Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1054

Regarding these protectors. Their women were disregarded, matter that this is unable to tolerate absolutely, moreover here had many people already to look at Xia Tian not to be feeling well, saw that Xia Tian incurred the woman to like, they naturally were the envy. Therefore after some people begin, immediately some people tally. Suddenly, side Beijing versatile school beauty these men started to denounce Xia Tian, they felt that they stood in principle of righteousness here, what they represented was a just side. Their this is enforcing justice on behalf of Heaven. You must give goddess apology now.” That person that spoke a moment ago said directly that heard to have these many people to conform to him, his energy was fuller. He is the Beijing versatile school beauty patron god, how he can tolerate others to disrespect to school beauty. Xia Tian that is forwarding has anchored the footsteps suddenly, turns head to look to that person: I, if didn't apologize?” All people by Xia Tian these doing to be shocked, because Xia Tian anchors the footsteps suddenly, his side these female students have anchored the footsteps, that person that spoke suddenly these was also shocked to the lane by Xia Tian, but he immediately restored: Snort, you must apologize, otherwise.” Otherwise what? Has killed me?” Xia Tian coldly looks to that man. I had not said.” That man had not acknowledged that but had not denied that this is threatening Xia Tian, although he dares to kill people not necessarily, but the ruthless words must result to say that especially in goddess front. He must make the goddess see his aggressive side. „Can you be what kind of?” Xia Tian looked that said to that man.

„Does your boy look to punch is?” That male coldly looks to Xia Tian. Come, I stand make you hit here, I do not hit back, I must have a look under a broad daylight to hit the person but actually to violate the law this year.” Xia Tian stands there said that but here Capital. Emperor! He does not believe some people to dare in the Beijing library to hit the person but actually. Even if Xia Tian also only dares to kill people in black market, does not have remaining as for Junior Brother of that Thai god king including the corpse, Xia Tian does not dare to keep any clues, otherwise here police are not a vegetarian. You.” Straight clenching teeth of that masculinity, but he has not dared to begin, here has these many people to look, moreover there is a monitoring video recording, if he has hit Xia Tian , the matter may trouble. In Capital, regardless in your family has the big skill, is a few words, do not violate the law, do not violate the law before the person. Coward!” Xia Tian said that continues stand forth directly. You halt to me, whom did you scold the coward?” That man worked as his goddess surface such to scold by Xia Tian, the honor could not hang immediately, direct shouted loudly. Your ear and brain have the problem, you were speaking to me, you said that whom I was saying? You think that I said was unfair to you? Dares to stand to shout I apologize, does not have the skill to make I apologize, only dares to say there with the mouth that you said what you aren't the coward are?” Xia Tian has really anchored the footsteps. Had to plant you to say one time again!” That person arrives at the Xia Tian front in a threatening manner, meaning that prepares to begin greatly at any time, he now is on the anger, such person Xia Tian is common, at this time his head started to short-circuit, coming out that in this state, his anything matter makes. I said that you is a coward.” Xia Tian looked said directly to that man.

You court death!” That man said that has fired into Xia Tian directly, fights with the fists to the face of Xia Tian, his not Martial Arts, even fights is not an expert, his fist is full of loopholes, such match Xia Tian does not pay attention. He stands in same place motionless, when that man must project on Xia Tian immediately, he felt suddenly own calf one soft, falls down directly. His directly falls down. From the start has not projected on Xia Tian. Stands continually cannot come to a stop, but also studies others to come out to fight.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, surroundings these female students are also look at that man who the whole face despises, that man felt at this time one lost to the family disgraced. In front of these many people to throw down, moreover hits others time throws down. You are waiting to me, I will not let off your.” That person lies in ground angry shouting. He such remarks, surroundings these people looked that his vision despised, the Beijing versatile goddess looks that the Xia Tian back also walks toward outside: Really is an odd person.” She is the Beijing versatile goddess, she also thinks one do not lose to anybody in various aspects, she is a talent, the super talent, she is a versatile super talent, she has thought one in various aspects can be most outstanding. However comes out until the college entrance examination score, she has a frustration. Although his result distant is over third, but she is actually only second of college entrance examination, but is not the college entrance examination foremost person in the field, this is in her life first time frustration, she afterward had inquired the matter of that college entrance examination foremost person in the field, the information of result that person all protected, did not have the picture, did not have the name. She only knows that person chose finally in Jianghai University went to school, other totally does not know.

At that time she almost impulsed went to Jianghai University to compete with that college entrance examination foremost person in the field directly, but she has not gone finally, because she thinks, although lost at the college entrance examination, however she can learn more knowledge in Beijing, in the future she will be certainly more outstanding than that person. Also because just she has this corona, therefore she has been used to others to the vision that she admires, the person her first meeting like Xia Tian, Xia Tian unexpectedly disregards her, this made her life present the second frustration. This frustration even made her have one slightly to lose, she was came to the library to read, she every day when the person are least the library to read, because here was the sea of knowledge. She can see knowledge that here these she does not know. But today had a condition, therefore she came late, but she has not thought that she came late unexpectedly to come across such matter, such odd person, she got up this morning very much long time ago, because of the phenomenon of sky, she has thought this phenomenon was unusual, therefore she went to there investigation, finally there went to many reporters, the police have encircled there. It is said there underwent the thunder stroke, but has not damaged any thing, only then tree but actually, some strange fragments, although these fragments are small, moreover altogether also few, but has brought to the attention of police, finally these fragments carried off to analyze by the police. „Did you hear? Yesterday evening sent the phenomenon that had to be related with the alien . Moreover the police had found some small fragments, might be the gene of alien after the chemical examination discovery, on headline.” Opened Nha to chat with Xia Tian on own initiative. When Xia Tian hears the fragment, his brow wrinkle.