Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1055

When Xia Tian walks, lies in that male eye of ground is angry, he stands up directly, walks toward outside, afterward he has put out the cell phone, has dialed a telephone number. Fragment?” Xia Tian doubts looks to Zhang Ya, he remembers that own that fist has broken to pieces to the bang the Thai god king, the Thai god king turned into the sediment in air to be right, how to have the fragment. Em, is the fragment, does not believe you to have a look.” Zhang Yajiang own cell phone has given Xia Tian, Xia Tian looked that in that news really has the fragment, after seeing the fragment, Xia Tian yes what's the matter. Was he is negligent. He has forgotten a point stiffly, Thai Expert strength by disciplines, their elbows, the knee is the strongest attack weapons, this skill does not lie down to sleep to practice at home. But is needs every day with own elbow and knee collision that goes to and big tree meets the tough head-on with toughness. Just started to practice, every day is covered with blood. However year after year such practices, their two positions compared with average man in many, even if will be the steel and iron meets the tough head-on with toughness will not be injured, moreover their there did not have the pain. Also because of this, therefore these fragments are extremely the elbow and knee of god king. Other places all turned into powder, but these two actually turned into the fragment, yesterday evening that big sound, the police definitely will examine that will therefore collect these fragments. Troublesome, hopes that cannot find out anything.” Xia Tian can only pray, if the police find out anything's words, he must telephone to seek help, but does not arrive at time accidentally he not to telephone to seek help. Because telephones to seek help is in itself one type performance that does not have the skill. Therefore only if Xia Tian encounters the difficulty that was unable to solve, otherwise he will not telephone. But here is Capital, therefore he works to be careful, if here is China, he when the time comes only needing made the Operations Office person process to be good specially, in any case Junior Brother of this Thai god king was not the good thing.

How long has not walked, they arrived at the position of cafeteria, the Beijing cafeteria was not big, did not have what luxurious expense, majority were the student meal, although also some high consumptions, but this also merely was compares to the ordinary food price is the high consumption, with words that outside thing compared, here thing was very cheap. What wants to eat? I invited!” Saying of Xia Tian very atmosphere. Burns hot!” Zhang Ya shows a faint smile. „!” The Xia Tian direct trend sells the hot hot place. I take six.” Zhang Ya said again. Hears Zhang Ya the words, several other females in her dormitory are evil smiles. Your several?” Xia Tian looks to opening elegant roommate. We also eat burn hot, but we do not take six, we are expensive.” Their several are also very bright saying. Good.” Xia Tian arrived directly has sold hot hot there, Xia Tian this in the past, other women all of a sudden had also encircled, at once, that hot hot business instantaneously became exceptionally hot. Gives me to come nine points of most delicious hot to burn, to be how delicious how to do.” Xia Tian said directly. How much money do you want?” The shop owners noticed that the surrounding these young misses looked the Xia Tian look is two shines, they looked that today's business was Xia Tian has brought, therefore they naturally must entertain Xia Tian well. You look at the lane, you said that delicious of how much money, you brush how much money.” Xia Tian said that has pasted food card directly. When the Xia Tian food card pastes, machine above has demonstrated one string of figures.

Attract! Saw time all people who that string of digit have all held breath cold air. Ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, 100,000. Entire 100,000, in a food card unexpectedly has 100,000, what is this? Second generations of rich? Local tyrants? These women were attracted by the Xia Tian appearance, now they start to regard Xia Tian are the puts on airs, a food Cary these much money, in his bankcard? Facts showed that in the Xia Tian bankcard brushes one hundred million not to have any issue. However when Xia Tian saw food Cary has 100,000, he was also shocked, he has not thought that black market unexpectedly will save 100,000 in his food card, these much money want to squander to be possible here really to use energy. Sells the hot hot person also slightly to stare, then he brushed out more than 100 dollars to Xia Tian, is hot of their nine people burns money, afterward she has given a Xia Tian hand sign. shit, you is a local tyrant, your Cary how so much money?” Zhang Ya sits in the Xia Tian opposite says with emotion. How much money?” Her that seven sisters sit in the Xia Tian side. 100,000! In a food card unexpectedly has 100,000, I first time see.” Zhang Ya said. Hears 100,000 times, her seven sisters mouths open big. In the food card has 100,000, they will not misunderstand.

I do not know that this card is the friend deputy.” Xia Tian awkward answered, he has not thought that black market to his food Cary to these much money, who saw in the food card so much money, same is unable to maintain tranquil. At this moment, the entrance of cafeteria has transmitted calling out in alarm of people. The Beijing versatile goddess came. How is she? It is not long attractive, stature good, the result salient point, various aspects are fierce, has any extraordinary.” Zhang Ya is also saying of face envy. Hears her words, on the foreheads of all people are the heavy lines. If this is not extraordinary, that actually what is extraordinary? Quick command all person surprised matters occurred, Beijing versatile goddess unexpectedly sat on the Xia Tian neighboring table, she wanted was also hot burns, this made the person have no alternative but to think, Xia Tian came out a moment ago, she just entered the library to be right obviously, was her unexpectedly also with, moreover she came was also the cafeteria, what was main was she selects the thing that to be just the same as Xia Tian. Also sits in the Xia Tian side. This makes some people suspect that she can have a liking for Xia Tian, but after all Xia Tian handsome charming, young [gold/metal]. Other female students also hurriedly occupy the place, they surrounded Xia Tian, some often also female students wanted the telephone number to Xia Tian, but had been rejected by Xia Tian finally, some smart people started to inquire that with that several women who Xia Tian had meal together is. Snort!” At this moment cold snort reached in the ears of all people together, is enormous and powerful more than ten individuals never the distant place to walk to Xia Tian, is that person of head falls down that man: Is a man goes with us extracurricular.”