Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1053
First, the Beijing versatile goddess never puts on make-up, naturally, possibly is the pale makeup, but never heavy powder, but her appearance can suppress all people, her beautiful has been above all existences. Next, the stature of Beijing versatile goddess is good, although she never intentionally puts on these exposed statures the clothes, however her stature is obvious to all. Also, is her study is good, she is Freshman New Student, but she actually by college entrance examination person who placed second in the imperial civil service examination, is the college entrance examination second result passes into Beijing, she is also one especially recruits students. Next in sports, athletics, literature, elegant and other aspects, she every kind is skilled. Does not have her not, moreover she every kind highlights, therefore she will be called the versatile goddess. Usually the Beijing versatile goddess little makes an appearance, but she, once makes an appearance, that will have many people to come to surround, her pursuer can arrange becomes a long brigade, second generation of rich, official's second generation, pioneer, youth talent, the entrepreneurs admire to her. But she until now unmarried. Some people said that these person of she has not had a liking, some also say that she was away from the graduation also several years, therefore she planned that was looking for several years, after all now these person of fierce, do not represent them to be fierce. If after and other Beijing versatile school beauty have graduated, they so are fierce, or is fiercer, perhaps Beijing versatile school beauty will agree. Naturally all these are only the guesses. In the library all men all are meaning of the face admire looks to Beijing versatile school beauty, but these women are the complete envy looks at Beijing versatile school beauty, a woman can be so perfect, how they possibly do not envy. Was too perfect, can a woman be so perfect? The God, you make me see such perfect woman, after this me, how to look for the girlfriend.” If she can marry me, I rather little live ten years old.”

„, If she is willing to marry me, making me die I also to want tomorrow.” The surrounding these men soon insanely fell, although the Beijing versatile goddess with them same is Beijing, but few people can see her, even if she appears in classroom, quick will leave. Therefore in Beijing, she is more like a legend. Now these people see her time with own eyes, all was fallen by her beauty. This time Xia Tian may not have what thoughts to look at school beauty, his computation has achieved a bottleneck, this computational method also really makes him calculate except for the move of Eight Trigrams step, but more calculates that he discovered the Eight Trigrams step is exquisiter. He just opened a leafed door time, he discovered that behind also has the innumerable [say / way] gates to wait for him. Whistling!” Xia Tian had not discovered that he at this time, that small book using up, when he uses up the small book, he also stopped the movement. He was also happen to tired, he plans to calculate tomorrow again, although he just opened the door of Eight Trigrams step, but he believes that before waiting for outside Heavenly Connection the hole to open, he can certainly figure out the structure of Eight Trigrams step, then improves. He really very much admires to create this set of Movement Technique person now, such complex thing he created at that time? Looks in front of Xia Tian that dense and numerous small book, surroundings these women admired him, because everybody looked to understand, he truly was not an attire, because he has written down the evidence. Schoolmate, paper and pen thank you, I will come to give back to your one set tomorrow newly.” Xia Tian looked that said to that female. Under normal circumstances the female will certainly say that does not use politely, but she also wants to see Xia Tian tomorrow, therefore she nodded to say directly: Said it and meant it, can the book that , your this calculated give me?”

Naturally has been OK, or I will also look for the trash can discard.” Xia Tian has calculated the thing can in the brain, therefore he does not need to look what this on writes is anything. After the computation passed, at this time to noon, Xia Tian had planned quickly goes to the cafeteria to eat meal, in his hand has the food card in any case, has how much money he unclear as for the food card. You were also hungry, we ate meal together.” Zhang Ya sees the time that Xia Tian stands, looked at the time to say. Xia Tian then discovered that opens Nha to sit in his opposite, no matter what Zhang Ya also brings to pass by the road to him, moreover he does not know the position of cafeteria, therefore he nodded directly: Good, but I do not know the road, you guide, I treat.” Surroundings these women noticed that elegant unexpectedly knew with Xia Tian, immediately to cast the vision of envy to her. Moreover Zhang Ya must eat meal with Xia Tian together. This made everybody envy, but they could also hear from Xia Tian and an elegant dialog, Xia Tian and Zhang Ya were not familiar, but was Zhang Ya possibly showed the way to him a moment ago. Therefore he will say that asked Zhang Ya to eat meal. Such being the case, these women also unified to decide, they decided to go to the cafeteria to have the lunch together, to look for the opportunity and Xia Tian communication hauled in the relations. Zhang Ya that several roommates hear Xia Tian to ask Zhang Ya to eat meal, immediately comes up to join in the fun: Has our shares.” Has!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Although is only the food that has meals in a cafeteria, but everybody is also very happy, because now the Xia Tian charm was too big, surroundings these women wanted saying that with Xia Tian a few words were luxurious, but their unexpectedly can eat meal with Xia Tian together.

However the part of women of could not eat the grape to say the racemic acid, this person opened mouth is he is not elder sister's vegetable.’ Result person the vision that was despised by side these projecting tattered and torn. After Xia Tian stands up, walks toward library directly, but at this time that Beijing versatile goddess of library entrance also moved toward Xia Tian here, when she arrives in front of Xia Tian, has sized up Xia Tian with the vision. Because she, as soon as entered the library to discover existence of Xia Tian, she noticed that 200-300 female students gathered round there, afterward Xia Tian walked she discovered unexpectedly that these female students gathered round was he. This made her very curious, why these many female students gathered round him to look that but has saying that Xia Tian seemed is truly energetic, but the Beijing versatile school beauty graceful man she has seen. But when Xia Tian arrives at side her, she suddenly had a special feeling. However Xia Tian has not gone to visit her, but is walks toward outside directly. Disregarded. Beijing versatile school beauty was disregarded by Xia Tian. Brat, you look to punch, the foot dares to disregard our goddesses softly.” Thinks that is the Beijing versatile school beauty patron god man looked shouts angrily to Xia Tian.