Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1061

Is that Thai Expert of head is Thai first Expert subordinate. As soon as he comes to give a loud shout, this drank to reach in the ears of all people greatly. Powerful! All people understood, Expert this time of Thailand is the powerful attack, they opened mouth have been full of the hostility, moreover what used leave this glossary, but everybody can also understand them. Because they are take revenge, but is not compares notes. If you do not roll, I have pounded your black market.” Is that Thai Expert of head gives a loud shout. Which dog is in that inconsiderately shout?” At this moment the lazily sound reached in the ears of all people together, the people look immediately to side that at this time they happen to noticed a young charming youth sits in the corner drinks. The people discovered with amazement that before unexpectedly nobody noted him. Was you have killed two god kings in our Thailand.” Is that person of head looks angrily at Xia Tian to say. I am very curious, how do you know?” Youth Xia Tian, he does not understand how the opposite party recognizes him to come, moreover time nobody of homicide second person sees to be right radically. Expert of our Thailand by stiffly disciplines, therefore was we died, the resentment will read will not disperse, around your body had two resentment to read, therefore you should be Capital black market protector.” That person said. Originally is such Ah! the Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously, he discovered that also really has this type of thing, afterward racket of his left hand on that two groups of dusky things, nine revolutions of universe cauldrons extinguishes them instantaneously kills. Em?” Feels disappearance that the resentment read, was that Thai Expert of head stares slightly: Actually have you made what? Why I felt that the resentment read vanishes.”

I just do a good deed, delivered them dead thoroughly.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Hateful, the resentment read is our Thailand most sacred thing, your unexpectedly dares to destroy them.” Is that Thai Expert of head angry looks at Xia Tian, he as if must eat Xia Tian to be the same, his behind three people is also who is prepares to get rid. At this time the black market hall has tidied up, here any goods, everybody has not understood that the war soon here will launch. Was right, your four are standing right.” Xia Tian looked asked suddenly to their four. Em?” The opposite party has doubts looks to Xia Tian, does not understand that he is any meaning. Any people who comes black market to look for a job can stand coming, but everyone must lie down exiting.” The meaning of Xia Tian is very simple, finds fault the consciousness that completes dead. This is Xia Tian. Since he chooses to work as this black market 12 health/guard, he naturally must protect this to be glorious. black market of Capital now is his domain, anyone, so long as dares to come to here to cause trouble, his procedure only then, that kills, only then this can make the people not dare in black market to cause trouble. Sets up the prestige. Xia Tian this is before black market reforms a vertical prestige, he must to know that black market is not that affable. Who regardless of you are, any strength, wants to cause trouble in black market, that must accept the penalty of black market.

Snort! Depending on you, if you are not the sneak attack, you do not have the opportunity to win Expert of our Thailand.” Is looked at Xia Tian one that person of head disdains, their Thailand Expert can induce the strength of match from the aura. He early saw Xia Tian is a Profound Grade greatly complete person. The match of this rank his casual move can Insta-kill, but he will not be absolutely negligent, reason that in his opinion, Xia Tian can kill two Thai Expert is because he carried on to sneak attack, or he had any most precious object. However when their these people come on the road discussed that must double carefully, does not give Xia Tian any sneak attack the opportunity. Right?” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. Snort, depends on your young fellow, on our casual person can cope with you, the third child, on you, extinguished him directly, do not keep the hand.” That Thai Expert said to oneself behind one person directly that their four people together will certainly not get up. Because opposite party, only then a person, if their four people on, that the person in Thailand may lose together in a big way, represented them to recognize has instigated, but single Tiao was they early has prepared, moreover was seeing Xia Tian that moment, their confidence were fuller. By the strength division of China, their here strengths lowest is also the Earth Grade intermediate stage, but the opposite party is only the Profound Grade greatly complete strength. Therefore they have absolute victory assurance. Moreover they also think that this time mission is simple, can revenge very much with ease, person who although Xia Tian has killed their, but they have thought Xia Tian by the dialysis, so long as they, that dialysis anything does not consider as finished in the face of the absolute strength carefully. Casual!” Xia Tian also distinguished the opposite party four people of strengths from the aura of opposite party, Earth Grade late stage and three Earth Grade intermediate stages, such match, if, definitely were not whole-heartedly good to cope, moreover Thai Expert has become famous can hit. However the operational experience of Xia Tian is rich, he gets rid generally does not give opposite party any respite the opportunity, either does not get rid, gets rid to have the sense of purpose.

He will not waste his stamina absolutely for no reason, but simultaneously he also has planned to restore the compounded drug, so long as there is a consumption, he immediately takes, restores own strength directly. By your this strength, does not match to treat as my match.” Very the Thai third child disdains has sized up Xia Tian one, after he knows Xia Tian strength, he thorough did not pay attention to Xia Tian. Expert of their Thailand usually be fiercer than other Expert, even if the same level Expert fight with other country, they also will have the superiority, but now his front is a Profound Grade greatly complete kid. This he does not need to consume the small effort, a move can opposite party Insta-kill. Also because is holding this manner, therefore he is unable to spunk up. Right?” Xia Tian sees the appearance that the opposite party has a low opinion of the enemy, has not said anything, because this regarding him is the good deed, he likes the person of this thinking oneself infallible, by this disposition with the words that Xia Tian fights, definitely will not put out fully, this has given the Xia Tian opportunity. When he wants to put out the complete strength already late. The left hand of Xia Tian double refers to directly aims at that Thai third child, behind the right hand, the Xia Tian whole person is suddenly powerful, this time he probably is here overlord is the same: Come, anyone, so long as dares to stir up trouble in my domain, that must die.”