Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1069

dīng! The gate of elevator opened, when the gate of elevator opens, Xia Tian saw that female star Bingbing according to the doorbell of his family. Hears the sound of elevator, female star Bingbing also looked to Xia Tian. „Do you look for me?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts, he now is a little blurry. Now heavenly noon was really thank you, otherwise I lay down in the hospital.” Female star Bingbing said. Ah! Xia Tian ordinary saying, he plans to open the door afterward. „Didn't you invite me to go to sit?” Female star Bingbing asked directly. Volume!” Xia Tian stares slightly, this female star was also too driving a point, in family that unexpectedly must enter a strange man. Good, since you invited me, going of my pushing someone take on a difficult job.” Saying that the female star thought aloud. This time Xia Tian hoodwinked, he does not remember one invited the opposite party, but this female star unexpectedly said one invited her, since invited, made her come. Xia Tian did not fear in any case loses thing. Comes, but I was a little tired, I must sleep first, you sit.” Xia Tian deliberately considered one said the opposite party affirmed continued to treat embarrassed. Em, all right, you rest your.” The female star followed directly. Volume! Good!” Xia Tian already to this female star ripe was too originally speechless.

After the female star comes, also very surprised, although she lives with Xia Tian in a building, however Xia Tian house compared with her big three times, moreover inside facility is also very luxurious, luxurious. Looks that in this big house all things have everything expected to find, in the female star Bingbing mind is estimating the values of these things. Although she is a female star, but she house is the company matching, now she lives is, therefore is not considered as that her house, she to this community and geographical position is very satisfied. If not she makes a movie to run around, she also really wants to buy a house here, but wants to buy a house not to be easy here, because this is in two points, house price high oddness . Moreover the environment of this community is also most top. The star makes a movie to make money, but their expenses are not small, therefore wants to accumulate money, only if the fame is very big, infinite meeting advertisement. How however she again meets advertisement not to be impossible to buy such big house, moreover in this room all are the luxury goods, the most expensive international brand, the back cushion on sofa is over ten thousand. Local tyrants! What this time she experiences to local tyrant finally is, Xia Tian has not paid attention to her, took a bath directly, female star not polite, oneself transferred in the room, exceed walks her exceed heart startled, in this house simply was too the high-end, with this room one compared with the words, her room simply was a slum. Opens the closet and a shoes time, she discovered that these clothes are the international big brands, the innermost these clothes even are the international topest designer manufactures, summarizes is a few words, this room was too luxurious. When he opens the refrigerator in discovery is freshest, the fruit is one startled washes, the vegetables and meats also probably just picked. This was also too luxurious.” Female star Bingbing says with emotion. Quick! Xia Tian had taken a bath, after coming out, discovered that the female star is still strolling, he opens the mouth to say directly: I am a little tired, first has rested, you walk do not forget the goalkeeper to take.”

The Xia Tian words as if are pointing to the door to be the same. But female star Bingbing has probably not heard to be the same, strolls there, they, one is to feel all right to catch up with the person to walk, another cannot feel all right, is Top Grade. All right, you rest first, does not need to entertain me.” Female star Bingbing very optional saying. Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, went back to own room afterward, he today really quite tired, he after is only a Profound Grade greatly complete person, continuously to fighting that four Thai Expert, making his body to the spirit very weary. Xia Tian fell on the bed has fallen asleep, he does not know how long one have rested. He was smoked by one burnt flavor awakes, his first feeling has caught fire, can the second feeling some people assassinate him, wants to burn him, but he discovered immediately the matter is not right. Without the smell of flame, when he goes out the bedroom seeks for the root, he discovered that the flavor passes from the kitchen. This time female star Bingbing cooking that is going all out there, she has cooked up several, the thing that but, in that several trays has is pitch-dark, from the start cannot look is any thing. „Are you are doing?” Xia Tian doubts looks to female star Bingbing. I am preparing food, I thought that you are not probably comfortable, has completed the vegetable, when you get out of bed.” Female star Bingbing this is also repaying Xia Tian to rescue her benevolence. Saw that dark thing, Xia Tian has swallowed saliva, he does not know how really this thing should eat, can be killed by poison directly. You do not need to help, I was good.” Saying of female star Bingbing righteousness words. Volume!” Doesn't a Xia Tian brow wrinkle, help? Can this thing eat?

I told you, you had the oral administration, a I such big star, has not prepared food to others, today can prepare food to you, you smiled.” Female star Bingbing felt one can prepare food to Xia Tian, that was the Xia Tian good fortune. After 30 minutes, on the Xia Tian dinner table has placed soup of four pitch-dark vegetable and trough. Tastes!” Female star Bingbing very self-confident saying. Xia Tian has picked a dark thing directly, closes the eye, the expression that being unafraid of death, has swallowed the thing directly, he chews does not dare to chew, when he swallows, he ran directly to the refrigerator, took up one bottle of water dryings. How?” Female star Bingbing very puzzled looks to Xia Tian. How much salts has your this TV dinner added?” Xia Tian sound hoarse asking. Has not put many, I have put half bag.” Female star Bingbing said. „A TV dinner, you have added half bag of salts.” Xia Tian thorough was speechless, he looked, this vegetable absolutely was the fatal toxicant. Em, I use cell phone surfer to look up, said that the salt puts right amount on the line, I just started to plan to put one bag, afterward thinks also to have other vegetable, first has put half bag, the salt such does not use? Otherwise operates the bag not to be fresh.” Female star Bingbing said. You taste.” Xia Tian does not know how should describe. The female star puzzled looks to Xia Tian, then picked one to place the mouth at will.