Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1048

After Xia Tian obtains this information of sword, he knows one caused trouble. My unexpectedly causes the thing that has such gone against heaven's will.” Although Xia Tian knows one have caused trouble, but he also feels for himself proud, he has a dream cannot think own unexpectedly can bring forth this type of thing. This thing he does not even dare saying that because this type of thing should not have in this world. Once he said that on that day will even lower the penalty, when the time comes the entire Capital might meet with a disaster, therefore Xia Tian does not dare saying that but this thing has not allowed to appear in this world at this time. The dark cloud in sky is getting more and more thick. Card! A lightning chops. Puff! A blood spouts from the Xia Tian mouth, his body has transmitted the burnt flavor, that lightning just right dividing on the body of Xia Tian, the Xia Tian whole person had fallen down a moment ago. The first lightning, Xia Tian very has not passed. Old Heavens!, lying trough Damn, you should the fence is right, chops me to do.” Xia Tian knows a moment ago will have a day of tribulation to lower, these a moment ago presented the information in his mind, what that information said that the thing that only then these went against heaven's will truly will suffer the day to punish. What goes against heaven's will is that the sword, but the day tribulation does not divide its unexpectedly to dare to divide itself. ***, You divided crookedly.” Xia Tian cursed angrily one, at this moment the second lightning divided, the second lightning was ten times of first lightning might, Xia Tian saw that the bucket thick lightning dropped from the clouds directly. The goal is he. moda foka, this died.” Xia Tian has closed the eye, he knows that he does not evade this lightning absolutely, moreover by the might of this lightning, can instantaneously oneself deducting sediment. The death, arrived. A moment ago first , if not he has Inner Strength to protect the body, and has eaten the meat of Tianchi water monster, the body strengthened, he died, although now he has not died, but also received very heavy wound. This second, he cannot hide absolutely.

Card! The lightning has divided, on lightning has the ruinous might. The day tribulation will only arrive on the thing of going against heaven's will, Xia Tian has thought the thing of that going against heaven's will is that weapon, then sword, but he has not thought the thing that goes against heaven's will truly is he, that person also he who the day tribulation must punish. How the people possibly contend with the day. Bang! When the lightning must hit Xia Tian immediately, a formidable strength strikes to fly the day tribulation directly, without a trace that at the day tribulation that incomparably formidable strength vanishes instantaneously, has probably not appeared has been same. Sword! Is the sword! The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens, he has discovered that was the sword has rescued his life, the strength of that formidable day tribulation was also struck a moment ago to fly by the sword. Bang! Has not waited for Xia Tian to be happy that the third day tribulation, the third day tribulation was also bigger than the second day tribulation might ten times, a water jar that thick lightning dropped from the clouds directly, this is the third day tribulations. Hateful, which my offended you, you must use Thunder Laipi I.” Xia Tian cursed angrily one, but his body cannot move. ! The sword flew, it flew automatically, flew bottom-up, has fired into the third day tribulation directly. The sword is Xia Tian refines. It has regarded Xia Tian is his father, at this time he can feel the Xia Tian crisis, therefore it has fired into a day of tribulation directly, in situation that anybody has not controlled, has fired into a day of tribulation. Enormous and powerful day tribulation, in others opinion, that simply is the legend.

However now Xia Tian personally experiences. Although the might of first day tribulation is very big, but is not fatal, the second day tribulation can rumble Xia Tian instantaneously crushes, therefore the sword got rid to help automatically, the third day tribulation can disappear all instantaneously. The sword rushed directly. Bang! The day tribulation rushes directly, but under has divided, the sword dropped on the ground, it has prevented the part of day tribulations, but the might of third day tribulation was really too big, it after all was only a sword, the sword that nobody controlled. The day tribulation arrived once more. This time arrival is doomed to disappear. No, I cannot die.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, he cannot die, he died, Jiang Hai City will collapse instantaneously, these people who he protects all will also drift about destitute, his enemy were too many, these enemies will not let off these people who he protects. Moreover he has not revenged for the father, had not found mother's whereabouts. Both eyes of Xia Tian look angrily at the sky. „The strength of Heavenly Connection, does not refuse stubbornly to extinguish.” At this moment, in the Xia Tian mind spread a few words, afterward the necklace on Xia Tian neck hikes up directly. Card! The enormous and powerful lightning divided directly in the middle of necklace, there hid the Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll place. Vanished. The lightning vanished directly. Ah! afterward a severe pain has spread over the body of Xia Tian, strength of the pure thunder and lightning is tempering his human body, he knows that the strength of this thunder and lightning is well-meant, wants to help him strengthen own body, but this strengthening was really too painful. The strength of thunder and lightning passes from Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll.

In other words, Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll has absorbed the strength of day tribulation, then uses this strength to temper his body. The wind stopped! Yun San. The wind and clouds unusual is quick, disperses is also quick. After three day tribulations ended, all returned to normal, Sun started to raise, the strength of Xia Tian thunder and lightning also vanished, he knows that was Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll had saved him a moment ago. Although he does not know that actually in Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll to be hiding any secret, but he is clear, soon, he can know. Because outside Heavenly Connection the hole must open. When the time comes the related Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll matter must appear. Finished.” Xia Tian difficult standing up, he took a moment ago restored the compounded drug, at this time his body restored was similar, but is very painful, after he stands, the first matter has picked up the sword of ground. You are the first sword that I refine, and because of you, I also suffered the baptism of day of tribulation, similarly, if not you, I also died under the day tribulation, although you had been destroyed by the day tribulation, but you after all were the weapon of that rank, from now henceforth you shoulder to shoulder will fight for state power with me.” Xia Tian has gotten hold of the sword in oneself hand, although seems invisible, but he can actually grasp in the hand: I name a day of cold sword for you, I will certainly make your shocking under.” Although this had been destroyed by the day tribulation the sword, but he is still a super Divine sword. But he is unable to display these to destroy the day to extinguish the place the strength, but his sharpness and cold air have not actually reduced, the present day cold sword is not weak in any famous sword of Spirit Tool rank. Moreover he is one invisible between. „Did some people come?” The Xia Tian vision looks to the front: Happen to tries the sword with you.”