Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1042

Xia Tian looks up to that person, is Earth Grade Expert, his unexpectedly added to 60 million the price. Scene all of a sudden peaceful. Person who also has increasing price?” The old men asked. 60.001 million times! 60 million twice. 61 million!” That foreigner increased price, he added to 61 million the price directly, hears 61 million this prices time, the side old and young has almost not thrown down. 61 million have bought an ornament. This is he is rich unable to do. 61.001 million times! 61 million twice! 61.003 million times! Congratulates the gentleman, cut payment automatically successfully, something by auction will deliver to your table by our hoist cranes directly.” The old men said. This is this auction biggest spotlight, so long as is not the too big thing, can under mechanism through table deliver to the table directly, this has saved many auctioneer's troubles, namely is safe and convenient. Then is the second goods, this goods are mysterious goods, reason that said that he is the mysterious goods is because we do not know that he is anything, therefore this thing bought to try one's luck, if the luck were good, reached the sky in a single bound, the luck was not good, that also can only digest.” The old men said. The second goods were lifted, is a palm of the hand big strange stone. Starting bid price 10,000!” The old men said. 20,000!” Xia Tian direct initial price.

Hearing is the Xia Tian initial price, surroundings these planned the people who bids put down oneself hand, the Xia Tian face they must, therefore they chose to give up, but they gave up not representing all people to give up, in this person endured to be very long, that was the side old and young. He looks at others, when that act high and mighty, was very uncomfortable, he felt that he soon had been disregarded by others, therefore he is looking for an opportunity, can to note his opportunity. Now this opportunity came. Moreover Xia Tian has bid, how he possibly makes Xia Tian buy the thing. Snort, does not have money not to come out to go shopping.” Fang Dashao said such very aggressive words, he thinks own these words said is very good, because this can display he very rich appearance: 500,000!” He very proud saying. Although he does not know that thing how much money, but with 500,000 installs, is very cost-effective. 510,000!” Xia Tian has pounded on table. Snort, wants to snatch the thing with me unexpectedly, depends on you also to match? Who am I? I am the side old and young.” The side old and young identifies one's role when first coming on stage directly, moreover his voice is very loud, he sits by Xia Tian obviously, he is very low voice, Xia Tian can also hear, intentionally but he must shout is so loud: 1 million.” He thinks the sharp language adds on strength time, that is the biggest cow. However he does not have not seen the visions of surrounding these people, at this time the surrounding these people have given him a new definition, that is two B, before everybody possibly thinks that he is only an idiot. However now everybody understood, he is one two forces. 1.01 million!” Xia Tian has patted. Em?” Fang Dashao noticed that Xia Tian increased price, immediately a brow wrinkle, he appears upside down in does not know that this is any thing, price unexpectedly over 1 million, but he has to increase price now, because he does not want to make Xia Tian buy the thing, moreover he had blown a moment ago, if he does not increase price directly, that must by others be ridiculed simply died: 2 million.” The side old and young increases price is 1 million in addition, he thinks that such adds has the imposing manner, moreover he can also warn that Xia Tian, he may be very competent, lets Xia Tian carefully. 2.01 million!” When he thinks Xia Tian this time will not increase price absolutely, Xia Tian opened the mouth.

Snort, acts recklessly, depends on you also to match with me snatches the thing, my Qian Gou is battered to death your.” The side old and young said directly that his business is very big, nearby all people can hear, he increases price each time must install, making others know his strength: 3 million!” The side old and young this time added 1 million, in his opinion 3 million buy one not to know that is anything's thing owes very much, but he cannot lose in the imposing manner at this time absolutely, therefore he increased price directly. 5 million!” Xia Tian said directly. What?” Hears Xia Tian increases price to 5 million times, on the face of side old and young has written all over inconceivable, such does not know that any use the stone, Xia Tian unexpectedly has put out 5 million. 5 million although are not many, but was used to buy this type of thing of unknown origin really to owe, the side old and young wanted to give up. „The side old and young, you did not say that your money is a lot of? How this must give up.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly. Hears the Xia Tian words, the side old and young clenched teeth: 6 million!” This Xia Tian has not spoken. 6 million! The side old and young has arrived at 6 million directly. 6.001 million times! 6 million twice! 6.003 million times! Deal, congratulated this gentleman to obtain this mysterious goods, money has brushed, met the stone to appear on your table.” Saying of old man face smiling face. Snort, the pauper, does not have money not to come to attend the auction, your money insufficiently fills the gap between teeth to me.” The side old and young looked one patted has won, immediately powerful looks at Xia Tian to say. At this time his imposing manner is really very overbearing.

Rich man is different, 6 million buy together the hot rock.” Although the Xia Tian sound is not loud, however here person can hear clearly, when they hear the hot rock has almost not smiled. The hot rock is stone after the volcanic eruption, this stone price generally also in 30,000 to 50,000, but side old and young unexpectedly spent 6 million to buy a hot rock. What? Hot rock?” Fang Dashao inspected the stone on table hurriedly, although he has not seen the going too far rock, but he has heard, these has almost not irritated him. 6 million. He has not thought that Xia Tian clearly knows is the hot rock also dares to add to 5 million the price, this obvious in pit he. Hateful, I must kill you.” Fang Dashao said that must hit directly to Xia Tian. Xia Tian sits there one moves has not moved. Young master, cannot hit.” His that two personal servants went forward to hold on him hurriedly, here may not probably hit the person, this time currently has over a thousand guards, the Sir in that any legend. If he annoys the person not to be happy that he died. Then this goods I do not introduce.” The old men also do not introduce. Afterward a big box opened directly. Hundred million!” In the flash that the box opens, Xia Tian shouts directly.