous and powerful least also dozens people . Moreover the population is still increasing. Uniform Expert, strength worst also has the mystery. More and more Expert gather to here. Xia Tian turns the head to look to the person of that speech: „Do you refuse to accept?” What takes? Your was black market was wildly excessive, thinks really Capital was your world?” That person of very impolite saying. Capital is the China world, but here is my domain, who refuses to accept me to kill anyone, who wants to cause trouble here, I kill anyone, who has caused trouble really here, and created to lose to black market, I extinguished his whole families.” The Xia Tian words are very wild, but that five people have looked at each other one, finally also moved toward demon respect building there, this represented their five also to recognize instigates. Overbearing of Xia Tian makes them be afraid. He did not say, he had proven with the fact a moment ago he will live up to one's words. Right?” Saying that person disdains, his both feet makes an effort to step on the ground afterward, then the whole body sent out a terrifying imposing manner. Earth Grade intermediate stage! Reason that he is so extremely arrogant , because he has the extremely arrogant capital. He is the strength of Earth Grade intermediate stage. „Do you refuse to accept?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that person. Refuses to accept!” That person has not shown weakness. Xia Tian has not spoken, his left hand has shown a very strange posture, afterward he has burnt instantaneously 10,000 compounded drugs, a pure strength gathering has approached in his left hand. Seizes dragon! Eight Trigrams step!

Opposite party happen to the point of Eight Trigrams step, therefore Xia Tian has directly used the Eight Trigrams step. What?” That person has not thought that the Xia Tian speed is so fast. Ka! At this moment, his broadcast the sound of bone break, the left hand of Xia Tian has pressed firmly between the fingers his shoulder blade directly, afterward a big windmill, pounded the man of that Earth Grade intermediate stage directly above the ground. Bang! The floor was broken completely. Actually thus it can be seen these has multiple, the person mouth unceasing spurting blood of that Earth Grade intermediate stage. „Does clothing refuse to accept?” Bang! The Xia Tian words just asked that he fought with the fists directly on that person of face. „Does clothing refuse to accept?” Bang! Also is a fist, he to the opposite party had not replied that his opportunity, at this time in second gathered 400-500 people, these people all there, look at Xia Tian, the violence, Xia Tian imagine compared with them by far the wanting violence. „Does clothing refuse to accept?” Bang! A Xia Tian fist hit not to have the Expert face of that Earth Grade intermediate stage directly, the eyeball also braved: Lying trough, the strength with was big, killed.”

Killed. Expert of Earth Grade intermediate stage such living by Xia Tian killing. Moreover the Xia Tian words are very optional. Currently also has the person to refuse to accept?” Xia Tian looks directly to the surrounding these people, at this time dies on the spot the general silence, the terrifying, here scene was too terrifying, but Earth Grade Expert Expert in legend. But now Expert of Earth Grade intermediate stage also by Xia Tian living killing. Recently in Capital came many Expert, because they heard black market had a large-scale auction, but the time of auction has not decided that the goods that the auction auctioned were they are long-awaited. All had the life to leave the small thoughts. Some people issued the notice a moment ago, that grand auction is today is held, therefore suddenly here came many people, black market, outside black market, many Expert gathered to here. These people usually is a side overlord, hot-tempered very much, everyone refuses to accept, if lets in their like this going in bidding block, they will directly perhaps hit, finally might also snatch the thing to walk. Therefore Xia Tian must set up the prestige, he must these to fear him. He must these to know that he is not affable, black market is not affable. Before these people possibly believe that black market only had the deterrent force to these average people, regarding their these Expert, especially Earth Grade Expert absolutely did not have any binding force, but Xia Tian has proven with the fact, here was his domain, was dragon your plate, was the tiger you must lie. Since nobody refuses to accept, that goes to third to plan to attend the auction.” Xia Tian said directly that saw came these many people all of a sudden, he knows that definitely was the poster knows here situation, therefore he decides to start to auction these valuables tonight. Poster, had the situation, Xia Tian has killed three Earth Grade Expert, one was the Earth Grade intermediate stage, first two Insta-kill, third killing stiffly.” Good, I have not really misread the person, remember, to his card quota, regardless of tonight he had a liking for anything, made him buy, he spent how much money, his colored the more better.” The black market poster said. Good, subordinate this manages.”

Em, must process, he is a talented person.” The black market poster said. This time Xia Tian also entered in third, second some people of sweep traces, he arrived at the third auction time, looked for a seat casually, these Expert also sat in his side. They sit in Xia Tian, probably is protecting Xia Tian to be the same. Actually they are afraid itself to shout out the price cannot see clearly the person, offended Xia Tian, therefore they want to be away from Xia Tian about, moreover they such sat have also indicated their manner. The meaning is they absolutely here will not cause trouble, because they sit side Xia Tian, if they cause trouble, Xia Tian momentarily can kill them. Xia Tian has not spoken, but is eyes closed maintains mental tranquility. The respect by requesting others must come, but must come by own effort, Xia Tian strength, they naturally on respect Xia Tian, Xia Tian strength , if weak, then killed may be him. This society is this, law of the jungle. Xia Tian eyes closed maintains mental tranquility to be possible not to be is sleeping, but is simulating the Eight Trigrams step with the brain, he has not thought that might unexpectedly of Eight Trigrams step is so big, in that eight points, the speed may be called the non-solution . Moreover the Inner Strength consumption is not big. It is not weak in Shun the body technique, moreover he most major characteristics can evolve Eight Trigrams to come unceasingly, in other words, you want with others compete the speed the time, you only need to appear in the opposite angle instantaneously, then evolves new Eight Trigrams, appears in the opposite angle again, and so on. However by Xia Tian the understanding the Eight Trigrams step, naturally cannot achieve this point now. Big that moda foka, below propagandizes, how several hundred individuals, are really feeling disappointed of TM.” At this moment the familiar sound reaches in the ear of Xia Tian together.