Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1041

Hears the words of old man, all people think little, Expert that only then these come from the second floors the significance of clear these words. Xia Tian is not only the temperament is not good, he looked that who is not feeling well kills people. That temperament could be said as TM is too big. Naturally, so long as everybody is well-mannered, our that Sirs will not make anything, but if some people dare to cause trouble, I do not assure your safety, really meeting deceased person.” The old men reminded. Hears the meeting deceased person, surroundings these people do not have any too big response, because they think that this is black market is frightening them. Gradually all arranged. Here auction with outside differing from, in front of everyone on the table the abutment, they must insert the card, then inputs the password, this can auction. Auction time, you pay how much money, system automatic scan, if your chaotic racket, that system will sound the warning, once auctions successfully, that immediately deducts money. This auction way, can prevent the people of these empty rackets, moreover you auction, must result in according to the table on results in a button, this can show that is price that you pay. Otherwise here these many people, who know that is person who that person pats. Boy, I told you, today I must make you experience, anything was a rich man.” Fang Dashao disdains has swept Xia Tian one. Xia Tian has not spoken. At this time the lamp on stage has shone completely, is very bright, the first goods were lifted finally. Hello, I announced that today's black market large-scale auction now starting from, is the first goods, this goods I think that does not need me to sit many introductions.” The old men have not introduced this goods. But opens the box directly. A dagger lies down in the boxes, the dagger is decadent, is firm, is attractive, above is mounting several precious pearl, the color of each precious pearl is bright eye-catching. False Spirit Tool!

Xia Tian was a little surprised, goods first unexpectedly that today auctions is false Spirit Tool. This also too exaggerated a point. He knows finally why the old man did not introduce, because here majority are the average people, them told that was not good, moreover he said that these people do not understand anything are false Spirit Tool. Therefore he simply does not introduce. Because of this thing appearance, these Expert naturally looked. „, An ornament also feels all right with the auction.” Saying that Fang Dashao disdains, in his eyes, this sword is an ornament, although is attractive, but does not have any actual use. Starting bid price, 10,000, start to auction now.” The old men said. Tens of thousands dollars buy, when toy, is good.” Side old and young very optional saying. At this moment, in front of him a person patted directly on the table: 1 million!” 1 million! That person opens mouth is 1 million, heard time side old and young thorough hoodwinking of this digit, he also thinks a moment ago this thing tens of thousands money not necessarily some people bought, but some unexpectedly directly people left 1 million now. Insane? 1 million buy an ornament.” Side old and young very puzzled saying, he still here the show existed to feel before, he also pretends the very rich appearance, but now looks like, front that fellow resembles money to be also many. unexpectedly can with 1 million buy an ornament. 2 million!” When the side old and young god, his behind person patted on the table. 2 million? Insane!” Fang Dashao depressed saying, this group of people were insane, broken decorates the unexpectedly flower 2 million. But has not waited for him to end surprisedly, his side not far person patted directly on the table: 5 million!”

5 million! Tactical situation very intense. The coming up price soared 5 million, this power of exponent old and young could not close the mouth surprisedly, his clear remembering, these people most started to sit here, oneself also with their act high and mighty, said at that time one were very rich, but these people get rid now are simply scary. shit, these people why, for does decorate spends these much money? Are they very really rich?” Saying that Fang Dashao thought aloud. Bang! The person of side old and young front increased price. 10 million!” Hears 10 million this prices time, he almost collapsed, he remembers that at that time also boasted with these people, said that 18 million do not care, now was good, others this is true does not care, casual bidding directly rose 10 million. Was insane, this group of people were insane, a ornaments flower 10 million, moron, certainly is moron.” Fang Dashao keeps is consoling itself, he really cannot understand that the procedure of this group of people, didn't have the place to use really richly? But a moment ago also with this group of person act high and mighty, said one are any old and young, oneself are richest. Now he feels his face burning hurting. 11 million. 12 million. 13 million. . 20 million.

These figures appear in his side, this time side old and young had been shocked completely, he felt now one sit in a monster group, some people of his side are the monsters. Full big monster. Their unexpectedly so is rich, casual 10 million. They can pay this price to show that in their bankcards has these money. He understands that oneself show existed to dare the show wrong place, this these was the TM local tyrant. „The side old and young, your money are not a lot, increases price.” Xia Tian looked that said to Fang Shao. Although side old and young also very surprised, but he is the side old and young, he must have the demeanor, the angry field, therefore he sat straight the body, exhibited one to despise the world the stance: „, 20 million, this type of thing I am disinclined to buy.” Has saying that he installs good B. Opens mouth is 20 million, this will mislead the person into thinking that he has a lot of money, 20 million anything do not calculate in his eyes. At this time the old and young wishes one could to knock two heads to oneself, he thinks own these words said was really too aggressive. 50 million!” At this moment some foreigner there person of initial prices. His unexpectedly added 30 million directly. Hears 50 million times, the leg of side old and young started to shake, but he pretended very calm appearance, the sound of this auction also stopped, 50 million, this is a false Spirit Tool limit. What is ordinary is spiritual energy on the price also about 30 million, he added to 50 million all of a sudden, that has been able to buy Top Grade in false Spirit Tool, therefore periphery has not recognized again increases price. 60 million!” When all people think nobody will increase price, in front of Xia Tian that person shouts suddenly.