Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1056

Enormous and powerful more than ten individuals moved toward Xia Tian directly. Is that person of head, in the man who in the books control throws down, these people who he brings likely are not the students in school, moreover he opens mouth wants Xia Tian to go extracurricular. Here is Beijing. Regardless of any people do not dare to enlarge the matter here. Otherwise will present the news absolutely, once news, that who you are, you cannot be inescapable. You are sick, had not seen that I am eating meal?” Xia Tian looks up said to that man. You also dare to be so crazy with me, met me to spend you, didn't you say my coward? Now I make you go with me extracurricular, words that does not go, you is a coward.” That man still remembers how Xia Tian insulted his. He he!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, without speech, but he had not planned that with meaning that these people exit, although he does not fear these people, but if they called themselves to exit, oneself exited, that did not have the face very much. Saw that Xia Tian sits there is not willing to walk, that man was angry, he has prepared for has tidied up Xia Tian, if Xia Tian does not exit, he prepared in vain. Moreover he lost that big face a moment ago, if he not well tidies up Xia Tian, does this tone leave? Therefore he must make Xia Tian. At this time Beijing Sister school beauty may still, him probably struggle the face. „Did boy, recognize instigates? Has not planted, a moment ago weren't you very good? Now how to fear?” That man stimulates Xia Tian with the words, he currently has the superiority feeling, he thinks Xia Tian already thorough has feared him, he currently has the face. However since he has found person, he naturally must lesson Xia Tian well, begin in the school is absolutely impossible, therefore he must make the school Xia Tian. You disturbed me to eat meal.” Xia Tian light saying.

Eats! Eats TM anything to eat!” That man directly Xia Tian hot has thrown off hot, Zhang Ya who hot in Xia Tian bowl collapses with her several roommate whole bodies is, saw that such scene all people know the matter cannot be friendly. Xia Tian looks up to that man. What's wrong? Refuses to accept.” Very the men disdain looks to Xia Tian. You are provoking my tolerance.” Xia Tian looked that said to the man, although he does not want to begin very much here, but he also dislikes others to injure to his friend, although he and Zhang Ya and the others just knew, but he had regarded Zhang Ya and the others is his friend. That man threw off hot had made hot Zhang Ya with her several sisters whole bodies was, although not by any wound, but seemed very distressed. This reached the Xia Tian breaking point. „Is that also what kind of? Some skills go out with us.” That man sees the Xia Tian vitality, not only does not have the slight fear, instead is a little happy, because he felt that Xia Tian must swallow the bait finally. So long as Xia Tian with him the place that goes extracurricular to assign, he can repair Xia Tian well. He he!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. What smiles to smile? You did not say a moment ago I have provoked you? How is it? Retaliation, let alone you do not dare!” That man continues to enrage Xia Tian, method of goading somebody into action that he uses. Has completed.” Xia Tian said that looks directly to Zhang Ya with her several sisters: Walks, you change the body clothes, I lead you to go extracurricular to eat.” Em!” Zhang Ya nodded, they do not want to stir up trouble, does not want to make Xia Tian stir up trouble for them, they saw Xia Tian to endure, thinks that Xia Tian does not want to enlarge the matter. Saw that Xia Tian they want to walk, that man naturally does not let, therefore he runs directly goes forward. Rips!

At this moment the familiar sound reached in the ears of all people together, they discovered that the waistband of that man shattered directly, the pants fell the ground, saw such scene, a scene laughter piece. That man mentioned his pants hurriedly, but when he bent the waist to raise oneself pants. Rips! In his short sleeve has broadcast a sound, the entire short sleeve split directly, afterward falls on the ground, this made him very awkward, he mentioned the pants to outside to run, at this moment. Rips! Also is together the sound, transmits, his pants crush instantaneously. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” All people all smiled to turn. You also had such fondness.” A Xia Tian face shuts out looks to that man. That man then understands that certainly is the ghost who Xia Tian does: Holds him to me, certainly is the ghost who he does.” Hears the words of that man, these people who he brings run directly to Xia Tian. Rips! They just ran two steps, their clothes and pants all have crushed, the fate was just the same as that man a moment ago. Yeah, how the present people, all had this fondness.” Xia Tian sighed very helpless saying, at this time everybody responded, if clothes and pants of person have broken to pieces, that is very likely the coincidence. But these more than ten individual clothes and pants have all broken to pieces, this absolutely was not the coincidence, moreover these more than ten individuals were look for Xia Tian to be troublesome.

That person finally understands now Xia Tian that had completed a moment ago is any meaning, originally Xia Tian all quietly pulverized their clothes and pants. Well, interesting.” Beijing versatile school beauty picked up the fragment of ground saying that she had not looked actually Xia Tian how achieved, her look was good, moreover she has also studied a military. But her unexpectedly had not discovered hand that actually Xia Tian when moves. „The present is the harmonious society, your several put on this, is careful by the police seizing.” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks that several people said that opens Nha their several to know this definitely is Xia Tian does. This was also vents anger for them. Although in Beijing cannot begin to hit the person, Xia Tian completely has also acted accordingly, but Xia Tian had not said that must let off these fellows, he works will never leave behind any evidence. Therefore everybody knows that is he does, does not have the evidence, said again, these people have not been injured. You are waiting to me.” That person said that takes the lead to run directly to outside, when he happen to runs up to the entrance, he had been pushed by a hand. Why flustered!” The callous sound conveys together. Xia Shao, you came finally!” That almost does not have excitedly cries. What's the matter, I did not call the person to you, how you also created this grinding type.” Xia Shao a brow wrinkle, very puzzled looks to that man. Is he! Xia Shao, you must take responsibility for me.” That person with pointing at has referred to Xia Tian, having the weeping voice to say.