Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1050

Xia Tian looked at that female one eyes: Knows, star.” Also calculates that you a little experience.” As soon as the female star listens to Xia Tian to know her , is a little immediately small excitedly. Was you said yesterday.” Xia Tian very optional saying, although this person possibly is a star, but Xia Tian usually does not watch the television, therefore she is star Xia Tian did not know. „A I such big star with you in an elevator, you should be honored that is right, your unexpectedly dares to my so manner.” The female star looks angrily at Xia Tian saying that she first time sees Xia Tian such odd person. Xia Tian has not spoken, has not gone to look at the female star. The female star has sized up Xia Tian, then smiling saying: I knew, you want certainly my signature, moreover unrequited loves me, therefore intentionally uses to release in order to catch this move right, your such person I saw, come, I signed to you, your clothes were good, this time I signed on your clothes directly.” The female star puts out the symbol pen directly, must sign on Xia Tian. Xia Tian turns head to look that said directly to female star: You are sick.” This clothes are he trade newly, if were inscribed the character, he must go back to trade. The female star was filled with warm-blooded, but by a Xia Tian saying, the face was also been so red, this time was to look to understand, front fellow did not know her , didn't this fellow watch the television? Aliens? Oboe from star? Has ESP. Does he want to perform a chilly beautiful and frigid love with this alien Oboe? But in drama series such does not develop.

Xia Tian to his manner simply is Sun Wukong three dozens of bones of the dead essences. Thinks of here, the female star felt suddenly probably front the fellow is also very interesting, sometimes the person is very monster, in others eyes she is the unattainable big star, command respect, where fans arrives at to cherish her. But when she bumped into one not to respond her person, she started to produce fantasizes infinitely. dīng! The elevator arrived, Xia Tian walks toward outside directly, the female star also walks toward outside, after Xia Tian has arrived at community outside, starts to take taxi, but the female star was on a business automobile. ! The business automobile stopped in the Xia Tian side, the glass opened, female star very hospitable saying: Which you go, I deliver you a regulation.” Xia Tian looked at her one eyes, then moved toward stopped in the business automobile following rental car. Volume!” The female star stares immediately. Elder sister, this person did not have the politeness.” That male manager very discontented saying. No, I thought that he is actually very interesting.” The female star shows a faint smile: Which play today is?” Today is that play of Beijing library, you act the clear goddess, reads in the library, was seen by the actor, then above you step on the ladder to go with a book, the ladder is not happen to steady, you fell, then the actor hero rescued beautiful.” The female manager said. „, Such hackneyed stuff, this plot also too moron.” Female star helpless scolding. Does not have the means script such to write . Moreover the audience also likes looking.” The female manager said.

On after Xia Tian hiring, walks toward Beijing directly, he already credential and so on thing prepared, although goes to Beijing, but he may not be interested in the classroom, what he must go was the Beijing library. Noses history that these vanish, with increase of his strength, he discovered that the life limit of person goes beyond his expectation by far, these Expert that in other words, historically presents not only absolutely boasted. It looks like about Azure Dragon long-handled crescent-shaped sword on weight dozens jin (0.5 kg), although Xia Tian can also take up that heavy thing, but must make him use this type of thing to fight, that took the trouble. Xue Rengui height one zhang (3.33 m), sit in the stone, the stone can leave the pit. If comes to see by the thought of normal person, these absolutely are the impossible matters, but if by the Xia Tian present vision, all these has the possibility, then comes to see by this strength, will they live today? Although sometimes the history records is incomplete, words that but deliberates carefully, is some uses, moreover Xia Tian also plans an own computation Eight Trigrams step, although the Eight Trigrams step is fierce, but only eight points are invincible, if Xia Tian can make the Eight Trigrams step in these eight points invincible, that exploded. The rental car stopped in Beijing outside. Beijing worthily is world famous school, although Xia Tian has not gone, but he can feel the Beijing imposing manner. This is Beijing.” Xia Tian stands in front of Beijing says with emotion. The Beijing person are many, the person who the entrance comes and goes is continuous, moreover here finding at everywhere foreigner, Xia Tian, although does not eat meal by the face, however his appearance is very charming. Therefore he captured the attention of many woman, turning head has led very high. Had the woman of boyfriend also to turn head, their boyfriends very envied, was using the vision to extinguish kills Xia Tian, if the vision can kill people, Xia Tian had been killed by them returns innumerably. Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention to the vision of surrounding these people, but moved toward in Beijing directly, here is the sea of knowledge, the heaven of knowledge, innumerable examinee the dream land, Xia Tian has stepped into Beijing at this time. Beijing is very big, to walk in Beijing, 1-2 hours could not have walked, moreover various inside buildings stand in great numbers.

„Can handsome fellow, give a telephone?” A female runs up to the Xia Tian side to ask, where not far away several females titter. Excuse me, I do not use the telephone.” What Xia Tian said is the truth, his cell phone starting will have each time many have not met with big pile of SMS, whose has, Bing Xin they several female unusual are many, but they have been used. Therefore is Xia Tian does not return, they will also continue to send. Do not be so mean-spirited.” That female acts like a spoiled brat saying. Was right, can I ask your place?” Xia Tian asked. You asked that but you must give me the mobile number, I made a bet with their several, if you did not give me the number, I may disgraced lose in a big way.” Female low voice saying. She and side that several female students is a dormitory. Good, but I little use the telephone.” Xia Tian said. You said that where.” The females asked. Library!” Xia Tian said. Library? Such skillful, happen to we must go to the library, we together.” The females said. Nearby that several female students are look at side Xia Tian that female who a face badly smiles, they do not go to the library.