Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1052

This play is very simple, the altitude that female star Bingbing falls is not high, catches her not to have any difficulty by the speed and strength of that man, therefore she does not have bridle, useless substitute person. Also because of this point, therefore she so will be command respect. But no one has thought that will have such condition, main actor Wen Jun unexpectedly was throwing down same place, female star Bingbing must fall down shortly, although this altitude is not high, but she, if falls the head to be well-grounded first, will be easy to present the cerebral concussion. But she was exquisite for the posture a moment ago, is lying down. These was the head has been well-grounded absolutely, her head did not have any equipment maintenance, saw such scene, the director and manager all runs to the female star, but they were away from the female star are really too far. Warm bosom. The female star felt one entered a warm bosom, she saw main actor throwing down a moment ago time, she directly has closed the eye, she knows that she this time must be injured. But she at this time has not felt the injured ache, but lies down during a gentle bosom. Female star Bingbing has opened own both eyes, she saw makes her feel the most familiar stranger, her neighbor, but has not actually given her the good complexion that person, at this time lie down during the arms of this person. In this posture and movie exactly the same. Before she has thought young female student who this posture too hackneyed stuff, can only deceive the puberty, when she personally experienced this posture, her heartbeat the rapidness of quite. Was too graceful, simply was too graceful, Oboe, I liked you.” That is my Oboe, you make way.” Well, that he catches is female star Bingbing.”

At this moment some people discovered that person female star Bingbing that Xia Tian catches, before them all attention all on Xia Tian, therefore they directly have disregarded female star Bingbing, now thinks. The managers and directors were all shocked, but they also responded quickly, ran up to the Xia Tian side directly: Schoolmate, was really thank you.” The female star is tasting this feeling, suddenly heard the voice of director, afterward Xia Tian has placed the ground her directly: Thanks.” Em!” After Xia Tian nodded, has taken a book from bookshelf directly, then walked. „It is not good, I could not bear, this was also too graceful, I must be given to lead upside-down by her.” This is anything felt that my heart splash jumped, before I have believed that what man is the same regarding me, so long as rich on line, but was now different, I retrieved have liked a person am anything feel.” I am not good, I must vindicate that he was really too graceful.” When Xia Tian turned back the seat, surroundings these women also ran to Xia Tian, female star Bingbing had been disregarded, but this not slight vitality, but was tasting still. Sorry! Sorry!” Main actor Wen Jun runs over hurriedly apology. However he completely by female star Bingbing disregarding, the female star Bingbing vision continuously in crowd, although Xia Tian form by these women blocking, but she thinks so. Does not pat, Director, the Bingbing elder sister was frightened, today's play does not shoot.” The managers looked that said to the director. Good, makes Bingbing go home to rest today.” The director said. Xia Tian sat there looks at this micro computation, this computational method was latest computational method that the foreign famous scientist studied, after Xia Tian looks has met, completely was in a stew.

He discovered that this computational method opened his brand-new domain. Since studying the Eight Trigrams step, he felt convenient that the Eight Trigrams ambulacrum came, below Earth Grade late stage, this Movement Technique was almost most at least invincible in that eight points. Because the Earth Grade late stage person can induce to the aura, therefore this move of function is not big. But in Earth Grade late stage following Realm, this move went smoothly everywhere. Fights with the enemy with this move, can play the role of deterrent, making the person unable to see his depth, but now this move of biggest disease is only then eight points, once the enemy in these eight points attack scopes, this move were not useless, therefore he must find the way to cause the attack region. Even if increases the speed good. Xia Tian more looks vigorously, he had not discovered that the surrounding these people look at his look, has the strangeness, has the admire, unreasoning passion. That book that Xia Tian reads was known as book that only then the odd person can understand. The average person cannot understand, Professor also few of school can understand, but Xia Tian unexpectedly looks with great interest, this makes some people guess that he in attire, but does not have to read truly. Has the person of this idea is these envies his man. „, That book he cannot understand, he just casually takes, he to attract the attention of young female student, therefore disguises to read there, this trick, cannot understand on these innocent young miss.” Is, then difficult book he how possibly, but Professor also few individuals can understand, this is just attracts the young miss to result in the method.” I look down upon this, oneself do not have the skill to come to others here to say this and that.”

In these men when despises Xia Tian, and performs to taunt time, surroundings these female students do not do, they start to counterattack directly, the quarrelling ability of woman is forever fiercer than the man. These man scolded being dumbfounded. When he gains ground, discovered that around him is the person: That, who has written records to be able taking advantage of me to use?” I have, I have!” A female student has given Xia Tian her written records directly. Thanked.” Saying of Xia Tian politeness, he also really very much lacks the written records now, if no some words, he must run to buy, who makes him such worry to calculate the Eight Trigrams step. Hears the Xia Tian thanks words, that female almost does not have the happy corona. After Xia Tian received the written records, started to calculate, the speed that he calculated was fast, moreover specially neat, saw that Xia Tian will calculate, these men were more shameful. Looked quickly that was the Beijing versatile goddess comes.” At this moment, does not know that was who shouted one. Therefore the surrounding person all looked at vision to the entrance position, the Beijing versatile goddess, was one makes all men admire, existence that all women envied, reason that she was called versatilely, was because her aspects were best.