Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1046

Xia Tian as if entered some Realm this type to be the same at this time, in this state, he can use his imagination perfectly, the powerful and unconstrained style. His thought can create the grinding type of weapon. This is the super refiner technique fiercest place. Finally weapon of formation, is the weapon that he ponders, what the weapon in his mind outlined, what that weapon will turn into, white tiger was his father's representative. It looks like white tiger abstains is the same, therefore he planned that the dagger refines the appearance of white tiger on this. By seven levels of gem embellishment blade edge bodies, nine levels of gems embellish the hand, making the whole present white tiger to smile the arrogant wooded mountain the appearance, this is the idea of Xia Tian, his material of today's refiner is most top, the technique is also nobody can compare. The flame is not the ordinary flame. It can be said that he has gathered all merits in one, refined this weapon. Was right, if I throw the compounded drug, what change will have?” Xia Tian said that throws 10,000 Witchcraft Sect Rank 4 compounded drugs directly. This is the life of local tyrant. Rank 4 compounded drug, even if also can only divide in Maoshan inside these Expert one month to 1-2, but at this time Xia Tian for the refiner, direct 10,000, 10,000 throwing, this simply is the big local tyrant. After these compounded drugs burn, changed into the pure strength, flowed in the dagger. Bang! Became!

When all strengths all flow in dagger, the dagger practiced finally, sparkling dagger during dark night bright eye-catching. Spirit Tool! Ha Ha! unexpectedly is Spirit Tool!” Xia Tian laughs was saying. He was too excited, was long-awaited Spirit Tool his unexpectedly refines in the Earth Grade Expert eye successfully, before this transcendence all existence Spirit Tool, only then can discover in the major buried treasures. However now Xia Tian unexpectedly can also refine. Proud. The unprecedented sense of pride appeared, even if spear Shan ancestor's such Expert, saw that Spirit Tool will also get rid to rob, moreover do not say that was Spirit Tool, even if were false Spirit Tool, coming out that his entire Maoshan also nobody can build up. But Xia Tian refined. At this time if some people know that Xia Tian can refine Spirit Tool to come, that fears them to rob Xia Tian, regards Xia Tian is a treasure robs, because Xia Tian can refine all person long-awaited Spirit Tool. Spirit Tool definitely is the person refines. However now in this society should nobody be able to refine Spirit Tool to come, but Xia Tian achieved. Others' Spirit Tool is using energy untold hardships must come from the buried treasure, but Xia Tian can actually refine Spirit Tool, although simplest Spirit Tool, but Xia Tian truly has refined Spirit Tool to come. If makes outside person know that perhaps this matter, these Earth Grade complete greatly people must catch me everywhere.” Xia Tian will not tell anybody to refine the Spirit Tool matter. Otherwise he may be miserable.

Moreover this time he uses is the best materials, in addition luck and that sensibility, therefore he can refine this Spirit Tool, he does not think one casual left Spirit Tool with the material with a fire fever. His present view is not skilled, he must look for opportunity cultivation well one his refiner technique. Good, strikes while the iron is hot , to continue to refine the second weapon.” Xia Tian is confident at this time, some materials that he used a moment ago, although is the top materials, but is not here best material. Therefore he planned that all takes here best material, refines a sword. The operational experience of Xia Tian is rich, he has all battled with all kinds of Expert, because of so, him also had discovered Finger of Consonance some shortcomings, sometimes, some people solve with the sword are better. Therefore he plans to refine a sword. Since understood Heaven Absolute Wake true use, he also understands why Yin Nie did not make him study other Kungfu at that time carelessly, because had understood Heaven Absolute Wake was equal to understanding world all Martial Skill, he does not need to study other Martial Skill, he can handle skillfully. Therefore after swordsmanship him, certain meeting. His present most important mission gets so far as a good sword, avoid upward time is the same, broke compared with the time own sword of sword with the person, good Spirit Tool rank sword very difficult lane, because its big, big refinement time is troublesome, therefore the weapon of Spirit Tool rank is few. This type of weapon has, in present age strongest a number of manpower, looks like Yin Nie such Expert. Now since Xia Tian has refined the dagger of Spirit Tool rank, this time must try harder, strives to refine the Spirit Tool rank the long sword, thinks of here, Xia Tian starts to take action directly. All day material treasures suddenly all were turned by him, presses the bottom took, these materials casual same took are the sky-high price, in the world the rare treasure. However now Xia Tian their altogether all gave to depute.

Purple gold he has not let off, he must a purer thing, therefore all things he completely unify to depute. In the Xia Tian mind, every kind thing all prints in inside, his Spiritual Force is towing the material in small cauldron, these materials any situation he is clear at this time, mastication that the restoration compounded drug large bundle he makes an effort. In the left hand that restores the Spiritual Force small stone also to help him supplement fast. Deputes this link, is possibly troublesome regarding others, but is very simple regarding Xia Tian, quick, he all deputed these materials, afterward he started to cast the sword, at this time, he that will buy from black market almost will freeze to death his small bead to throw, afterward he all over seven levels compounded drugs that will obtain from Maoshan and Witchcraft Sect all will have thrown, over a million Advanced compounded drugs have thrown all of a sudden all into inside. At this moment, in the Xia Tian mind as if opened a stretch of new world. His whole person entered in very marvelous Realm, under this Realm, all very troublesome matter, became easy, all in his mind completely was each level clearly demarcated. Clear, all become incomparable clear. This is anything felt that is quite strange.” Xia Tian felt one entered during some sensibility probably, this sensibility made him enter in a world of refiner, here he was the god, all obeyed his direction. He moves the thought casually, these materials all returned to their position. Bang! The compounded drug was deputed completely, this time strength is very strange, no longer was the sole strength, many inexplicable strengths.