Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1071

Xia Tian and female star Bingbing all surprised looks at the Xia Tian garage, at this time in the Xia Tian garage is stopping 20 car(riage)s, each is that type of most famous car(riage), has the passenger vehicle, the race car, the business automobile, all -terrain vehicle wait / etc.. The BMW, to run quickly, Land Rover, Ferrari wait / etc., the vehicle stops is very good. The design and sign non- identical style of each car(riage). Here likely is not personal garage, is more like a luxurious auto show, each is luxury car. Female star Bingbing whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian to ask: „Are these all your?” Volume!” Xia Tian stares slightly: Should be.” What is called is? Your also too local tyrant, these many car(riage)s, which did we open?” Female star Bingbing asked. You elect, which you open to be skilled we to open.” What Xia Tian said is skilled, although female star Bingbing said that she will drive, however in Xia Tian at heart, the female driver is equal to half street Assassins. Therefore she hopes that female star Bingbing opens itself skilled. Naturally must open itself not to open, happen to satisfies a craving.” Female star Bingbing excited saying. Hears her words, Xia Tian immediately a heavy line of face, goes forward to ask hurriedly: You determined that you will drive really?” You felt relieved that I will drive since childhood, my father's young time is a race driver.” Female star Bingbing strikes one's chest saying that she felt relieved to her trick-cycling. Good, believes your one time!” Female star Bingbing has chosen inside that directly: Weilong Boogardie, you.” Female star Bingbing whole face excited saying, was direct afterward on that car(riage), Xia Tian also with, this car(riage) was truly attractive, all over the body was the black, to the person a mystery, the headlight position extended to the two sides is the orange, probably was an eye is the same. Attractive.

Xia Tian is also the attractiveness of commendation this car(riage) keeps. All credentials and keys are putting in the car(riage), new, is new. „Is such volume your friend delivers you?” Female star Bingbing puzzled looked that asked to Xia Tian. Em! He gives in my material only to write is having the BMW, has not written these many car(riage)s, I am also the first time, I am not familiar with the path in Capital, therefore does not dare to drive.” Xia Tian said. Local tyrant, your friend is not the Asian richest families.” Asking that the female star has doubts. He he.” Xia Tian awkward smiling , the genuine Asian richest families should be he, even if these said own some people of a lot of property, that also is just the market value of his company, but is not the cash. Xia Tian contributes is 30 billion dollars, who can have his cash to be many? Won't be said by me?” The female star looked that Xia Tian had not denied, immediately was more curious, after Xia Tian has locked the door of garage, they direct. You think were too many.” Xia Tian said. You know the car(riage) value how much money that I open?” The female star looked asked puzzled to Xia Tian. Does not know that I am also first seeing.” Xia Tian said. This thing transports to the China words, several million definitely had.” The female star said. „A car(riage) is so expensive.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, he thinks black market his house suffices expensively, but he has not thought that black market is more expensive to his these vehicles. It seems like black market initial capital under his body.

Although is the black day, however the people in Capital are many. Some people walk everywhere, Xia Tian their car(riage) turning head lead very high . Moreover the speed is quick, female star Bingbing has not accelerated, the vehicle whirlwind got up, this is Xia Tian has requested her to select slowly, otherwise the vehicle already flew. Which do we go to eat?” Xia Tian asked. What do you want to eat?” Female star Bingbing asked. Casual, is I invites you in any case, you thought where thing is delicious, where we go, I am not ripe to here.” Xia Tian said. Good, we eat the Capital roast duck.” Female star Bingbing picked up speed directly, the daytime of Capital traffics jams, but was good to be many in the evening, therefore female star Bingbing can drive quickly the car(riage). About difference hour, they did not arrive at a roast duck restaurant mostly. This, this flavor is authentic, I frequently came to here to eat before.” Female star Bingbing said. The entrance has the security to be responsible for giving them to lead the way to stop, has saying that this truly is very the way comfortable, Xia Tian does not know that is the female star Bingbing trick-cycling is good, is the vehicle is good, in brief is very comfortable. Oh! Oh! Oh! The security directly is directing. Quick, the vehicle stopped in the safest position, then they got out, when they got to the entrance: „Isn't this Bingbing?” The sound reached Xia Tian and in the ear of female star Bingbing together, hears this sound time, a female star Bingbing brow wrinkle, she stands after in same place two seconds turned head: At just the right moment.” At this time a man and a woman from a Ferrari, being beautifully attired that the female dresses up, although the appearance is good, however on her face has actually written all over the vanity, but that man of her side is also puts on charming, looks is the lord of young multi- [gold/metal].

What that male wear is western-style clothes, making the person seem in the big company, when Boss or other director Advanced management. Naturally, lodging only real estate and sells safe this year also to wear the western-style clothes. The western-style clothes that but they wear are not a scale. Also good, I heard that your recent several plays are very busy, Director Feng there play thinks that you will not meet.” That female is also a star. I have not seen the script, saw after the script, can make the decision.” Female star Bingbing said. Really is, this year the new person of head, more and more did not understand people skills, since you so were recently busy, I thought that you relaxed to yourself, Director Feng played you do not meet.” That female star said. Sister Hong, I know that this play, I do not meet, Director Feng to you, but I must look that the specific situation decides again, this is my option, therefore does not have what relations with people skills, said again, in the past I just entered line of times, Sister Hong you little have not taken care of me.” The attendance that female star Bingbing mystifying saying, she said obviously does not look after, and bullies. This matter in the entertainment world very common, if you do not have the background, supports without the backer, just came to probably be bullied, they also from these step walk. Snort! When I think you also to be able wildly.” Female star Sister Hong cold snort said. Small red, since Bingbing is also your friend, our several together eat, I treat.” Follows to say the Sister Hong together that man.