Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1058

Beijing outside hotel is many, here expense is not low. Xia Tian led Zhang Ya in that several females with her dormitory to go to a hotel to eat meal together, after entering hotel inside, Xia Tian makes their several order food, but their several were embarrassed, has only ordered several cheapest cold dishes. Ok, I come!” Xia Tian wanted the signature dishes of several his families directly. When sees that several signature dishes price, Zhang Ya looked said awkwardly to Xia Tian: Then is expensive, really made you go to the expense.” All right!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Was right, we were also knew, I have not known your name to the present.” Zhang Ya looked that said to Xia Tian. I called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian said. Xia Tian, are you also surnamed Xia? With a that son of the influential surname surnamed Xia? You are not the understanding!” Zhang Ya puzzled looks to Xia Tian, because summer surname few people use. Did not know!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, although they are Xia Family, but Xia Tian had not known that really Xia Family person, these Xia Family people who he knows are attack Jiang Hai City that group of people, but that group of people completely by Xia Tian solving. „!” Zhang Ya nodded, she also thinks that if knows, they will not hit: Was right, you have the Beijing books card, are you also the Beijing student?” Em! Just transferred schools.” Xia Tian said. Which department?” Zhang Ya listened to Xia Tian to acknowledge, closely examined hurriedly. nursing department.” Xia Tian said. nursing department!!!” Hears here time, several females all are the heavy lines of whole face, a face strange looks at Xia Tian. Xia Tian has been used to this vision, naturally has not said anything, the quick vegetable has come up, Xia Tian has eaten directly in gulps, several females a little are coy, eating of small mouth small mouth, moreover only clamps to be away from oneself recent that.

You so are how petty, eats the thing to have a liking for anything to eat anything, eating in gulps.” Xia Tian said directly. Hears the Xia Tian words, several females no longer were also coy, release the imposing manner of their female man. When they eat hi, that Xia Shao came, this time his side has brought four black-clothed person, these four black person clothing are unified, is bringing the sunglasses completely, the summer does a bit less the Xia Tian front: This possibly was your final food.” Lying trough, but can also pleasant eating meal.” Xia Tian depressed saying, this fellow is really also haunted by the ghost. Has hit me, but also wants peaceful eating meal, the boy, not to blame me not to remind you here, eats two.” Xia Shao a face cloudy evil looks at Xia Tian. Yeah! Ok, since you are look to punch, I am impolite.” After Xia Tian said that has taken up a stool directly. Bang! The stool pounded directly in Xia Shao the head, that summer few this time came is the plan ridicules Xia Tian, was letting people Xia Tian killing quietly, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly said began to begin. Ticktack! Blood from summer few head upper reaches. That four black-clothed person stare, the person in hotel saw to fight, has dialed 110 and 120 hurriedly. Your four do also want everybody? That on together, avoid delays me to eat meal.” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to that four guys, after that four guys have looked at each other one, has fired into Xia Tian directly. Their four are the veterans! The skill is agile, moreover four people year to year together are cooperating, coordination is also very tacit.

Saw that their four same places begin, Xia Tian has evaded not to be possible to evade. Oh!” At this moment, Xia Tian said suddenly a but actually character, afterward their four all fell down: Yeah, the skill is not big, must study others to come out act high and mighty.” That four people with Xia Tian one but actually, all lay on the ground, could not stand again. Xia Tian sat in own position continues to eat, he was similar any matter not to occur to be the same, in gulps was eating. Xia Tian, we walk, some people reported to the police a moment ago.” Zhang Ya said hurriedly. I have not eaten to the full, why must walk.” Saying that Xia Tian does not lift. Eats meal a lot of opportunities to eat, the waiting a while police came, you want to walk cannot get away.” Zhang Yazhen does not understand that Xia Tian is doing, he as if not know that fears to be the same. He has hit the person, and has hit five people one time, after the police came, definitely will catch him. Who came also to wait for me to eat to sate the appetite said again.” Xia Tian is in gulps is eating. Zhang Ya and the others with Xia Tian most exciting Heavens!. Was right, today's food you possibly eat do not stop, another day I will invite you again, you walk first.” Xia Tian very optional saying, in this case, besides Xia Tian, perhaps nobody can eat. We cannot walk, we are the witness, is their several looks for trouble.” Zhang Ya said directly. No, you are not witness, moreover your anything has not seen.” Xia Tian said. Em?” Zhang Ya has doubts looks to Xia Tian.

„Have I hit the person? No, is they throws down.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, this chapter of Nha they were all blurry, does not understand that Xia Tian is any meaning, since Xia Tian said that they also planned after and other police came, anything does not say. In hotel all people all strange looks at Xia Tian, because of Xia Tian in this case, not only has not run, but also eats special. The police came! Is the police who who reported?” The sound conveys together. Well, female?” The sound that Xia Tian hears the woman has remembered Lin Bingbing immediately, initially he knew Lin Bingbing time is also very accidental, at that time she went to the big gear to eat meal with her older female cousin, happen to put together the table with Xia Tian. Now heard a voice of policewoman, immediately made Xia Tian remember his these female friends: Yeah, when can the calm and steady life.” Is I.” The manager in hotel walked from behind, cautious and solemn looked at Xia Tian one, he is afraid Xia Tian to retaliate him, but he noticed that Xia Tian eats the thing there, he also relaxed. What matter?” That policewoman walked directly, his followed four male police. Some that side people fight.” The manager in hotel referred to pouring Xia Shao and four black-clothed person in ground, but he had not said that was Xia Tian hits. This policewoman is attractive, was considered as is police is colored, why did not know, Xia Tian saw her time, felt that she looked like her police to spend the elder sister very much, happen to at this time he also thinks that the police spent the elder sister, therefore he planned this policewoman: „It is reported that beautiful female police comrade, here had the miserable item that a moment ago endures to see.”