Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1065

Before Xia Tian coped with the Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert also to need the combustion compounded drug, but has not needed now, the method that his emerged one after another incessantly has been able below uniform these Earth Grade intermediate stages all Expert. Although their Realm are high, Inner Strength is vigorous, but also meets Inner Strength manifestation, but Xia Tian uses the treasure, has the method and operational experience of sneak attack, moreover he also has to restore the Inner Strength compounded drug, said again, Xia Tian also meets Inner Strength manifestation, he also has the Eight Trigrams mirror, these Inner Strength manifestation to his radically function. Therefore now the Earth Grade late stage following person is not the Xia Tian match. As for Earth Grade late stage, Xia Tian must be careful, moreover must use more methods, because Earth Grade late stage can induces by the aura and crisis to him also has the position of day of cold sword. Therefore wants using the day cold sword sneak attacks, affects not in a big way. Moreover is the sneak attack of Eight Trigrams step does not have the too big use, the opposite party in the flash induction that he will begin to his aura, Earth Grade late stage Expert will want to defend his attack not to have any difficulty. However this war, if Xia Tian has killed this Earth Grade late stage Thai Expert. That from now henceforth except for figure of China four big Expert that ranks, other people absolutely does not dare to come black market to cause trouble, black market reputation also thorough firing. You are last, all the person of black market transaction, I welcome, but no matter, so long as he comes black market to cause trouble, he does not want to live departure.” Xia Tian vision coldly looks to that Earth Grade late stage Thai Expert. murderous aura! Formidable murderous aura erupts from Xia Tian within the body. Feels this murderous aura, the surrounding person is one startled, this must kill many people have such strong murderous aura, but Xia Tian seems also under 20-year-old young, under 20-year-old young can relaxed cutting kill the Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert, moreover must kill Earth Grade late stage Expert. Actually this is how terrifying talent. The people on the scene all reexamine black market, in their eyes, black market became mysterious and formidable. Xia Tian murderous aura told them, Xia Tian has killed many people absolutely, moreover majority were Expert, otherwise was impossible to have such intense murderous aura.

Snort!” Earth Grade late stage Thai Expert cold snort: I, no matter you use any method sneak attack, no matter also the outcome in your hand is any sword, however looks like in Earth Grade late stage, is useless, because I can feel your aura and sense of crisis.” Said uselessly, under the hand sees the true facts.” The right hand of Xia Tian wields, the day cold sword points to Thai Expert. Now here Thai Expert remaining this people, he was Earth Grade late stage Expert, Xia Tian directly has only thrown compounded drug toward the mouth, afterward the Eight Trigrams step flushed away to the opposite party directly. ! The day cold sword punctures directly. dāng! In that Thai Expert both hands put out two short forks, the fork has blocked the attack of Xia Tian directly, afterward Xia Tian fast turn around, the sword blade emitted from the sword tail place directly, cuts to the waist of Thai Expert. dāng! That Thai Expert short fork has blocked the Xia Tian day cold sword in this. The day cold sword is not sharp. It is different from [gold/metal] Dao, [gold/metal] Dao sharp is false Spirit Tool, if meets the tough head-on with toughness can also cut off, but the day cold sword is different, its might came from in the change that the cold air on sword blade and that emerges one after another incessantly. It is very in addition light, Xia Tian grasps in the hand as if has not grasped the sword to be the same, if were not he can the clear feeling oneself grip the sword hilt, he does not even believe in own hand was taking the sword. Absolutely does not have any feeling. So that's how it is.” That Thai Expert shows a faint smile, he saw the wondrous use of day cold sword from the Movement Technique change of Xia Tian.

Xia Tian has not spoken, but is right hand flings, the day cold sword light rotation in his hands, Thai Expert transfers the fork to resist hurriedly once more, he has not worried to counter-attack, he must completely understand the Xia Tian day cold sword now thoroughly. Then carries on the most advantageous counter-attack. Bang! In flash that the fork and day cold sword contact, he felt that almost throws off him vigorously. Eastern Man emptying clear(ly)! Has saying that Xia Tian simply is a talent, his unexpectedly will empty clearly uses above the swordsmanship, but he has not burnt the compounded drug, therefore this might is not big, if he burnt a moment ago the compounded drug, these can absolutely relaxed raises Thai Expert flies. Good strange move, I blocked obviously was right.” A Thai Expert brow wrinkle, he has not thought that Xia Tian also has such method. At this moment, the long sword in Xia Tian right hand flings once more to him. Although attack of Xia Tian continuously, but this type attacks to his function does not have, he can under very relaxed keeping off. dāng! to bind! When he blocks the Xia Tian attack once more, on his suddenly feeling one cold, afterward his hurried fast retreat, the Inner Strength fast accumulation above the right hand, his fork has iced up, but also by his Inner Strength melting. Northern Army cold merit. This time Thai Expert innermost feelings are surprised, although the might of Xia Tian move is not big, however his method is frightening, if these methods are Expert of his same rank use, he may be miserable.

Then all just started. A Xia Tian right hand loosen, the day cold sword traded in the left hand directly, this Xia Tian has not grasped with the hand, but gripped the day cold sword with two fingers directly. dāng! Finger of Consonance Second Layer! Bang! The elbow strikes! The elbow of Thai Expert struck hits directly above Xia Tian the move, Xia Tian Inner Strength manifestation by neutralize, but Thai Expert heart has been startled, because Xia Tian used was not likely is any swordsmanship. But is more like different super Martial Arts. Quite fierce, the ability that Thai Expert probably only then resists, definitely is unable to counterattack, the outcome that he uses what swordsmanship is, why can't I see the rule slightly?” I do not know, the swordsmanship that he uses is very clever, I have not seen such swordsmanship, one will be gentle, one will be firm, afterward can also take other abilities, this was really too mysterious.” „It is not right, he uses is not the swordsmanship, haven't you discovered? He attacked a moment ago, the first sword is fast, but second time was gentle, moreover Thai Expert has blocked, may the body dodge, what that probably receives is vigorously same, this obviously was the Eastern Man emptying clear(ly), but his third attack the body of time that Thailand Expert has iced up, was this not just the Northern Army cold merit? His fourth attack was simpler, that is Western Hidden Xia Tianlong Finger of Consonance.” Finally some sensible people looked, although their strengths did not have China four big Expert formidable, person but who in them some had the experience. Originally is this, that does not need to look, now I must start to counter-attack.” Saying of that Thai Expert coldly.