Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1044
Increased price. Thai god Wang Gang just exported the threat, his unexpectedly also dares to increase price, at this time the atmosphere in field coagulates instantaneously, but that person sits in the there not slightly tense meaning. At this time these foreigners think that the Thai god king must certainly begin, this auction also became lively, once made war, then this auction will turn into a location of system tyrant finally, in other words, a person initial price, did not have the second person to dare to increase price. The complexion of Thai god king is ugly, he looks to that person of vision ice-cold. Stood. In the eyes of all people, Thai god Wang stands. He looks in a threatening manner that person said: You court death.” Em, you kill me.” That person secure saying, sitting of his face smiling face there, has not made any method of defense at this time, as if he has not planned to defend to be the same from the start. On the face of that Thai god king presented the facial expression of disdaining. ! The body of Thai god king has fired into that person directly, his speed is quick, seemed a shell has shot at that person equally directly, but that person as before was a smiling face of face, meaning that as if has not planned to begin slightly. Combustion! The left hand of Xia Tian has burnt instantaneously 10,000 compounded drugs. Afterward his left hand has shown a strange posture, five fingers change into three. Seizes dragon. Eight Trigrams step! Saw that Thai god king must rush to front of the person of that offer, at this moment all people clearly heard a sound of bone break. Ka!

! A pitiful yell sends out from the mouth of Thai god king. Bang! Afterward his body directly by pounding maliciously above the chair, is only the flash, that big piece of chair was pounded has crushed, sees such situation, all people have all held breath cold air. Overbearing. very ruthless. This is the Xia Tian disposition! Bang! Xia Tian fought with the fists above his arm. Ka! The bone broke. Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from the mouth of Thai god king. Before they reminded you, my temperament is not good.” Xia Tian said that fought with the fists on another arm of Thai god king. Ka! Another arm of Thai god king was also broken, afterward Xia Tian fights with the fists on his leg, was another leg, the four limbs of Thai god king is broken by Xia Tian thoroughly. Here is black market, now here is my domain, who dares to act unruly in my domain, he is your fates.” Xia Tian said that directly used his super to kill the technique invincibly.

Dying without a heir foot. Xia Tian thinks that kicked directly in the crotch department of Thai god king. Some people have calculated, the pain that the woman has a child is 100, the man egg broken pain is 10,000. At this time this Thai god king is withstanding this breeding egg broken pain, at this moment, he experienced to transform the entire process of two strings from the man, looks at a Xia Tian that powerful foot and already the pain dead past Thailand god king. The surrounding all people, all covering cannot help but tightened own crotch department. They have a wind whinny to come Yi Shuihan, the brave soldier to go to no longer spirit. Has remembered to me, the richness buys, does not have money to get the hell out, brushes to me his money, is father hits his laborious fee.” Xia Tian said that sat once more, person of his side that bidding to Xia Tian respectful nod. Reason that a moment ago he that securely was because Xia Tian sat side him, on second, he saw the Xia Tian violence a moment ago, therefore he believes that Xia Tian will get rid to protect absolutely his. If he died, that black market face also lost completely. Because of this, he stands and defense has not done. The result showed that he is right. Xia Tian is impossible to cause trouble here, afterward auction, the treasure emerges one after another incessantly, false Spirit Tool became the potluck, will appear at any time, various types of compounded drugs, the herbal medicine, the rare book also emerges one after another incessantly. Finally has laid out the high price, because there is Xia Tian to assume personal command here, nobody dares to stir up trouble. Therefore everybody pats also felt relieved. The auction carried on for three hours to end, Xia Tian one time has not gotten rid, although among this also presented many good things, the thing that but Xia Tian will only need for oneself got rid. The thing that he does not need, he will not get rid. After bidding had ended, these people leave the field in abundance, black market has differently to the field channel, obtains valuables person departure for these, moreover two people simultaneously will not walk from a channel absolutely, only if the same place.

Xia Tian saw that own mission has completed, went out of black market directly. Poster, had finished, he when the auction has only patted a thing, beyond the day the meteorite, he spent 100 million directly, tonight truly some people have caused trouble, but made him kick the egg to kick stiffly, was a Thai god king, from then on nobody stirred up trouble.” Em, good.” The black market poster nodded. Recently black market of Capital truly needed the person to manage, but now his matter also processing was similar, should make him return to Jianghai?” No, making him continue to treat in Capital, now he is not suitable Jianghai, present Jianghai is really too stable, was too safe, if this cozy nest makes him treat, that quite therefore is judging the death penalty to him.” The black market poster said. I understood, the poster you to let him continues to accept to discipline outside, avoid when the time comes dies outside Heavenly Connection the hole.” Em.” The black market poster nodded. After Xia Tian left black market, felt that was a little hungry, wants to look for the roadside booth to eat a thing, was he was finally disappointed, the roadside in Capital was really too clean, absolutely did not have the small outdoor shop. Therefore finally he can only look for a barbeque shop, ate barbeque of person. He has selected many things, then a person opens eats. Surroundings that several tables of people of very puzzled visit him, they first time noticed that some people of people eat barbeque, others eat barbeque to be least are two people, drinks the beer, chatted, but a Xia Tian unexpectedly person sat there anything does not drink, ate. After finishing eating the thing, Xia Tian made a payment, then took taxi own residence, he must prepare to pack the thing, then started the refiner, the thing he has prepared, formally started on the difference. Was good, you go back, our communities are safest, I came up on the line.” An attractive female was saying to her behind that several people that she is a star, that several people are her manager. Good, you are careful.” A manager said. Ok, did not need to be worried about her, have you forgotten the previous time matter?” After a manager said that all people all are the whole body shiver.