Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1043

This thing just came up time. The old men have not said the bidding price, Xia Tian directly has laid out one hundred million. Hears a hundred million time. The eyeball of side old and young braved, he still in act high and mighty, said a moment ago Xia Tian was a pauper, but Xia Tian directly left one now hundred million, this must scare to death him simply, this was one hundred million. Even if he is very rich, he cannot put out one hundred million, but Xia Tian unexpectedly gets rid is hundred million. Fang Dashao felt one probably stiffly had been hit palm of the hand, this B installed in a big way, installed before others ancestor gates, can pull out 100 million people conveniently possibly is a pauper? Naturally is impossible. However he unexpectedly was ridiculing a such person a moment ago. His unexpectedly said that can put out 100 million people conveniently is a pauper, this time side old and young wishes one could to look for a crack to worm one's way into, he simply was shameful, this feeling TM acid was too crisp. At this time he discovered that the surrounding these people as if are looking at the idiot, looked that two force to be the same. In these vision has been full of the ridicule. At this time he thinks that from starting on act high and mighty, is until now, surroundings these people do not have any to be poorer than him probably, he sits in middle of one group of local tyrants boasted one are rich. He only felt now one were shameful. Around Xia Tian these people heard Xia Tian to open the mouth, moreover was one hundred million, therefore they did not plan to increase price, this was also to a Xia Tian face, although surroundings these people some people want to get rid, but 100 million were not casual can take. Suddenly nobody increases price. „The side old and young, you are so rich, increase price.” Xia Tian looked that said to Fang Shao.

Volume, ok, gives you a face.” Side old and young very low-key saying, his does not dare to lift at this time, he gains ground can see the surrounding these burning looks. „Is that good? Your old and young can spend money to be battered to death casually my player, since said tonight anything cannot make me buy, that must achieve, how such quickly to recognize instigates.” Xia Tian is very discontented said. Surroundings these people looked that the vision of side old and young despised. The face of side old and young is instantaneously red, he does not dare to gain ground, can only lower the head, a few words did not say that he pretended unable to hear, because he was any words could not say at this time, which on him made 100 million to go. Moreover looks at Xia Tian that optional appearance, he definitely continues this money. One 100.01 million times! Hundred million twice! One 100.03 million times! Deal!” The old men said: Sir, auction a while will appear on your table directly, money has buckled.” Yeah, side old and young.” Xia Tian sighed shaking the head that keeps. Had finalized, Xia Tian patted finally this thing, this thing was not other, was beyond the day the meteorite, therefore he will directly bid 100 million, when he saw beyond this day the meteorite, did not have the slight hesitation. Beyond this day the mass ratio of meteorite he imagines being better, Xia Tian always thought that in it is containing the inconceivable strength. Hears Xia Tian mentions his name time, he felt that own face burning hurting, this feeling was really too bad, he wishes one could to leave the auction market now, but the auction did not end, nobody can leave. This is the black market custom. Following auction Xia Tian has not gotten rid, the first company dozens types of things have all laid out the high price.

Everybody please note, below is going to auction is the valuables, in the bankcard is less than 20 million people please automatically to leave the field, if you do not leave the field, our guards will catch up with you to enter the stage.” The old men said. Hears the words of old man, these people have pulled out their bankcard. 20 million, are no one can have. This is not a small number, sits with it waits to drive out here, might as well walks. As soon as Fang Dashao listened to walk, without demur, ran directly to outside, he could not treat here, here he simply was the second such as the year, that aggrieved feeling was very uncomfortable. His one minute, one second does not want to treat there much. Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention to him, he discovered that at this time keeps here person is Expert, possibly is these rich average people have not believed black market, they think the thing that one buy may not carry off. Therefore they left on own initiative. After these people walked, the bidding block all of a sudden became quiet, at this time here altogether also only then less than 700 people, but these 700 people were Expert from world. Today the climax of auction must start finally. The following auction, is the thing that black market must auction truly, is Xia Tian comes here goal, if Xia Tian does not come, these things do not dare to take the auction, but currently has Xia Tian here. That nature was different. He has deterred here majority of person, therefore here should some people not cause trouble. Person who currently the remaining everybody have the skill, therefore we must put out the first goods, the thousand years ginsengs, it is said it has the effect of bringing back to life, the average person is unedible, the formidable energy of otherwise by the ginseng embodiment being contained explodes to the brace, Martial Arts Expert takes its words, will play the role of enhancement skill, as for having physical fitness increases many, I think that you should be clearer than my this bad old man.” Old man light saying. Sees thousand years ginsengs time, all people all one's blood bubbles up to the brim, the treasure, black market is quite really kind, they get rid are the treasures, the thousand years ginsengs, this is the treasure in legend.

Millennium rare treasures. But now black market unexpectedly has gotten so far as, moreover with auction. Starting bid price 5 million!” The old men said directly. 10 million!” The flash, some people shouted 10 million high prices. 20 million!” Side a Xia Tian person shouts. 50 million, I wanted, I am the Thai god king, if who dares to snatch with me, do not blame me not being impolite.” Foreign Expert of distant place shouted directly, started, the scene finally started chaotically. The beforehand thing, they have not gotten rid are because the climax has not come out, is now is different, the climax came out, they also started to launch bid crazily. The words that threatens came out. Xia Tian opened both eyes not to speak. 60 million!” Side a Xia Tian person shouts directly. You court death!” That Thai god Wang Shuangyan look angrily at side Xia Tian that person: 70 million, I wanted, if who also dares to increase price, do not blame me being vicious.” 80 million.” Side Xia Tian that person increases price once more.