Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1068

The Xia Tian name is not strange in Jianghu. Because he is the Yin Nie apprentice, this matter is almost well-known. But today's fight, he separately has used in China four big Expert Martial Arts of three people, has not used the swordsmanship of his master, this makes people feel that felt strange. Actually Xia Tian has used, is copes with the Thai eldest children the time, just beyond using the day the flash of flying immortal, Xia Tian received the hand, directly has used cutting in two at the waist of day cold sword. Therefore the people the meeting had not discovered that he uses the Yin Nie swordsmanship the matter. In people eyes. The Yin Nie swordsmanship should be the Xia Tian true special skill, but the people also started to be surprised Xia Tian the backer, first did not say other, his this black market 12 health/guard status made the person not dare to offend. Because black market has 12 and Xia Tian equally fierce person, moreover above definitely also has other Advanced figure, their strengths also certainly are stronger. Yin Nie! Existence that the first under Heaven sword Saint in legend, nobody dares to provoke, he was the Xia Tian biggest backer, Yin Nie openly had also said that if who dares to have hostility going Jiang Hai City, he will make the penalty. Reason that he protects Jiang Hai City , because in Jiang Hai City has Xia Tian. He is the Xia Tianlong son, therefore uses Finger of Consonance not to have what extraordinary place, Xia Tianlong died, therefore cannot be regarded any backer, but Xia Tian had used a moment ago also Eastern Man Martial Arts and Northern Army Martial Arts. This remained to make the people think. These two are present age most Expert, China four big Expert, their Martial Arts are not plagiarize can learn, in other words Xia Tian definitely has the relations with them, therefore they were also considered as on are the Xia Tian backers. Has such strong background, who do the people of these many backers dare to provoke? Moreover Xia Tian is in itself super Expert.

„A move!” Xia Tian has handed in the day cold sword the left hand. What?” Thai Expert puzzled looks to Xia Tian. „A move, so long as you can block my one move, I do not kill you.” The Xia Tian words are extremely arrogant, the opposite party is Earth Grade late stage Expert, but his unexpectedly said that must kill the opposite party with one move, this saying said simply was too extremely arrogant. Snort, depends on you, gave you 100 moves of you unable to kill me.” Thai Expert thinks that the Xia Tian biggest skill is his speed, but can induce to the Xia Tian aura, regardless of therefore his speed is much fast, cannot injure itself. Xia Tian has not explained anything, at this moment is a war that he becomes famous, therefore his directly-burning 100,000 compounded drugs, a pure strength flowed in afterward his left hand, at this moment the Xia Tian plan used most unable to see the swordsmanship of depth. The flash, Xia Tian within the body spread a very terrifying strength, surrounding person retreat cannot help but one step, afterward the left hand of Xia Tian has all pointed to Thai Expert, in his hand is grasping day cold sword. A scene peace, the vision of all people all on Xia Tian, because they look at not every day cold sword. At this moment they know that Xia Tian must use the swordsmanship. They do not dare to miss any trace. Beyond day flying immortal. The body of Xia Tian vanished in same place, afterward his left hand wielded a day of cold sword to receive, all person all doubts looked to Xia Tian, afterward looked at Thai Expert, has not seen any special situation. You looked quickly that Thai Expert iced up.” At this moment suddenly some people shout. Thai Expert body of this Earth Grade late stage starts to ice up, this situation is out to be the same with the beforehand that Thai Boss, this situation also indicates the death, in other words, this Earth Grade late stage Thai Expert died. But people any person of scene had not seen that actually Xia Tian how hits Thai Expert.

Processes this , to continue to do business, I went home to rest, if there is a matter to inform me.” The fight had ended, Xia Tian does not need to stay here, at this time arrived here these Expert all shaking by Xia Tian. Xia Tian believes that from now henceforth did not have Expert to dare in black market to cause trouble, especially black market of Capital. The strength that because Xia Tian shows today has carved firmly in their at heart. A person of this time in crowd was surprised, after he found a peaceful place, directly has dialed a number. „Did matter end?” Telephone that has broadcast the voice of black market poster. Finished!” Protector to say. I know that makes you go definitely to have the function.” The black market poster said. No, I have not gotten rid.” Protector to say. „Haven't you gotten rid? Didn't go to Expert of Earth Grade late stage and two Earth Grade intermediate stages?” Poster puzzled asking of black market. Right, came these four Thai Expert.” Protector to say. That was not right, their four fights in which several persons take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out cope with Xia Tian, how Xia Tian possibly dealt with.” The black market poster said. Is he gets rid, and has accomplished a task with ease, he is very strong.” The sound that protector somewhat shivers, his he very strong in contained many significances. Em?” Sound that the black market poster has doubts. His Insta-kill that Earth Grade late stage Thai Expert.” Protector said directly.

What? Insta-kill Earth Grade late stage Thai Expert? This is how possible.” Poster puzzled asking of black market. I do not know.” Protector to say. Good, since the matter has been solved, you come back, do not disturb him, has not thought that the strength of this boy stiffened.” The black market poster nodded, although he was surprised a moment ago, but he returned to at this time normal. Because the name of that person is called Xia Tian. Is one is good at creating the person of miracle. Talent of the going against heaven's will. After Xia Tian leaves black market, has hit a rental car directly, then returns to own residence, he is very tired, fights him also to bully the weak by relying on powerful connections, although goes to him superficially very leisurely and carefree, appearance that accomplishing a task with ease. Especially Insta-kill Earth Grade late stage Thai Expert, this has made finally also others unable to see his depth. Actually he is hardly is also resisting, if has not burnt the compounded drug in addition ascending the sky cold sword, he was impossible to win Earth Grade late stage Expert, even if were he uses the peacock plume not to be impossible to win. Now his stamina and Spiritual Force consumption is big, therefore he planned goes home well sleeps. Tired is very very tired, Xia Tian fell asleep on the rental car. Sir, you arrived.” The drivers said. After Xia Tian has given money, got out, turned back own residence, when the elevator door opens, he discovered that a female according to the doorbell of his family, daytime he has saved that female star.