Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1070
The brothers, potentially reduced several recently every day, I must return to one's old home, there yard the character, my father calls me today, said that thought me, at that moment, my heart good acid, I to fight outside now, usually one year goes back twice, one time not to go back today. The Baishan filial piety for first, me also thought my parents, I planned to go home to have a look at them for these days, after I came back, continued, arrived on the 15 th immediately, in the person hand when the time comes read will have to guarantee a minimum the monthly ticket, hopes that everybody threw, has thanked( note: This some writing do not collect fees.) ----------------------------- Vomit! Female star Bingbing has spat the vegetable directly. So to be how salty.” Female star Bingbing said. Xia Tian has given her one bottle of water: „Do you also plan to eat?” Excuse me, I have not thought that unexpectedly is so salty, I defer to online.” Saying of female star Bingbing apology. This is any online, told you to add these many salts.” Xia Tian depressed saying. It has not made me put half bag, it makes me add the right amount of salt, I think that right amount is one generation.” Female star Bingbing face suffering from injustice saying, saw her suffering from injustice appearance, Xia Tian also embarrassed says anything. Although the Xia Tian cook is very good, however his spirit is not good, the present is around 10 : 00, he did not plan to prepare food, but went out to dine, turned on by a refrigerator button, his presented one on hand seems the water trough same thing, afterward vegetable and tray on Xia Tian table has all placed the water trough child. Then he according to a button. Water trough vanished. Before long, the fresh clean tray delivered. Is so mysterious?” The female star Bingbing whole face does not imagine looks at that water trough: Local tyrant, how much money your this house spends to buy?” Others deliver.” Xia Tian very optional saying, here truly is others delivers, is the black market poster gives to him.

However he also knows that the black market thing is not good to take, you must manifest your value, Xia Tian has achieved, he not only manifested his value, but also let rising that the black market income of Capital kept, in addition his today's vertical prestige, from now henceforth nobody dares to cause trouble in black market. The value that Xia Tian manifests has surpassed this house by far, regarding black market, these rich second generations of rich and official's second generations is actually good to solve, only these Expert are not good to solve, especially Earth Grade above Expert. They all are dominate a side Expert, wish make these people law-abiding, that is a very difficult matter, but Xia Tian has achieved, he has used simply, the most direct means suppressed these people. That kills! Who refuses to accept me to kill anyone, although these Earth Grade Expert temperament are very big, but they fear death, can cultivation to their this Realm people, so long as does not die, that can the longevity, they be familiar with enjoy the world the riches and honor, how possibly easily pays with own life. Once Xia Tian dares to kill people, they submitted naturally. Especially when Xia Tian shows he that formidable strength. Before Xia Tian standing made Capital part of Expert of see his very ruthless, that is who refused to accept to kill really, these people were dared to begin stiffly, moreover after going in that Xia Tian compelled, he was direct Insta-kill Thai Expert, therefore that auction carried on smoothly. Naturally has such done can only make everybody fear him. But lets is Xia Tian that truly everybody is convinced has spoken the words. In black market, so long as you are trade, he will assure your security. Moreover Xia Tian fights vigorously Thai four big Expert today, he had proven to all people his strength and talent, 18 years old had have been able to extinguish kill the Earth Grade late stage Expert strength, such talent is the monstruous talent. Who is willing with like this artificial enemy? Did not say other, solely said that Xia Tian behind these backers make people feel the fear, two in China four big Expert, first under Heaven Swordsman Yin Nie, in addition black market these high-grade figure. All these all are the Xia Tian capital, now he stands there also nobody dares to begin to him.

„Do others deliver? This house added on inside these things little saying that also wanted several million, any person was so natural.” Saying that female star Bingbing does not understand. In the world not free lunch.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile: You go back to tidy up, I asked you to eat meal, was looked, in you helped in the share that I prepared food.” At this time on face of female star Bingbing, a black, white, obviously was smoked. Good.” Female star Bingbing said that has run back own room directly. Was right, puts on low key, I think peaceful eating meal.” The Xia Tian hurried reminder said that he knows, if female star Bingbing puts on exiting that is beautifully attired, that definitely will attract a attention of important goods person, when the time comes wanted quiet eating meal to be difficult. „, Good!” Female star Bingbing said that has run back own home. Xia Tian directly has also taken a bath, then has changed clean clothes, afterward sits there starts, waited for a half hour, Xia Tian to unable to sit still finally, at this moment, the doorbell sound of his family. Walks!” Female star Bingbing stands in the entrance of Xia Tian. Sees the wear appearance of female star Bingbing, Xia Tian is also but a little, her unexpectedly has worn big sunglasses and a big mask, at this time she face keeping off stubbornly. Although Xia Tian lets her low key, but this was also too low-key. Now this face covered stubbornly, such appearance will have brought to others' attention on the contrary, because she covers was too solid, moreover she has also put on a skirt and high-heeled shoes. It seems is the noble appearance, but she face keeping off. What looks at? I know, even if I block the whole piece face, cannot block my grace and talent certainly appearance the face.” Saying that female star Bingbing is infatuated with. On the Xia Tian forehead is heavy line. Will drive?” Xia Tian asked.

Meeting.” Female star Bingbing said. Is familiar with the path in Capital?” Xia Tian asked again. Naturally, I here mixed for ten years, how possibly not to know the road.” Female star Bingbing strikes one's chest the guarantee to say. Good, we drive out.” Xia Tian not familiar here path, therefore he does not dare to drive randomly, if enters an one-way street, that is the half of the day cannot come out. „Do you have the car(riage)?” Female star Bingbing asked. Should have, this is the key of garage, I have not gone to the garage.” Xia Tian said. Their garage have not gone.” Female star Bingbing very speechless. I just moved for several days.” Xia Tian said. „, No wonder I had not seen you.” Female star Bingbing nodded. After they went to the elevator, to defeated one, here is the position of garage, Xia Tian sees directly the number on own key sign, had then found own garage, when he opens the garage, in the garage lamp automatically has all shone. Attract! Xia Tian has held breath cold air. Fuck! the eye of female star Bingbing was straight, they saw inconceivable one.