Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1040
When hears this incomparably wild sound, Xia Tian does not need to turn head to know that was. Naturally was that side old and young. The side old and young is a love act high and mighty person, where he arrives at to have the imposing manner, but must attract others' attention, therefore the old and young came to say at this time such despised the words of audience. But he does not know that at this time sits the person here is Martial Arts Expert in legend. Strength worst also has the Profound Grade strength. „The side old and young, I am waiting here, you must give me money.” Xia Tian turns head to shout directly. Fang Dashao planned to install B first, then conquers all people with oneself formidable air/Qi field, making these people with envying the vision looks to him, but here black market, regardless of the multi- cow B person must be low-key here. However he must become that exceptional case. He must make the son of the influential not know that other source little here quite had the status. But at this time he heard that to let he very repugnant voice, he has not gone to ask that fellow to do accounts, now that fellow unexpectedly also dares to notify him, this is looking simply oppressively. Boy, since you also attend the auction, I must teach you well.” The side old and young walks toward Xia Tian there directly, although at this time around Xia Tian has been filled with the person, but nearby him several seats are spatial. These people gave Xia Tian to leave a piece of very big space intentionally.

Letting, had not seen that our family young masters must pass.” Ten points of personal servant disdain looked at one to sit in the nearby person, that person directly has almost not gotten rid to kill this personal servant, but he remembered Xia Tian to say the words, can only clench teeth. His unexpectedly by several average people taunting. Although is angry very much, but saw that Xia Tian notified this person on own initiative, he naturally does not dare hurriedly, to connect that online person to stand, making the side old and young pass. At this time the old and young thought one have the face, he thinks that is the air/Qi of own Wangba makes these people automatic let the position to him. Actually these people are giving the Xia Tian face. However the side old and young does not know that he thought one a moment ago that throat shaking these people, therefore he planned to install once more: Does not know really black market does anything, did not say that is the large-scale auction, when the time comes do not link several 18 million things unable to take, that may laugh aloud.” Speaking of 18 million times, he increased the sound intentionally. A saying was very so rich on idle him, 10 million were only he speaks thoughtlessly a saying. Surroundings nobody spoke, he thinks that these people had been shaken thoroughly by he strongest air/Qi field, this time side old and young was very happy, here light was not bright, moreover he was really infatuated with. Had not seen that the surrounding these people are using the idiot same vision to visit him. Sits the person here is from land, is Expert of foreign country, they come to here to buy here treasure, before some people possibly wanted to take the treasure with the mean method, but after the Xia Tian warning, they Zhunbei Qian, even if these did not have the person of preparation money also to start to prepare money.

The side old and young does not understand why these people gather round this to sit, here has many seats obviously, but he no matter also that many, he must sit in the Xia Tian side, then spends money to be battered to death Xia Tian with the imposing manner. Xia Tian gives to offend him today, how he possibly lets off Xia Tian, he planned after and other Xia Tian left black market, was hit him by own two subordinates remnantly, then throws in the river to feed the fish. „The side old and young really came, can give me money? Is the cash or swipe card? The check is also good.” A Xia Tian face anticipates looks that Fang Shao said. I give you a big end of ghost, you meet do not run, looked how I tidy up you.” Fang Shao wicked saying, here is very peaceful, all people can hear his words, he thinks own these words said is very good, the way of this threat person, others will listen definitely to be also scared. That later other source old and young will only have become famous, nobody dares to provoke him. But periphery these people this time all regarded the idiot him, his average person unexpectedly dares such to speak with Xia Tian, Xia Tian was one including the person who Expert of Earth Grade intermediate stage can cut to kill. However his unexpectedly said that after must waits a while Xia Tian to exit, tidy up Xia Tian, this is doing simply. The idiots have year after year, this year are specially many. The person in bidding block were getting more and more, at this time in black market and outside is propagandizes this auction particular, these person who prepared to attend this auction also catches up to here. These people who latter comes in sit unusual is casual, afterward came many Expert, majority is the foreigners. They are not come generally, but is two to three same places comes, they are also sit together, Xia Tian, although has not gone to look, but the aura of these people in his at heart.

His hearing is terrorist, Expert may the aura of average person be different, the person who therefore comes in he can 11 investigations, then remember the position that these Expert sit. Boy, I told you, the poor devil like you, rises the rising world to be good, but also wants to buy the thing from here, simply was the joke, I will be staring at you, I ensure made your anything unable to buy.” Saying that Fang Shao disdain. Right?” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. That is natural, your money also insufficiently fills the gap between teeth to me.” Fang Shao have prepared, so long as Xia Tian wants to buy anything, he directly increases price, does not make Xia Tian buy, irritates Xia Tian. Xia Tian had not answered, but has closed both eyes, Expert that at this time here comes were getting more and more, afterward Earth Grade Expert unexpectedly has reached as high as more than 30, moreover these Earth Grade Expert are not the China people. They come to here to come to this auction. Snort, you should better give me to be honest, otherwise I made you die away from native place.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he has remembered the position that these people sat. Fang Shao looked that Xia Tian does not speak, thinks that Xia Tian has been afraid, therefore he was more favorite. The people were getting more and more, time will also draw near, on the stage stands at this time is seeming the 60-year- old man, he stands after there tries the microphone said directly: Was peaceful, today's auction is quite special, will present many valuables, therefore during the auction, cannot anybody leave, moreover your there also will only switch off, the surroundings have over a thousand guards, therefore I hope that everybody should better not to play any trick, main is our black market Sir also sits in you, his temperament is poor.”