Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1060

After Xia Tian leaves the hotel, he discovered one stared. Therefore he ran directly to a hotel corridor, when he entered the corridor, the opposite party appeared. „Do you want to kill me?” Xia Tian feels murderous aura that on the opposite party has transmitted. Your number of people value 1 million.” Saying of opposite party coldly. I so am not so valuable, others want my number of people are billions, your unexpectedly only for 1 million kill me.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, Island Country has his posting a reward, that is several billions. Snort, died do not know that is you who who killed, my name was Niu the elder brother.” That person of cold snort, the whole person disappeared in afterward same place, when he appears already in front of Xia Tian, dagger direct thorn in his hand to the heart of Xia Tian. This move of he does not know that used many to return, has never let slip. Puff! Blood column blowout, on the face of opposite party has written all over together inconceivable: Is. Why?” You are only a Profound Grade late stage person, but my Earth Grade late stage people can kill.” Xia Tian said that complete vanished in personally same place, this person he has not processed, because this person was Assassins, in the police station definitely had his some materials, when the time comes the police discovered that he was Assassins, naturally can settle a lawsuit. He must go home now rest well, the powerful enemy will soon attack, he must prepare most sufficient. Meanwhile. Expert of Capital heard a news, black market of Capital has killed two big Expert of Thailand, now first Expert of Thailand was angry, he sent fiercer Expert to come the revenge. The person who has attended the auction may know how that Thai Expert dies. They also know the black market energy.

Now first Expert unexpectedly of Thailand sends for retaliating, what that this is not simple was one has fought, but was the resistance of influence, Thai Expert resisted black market directly, if this resistance Thai Expert lost, their faces lost completely. Because their this time weaponry were too big. Enormous and powerful sends out Expert to attack. Once black market Expert lost, that black market status will suffer a disastrous decline, who will be when the time comes also afraid black market? black market to their impacts also thorough vanished, similarly, Thailand Expert flagrant coming revenge. If black market sends Expert to help, that represented them to recognize has instigated, because the Thailand also sent few people, the goal took revenge, others hit was the protector in your Capital. What if you send out other place is protecting coming, that represents your black market energy to be also mediocre, such several Expert. When the time comes the black market reputation will be nothing left. Therefore this war, black market clearly knows that the opposite party is finds fault, must Xia Tian to get rid, naturally, the opposite party were most is also single Tiao, if on, that black market will not be used to the opposite party together. Suddenly, Expert of Capital all came black market to observe. After Expert of other places heard this time matter, is in abundance observes. Jiang Hai City! You walk one, if the opposite party according to the custom, you naturally cannot get rid, but if some people must play cloudy, you did not use politely.” Poster light saying of black market. Yes, poster!” black market protector to say. This person black market one of the two big protector.

Remember, how regardless of the result cannot make Xia Tian have an accident.” The black market poster reminded. In entire China, all Expert heard this time matter, suddenly large quantities of Profound Grade late stage above Expert all catches up to Capital. black market, although is not all people knows. However Expert everybody in Thailand may hear, Expert of Thailand is called Expert of most hard line, their strengths are stiffly disciplines from own limit. Therefore Expert of Thailand becomes famous in the world. Their hitting person ability and resistance hit the ability are in the legend are most terrorist. But this black market can kill two Thai god king ranks in protector unexpectedly of Capital Expert, this made them have to have a look at this black market is anything exists. If this time matter black market has won, then it will certainly become famous in entire China, such does, although will make black market many business all close, however same black market officially will also move toward China biggest trading market stage. Actually this idea black market poster already had, but did not have this opportunity. Although in the major cities has existence of black market, the person who however knows are not many, because of this, therefore has to dare in black market to act unruly, in a big way actually because they do not know the black market energy. These know black market person early has prepared in black market, does not know that the black market person was also asks around, to arrive in black market finally. Suddenly in black market Expert in all directions is. However these Expert nobody dare to cause trouble in black market, they are wait and see, moreover they also heard the matter of previous auction, the violence of Capital black market protector, they do not want dead here. However Expert of Thailand has not arrived, therefore they here started to stroll.

This strolls discovered that originally in black market also sells these many good things, before these, has not arrived at the black market person to broaden the outlook simply, they start to purchase various types of things in all directions. Especially herbal medicine and so on thing, falls short of demand, is almost very difficult to buy thing outside unexpectedly that to buy here. black market of Kyoto all of a sudden became irritable, everywhere was the people who purchased the goods. Xia Tian sold to black market these raw materials for medicine to be sold by the according to high price. This also quite therefore Xia Tian was black market increased a big income, since Xia Tian came to Capital, the black market income of Capital assumed the straight line to rise, that income was related with Xia Tian. This made the black market poster appreciate Xia Tian. This able person, regardless of places in any position, can create own value. When these people purchase goods crazily, the black market entrance walks four people, the skins of these four people are swarthy, the head is tying the arms the white bandage, they come , the person who these are purchasing the goods all stopped own movement. Because they know that was advocating. These four people were needless saying that everybody knew, they were Expert that Thailand came, at this time these four people of complexions were very cold, on them all braved murderous aura, understood at a glance that was the old man is bad. Makes your here protectors leave to me.” Is that Thai Expert of head gives a loud shout.