Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1045

That several managers may remember the previous time matter. „The previous that person has lain down in the hospital probably half a month.” „It is not right, I remember that probably is one month.” This, who made him dare to the elder sister to have improper ambition, but I heard that on that person of head was the large packages, was hit with high-heeled shoes by the elder sister.” Two female male three managers both are the whole body shake, then drove to leave. That many unprincipled people who which comes.” That female star directly entered in the elevator, he has pressed down the floor of oneself family, gate closing of elevator slowly, when the gate of elevator must close immediately, appears in the gate of elevator. Sees a hand time, that female star had a scare immediately, she hides in the corner of elevator hurriedly, then has taken off own high-heeled shoes quietly. Person who Xia Tian coming, he noticed that the gate of elevator must close, directly. The female star saw Xia Tian time has been vigilant, because at her professional sensitivity, she felt that this person has the strangeness, because before , she has bumped into Xia Tian, she guessed that Xia Tian is certainly tracking her, good to conspire to her. Therefore her squatting down body, cautious and solemn has taken up two high-heeled shoes. Do not install, I know that you definitely are conspire to me, no wonder before , I felt that you are stealthy, now looks like you really has the issue.” Saying that female star comes straight to the point directly. Xia Tian turned the head to look to her. Xia Tian this looked that immediately frightened her to jump: Do not come, I warned you, do not come.” I sit the elevator.” Xia Tian said. Do not deceive people, if you are sit the elevator, why you do not press the floor, what kind, by my power of observation seeing through.” That female star complacent saying.

Xia Tian had not answered, but has turned the head. dīng! To. When Xia Tian walks, that female star also hurriedly followed: I warned you, you have exposed, here had the monitoring, if you dare to have any improper ambition, the security will flush, when the time comes you ended.” Xia Tian has not paid attention to her, but walks toward inside. Hey, you must do, how to walk toward my family there.” The female star shouts hurriedly. At this moment, Xia Tian has anchored the footsteps, stood in the entrance of oneself family, that female star was a face visits him vigilantly. I must input the password, can you not look?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that female star. Volume!” Hears the Xia Tian words, female star stares slightly, she then does to understand that originally has misunderstood, this fellow unexpectedly was own neighbor, but she has not relaxed vigilantly, if Xia Tian were deceives her, therefore she stood in Xia Tian directly, stood cannot see the password that Xia Tian input here, but can also be vigilant Xia Tian to her sneak attack. Ka! The gate opened, the gate opened. Sees here time, that female star understood finally, oneself truly misunderstood. When she wants to go forward to apologize. Frame!

The gate has closed directly, saw that gate was closed, that female star stamps the ground with anger, oneself such big star unexpectedly had been disregarded by the opposite party, this makes her feel that does not have the face very much. However now she also can only go home. After Xia Tian returned to room inside, reorganized the material. He discovered that own here also really has many refiner materials, has Maoshan, has Witchcraft Sect, Shan Yunzong, he in best one batch these materials has selected, then he has changed a sportswear, and brought two clothes, finally he direct. He does not want the refiner in the room, when the time comes to make that a room flavor is not good. Although Xia Tian is not familiar with here, but the present is the greater part of the night, he can find a nobody's place very much easily, although Capital is big, but is not all place some people lives. Xia Tian has inspected the situation, nearby here is covert, daytime some people will not come, say nothing was the evening. Therefore here is the best refiner place. dāng! Xia Tian has put out a small cauldron, but this is not nine revolutions of universe cauldrons. But is in a Witchcraft Sect buried treasure refiner cauldron, this cauldron is easy-to-use, Xia Tian only needed to place the different places the different materials to depute them separately, this refiner, Xia Tian has prepared perfect, his mouth all was restores the compounded drug, in the left hand grasps is restoring the Spiritual Force small stone. Afterward he formally starts the refiner, this time he must bring forth an out of the ordinary weapon. A right hand point, above his control presented one group of flame, the temperature of this flame is high, the flame that the refiner needs, the super refiner technique has the super two characters worthily, although the small cauldron is not big, but most at least also dozens jin (0.5 kg), but Xia Tian does not need to use any Inner Strength, the small cauldron can hold on his control. The depuration is a very complex project.

Each same material has own attribute, they subordinate in the [gold/metal] wooden water fire clay five lines separately, the different materials have the different purification means that the time and crucial moment, therefore in the Xia Tian mind must separate them. Then cautious and solemn start refiner. This time he plans to refine two weapons, first is used to experiment his idea, second he will spell to try the refiner, he wants to have a look at itself to have these many treasure, can actually refine any thing. First he plans to refine a dagger. Therefore he has chosen several top materials, in addition beyond some days the meteorite, starts to refine officially, after depuration, he already the sensitivities of these materials familiar was similar. Whistling!” Xia Tian long expiration, uses these many top material refiners he is also the first time. He also very much anticipated actually one can refine anything to come. Although the super refiner technique is complex, so long as were skilled, that will be handy, moreover each same can do attended to every detail, although others refiner is simple, but they possibly refine a weapon to take 578 days, because they depute a material to take one day two days. However Xia Tian is different, he can release the flame . Moreover the temperature of this type of flame is higher than the temperature of ordinary flame, in addition the method of his special depuration can also depute many materials. At this time all situations of these materials in his mind. After one hour, Xia Tian can build finally officially. He places the ground the small cauldron, then the materials after all depuration go to his control gathering, in his mind starts to imagine leaves the grinding type of weapon, at this moment he has thought of two little things suddenly. Seven levels of Jade Stone and nine levels of Jade Stone.