Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1072

„The Xia Family eldest son, do not call such own? We are not probably ripe.” Saying of female star Bingbing coldly, apparently her eldest son to this Xia Family does not have what favorable impression. However nearby Xia Tian is actually shaking the head that keeps. This is the third Xia Family person who he bumps into. Is he such predestined friends with Xia Family really? Xia Family has governed has dominated the entire Capital, where arrives at to bump into their Xia Family person. Or is the Xia Family person must constantly remind Xia Tian, you have our such enemy. Bingbing, but also is the previous time matter vitality? The previous time matter is really a misunderstanding, the medicine is not under me, with that boy who under I come together, I am not ripe with him.” The Xia Family eldest son answered. Saw that the Xia Family eldest son so is all right to do everything to please, that Sister Hong has drawn the Xia Family eldest son's arm hurriedly: Bingbing, no matter what I am also your Senior, I invited you to eat meal together, won't you show due respect for the feelings?” Xia Tian understands why finally Bingbing disliked this Xia Family eldest son, because this Xia Family eldest son has gotten down yao to Bingbing probably, but had been discovered by Bingbing, therefore Bingbing that repugnant Xia Family eldest son. Good!” Bingbing nodded. Afterward they walked together, the Xia Family eldest son looked for one to sit down by the position of window, afterward Xia Tian they also sat down. Hey, you who? Did I make you sit?” The Xia Family eldest son stares Xia Tian to say. Xia Tian has not spoken, he saw this person, Xia Tian is female star Bingbing comes in together, he had not discovered how possibly that moreover before coming, he to Xia Tian already virulent, now he asks something already known, to let Xia Tian is embarrassed. We walk.” Female star Bingbing, directly stands up, must sit with Xia Tian to other place, she naturally listened to Xia Family eldest son words inside ridicule, therefore she also simply stood, she did not like eating meal with these two people. No, Bingbing, how were you?” The Xia Family eldest son is muddled there attire.

Snort, your Xia Family eldest son's food our two cannot eat.” Bingbing said directly. „, He is your friend, how you early did not say that I do not know, you looked, this does not misunderstand, a bit faster sits down.” Saying of Xia Family eldest son face smiling face. Blind Ah! Xia Tian said these two characters. When hears the Xia Tian words is, the Xia Family eldest son complexion changes: „Did I give your face? Your dines, unexpectedly dares such to speak to me.” I am poor also to have the food, has no need to rub your.” Xia Tian said: You think that does not need you to invite, can we beg for food?” Has saying that Xia Tian does not open the mouth , then by, opens the mouth on the character character Tibetan's knife. He said right, even if not miss this roast duck again poorly, moreover Xia Tian they are ate the roast duck, the Xia Family eldest son's words probably are he , if not treat, Xia Tian they will starve to death to be the same. Snort, you know that who I am? unexpectedly dares such to speak to me.” Xia Family eldest son coldly looked that said to Xia Tian. You is who has the 10 cents to relate with me? My bowel movement you can eat, I urinate you to drink, or can you help me guard the door?” Xia Tian looked that continues to say to that Xia Family eldest son: Since what can't, you be who can be what kind of?” The Xia Tian character character belt blade, he does not want to say anything, but this fellow must offend him, moreover this fellow or the Xia Family person, how this Xia Tian possibly easily lets off him. At this time two females all surprised looks at Xia Tian, they have not thought that Xia Tian language unexpectedly is so sharp. Reddening all over the face that the Xia Family eldest son is mad. Ok, eats the person mouth to be short, is short with the manpower, you treat I unable to eat.” Xia Tian sat in nearby that table directly, Bingbing sat in his opposite.

In this time Xia Family eldest son eyes is the anger. Here anything delicious, you select!” Xia Tian said. Female star Bingbing has only selected several types of simplest standard meals. „, Poor devil.” What the Xia Family eldest son looks at Xia Tian and Bingbing point is only the ordinary meal, immediately ridiculed. Xia Tian this time has not spoken, but was directly the Xia Family eldest son disregarding. Bingbing sits in the Xia Tian opposite , the Xia Family eldest son disregarding. This, the Xia Family eldest son felt own fought with the fists in the vacancy, this feeling was not good. Was right, has forgotten to ask your name.” Female star Bingbing looked that said to Xia Tian. Summer, Tashita.” By Xia Tian has a Xia Family eldest son, if he are called Xia Tian, that opposite party definitely will begin to have suspicions, he has not wanted now with the Xia Family bar on, therefore he does not want to expose his status. Tashita? The good strange name, my name was Wang Bing.” Female star Bingbing also said own name. Xia Family eldest son this time thorough has disregarded, how at this time he is finding the way to teach this to dare with the wild brat, but he has thought the half of the day does not feel well. Insufficiently aggressive. „, Are you stars?” Xia Tian asked that what he said was Wang Binghe Sister Hong.

You are really an odd person, you usually do not watch the television? Doesn't go to the movie theater to watch the movie?” Wang Bing has doubts looks to Xia Tian. Did not look that where has the time.” Xia Tian was too truly busy, he is rushing about for the different matters every day, does not have the time to watch the television and movie, especially in present this special time, said again, he has not gone to the movie theater to watch the movie probably. Busy? What do you make? Such busy, does not have the time to look including the television and movie.” Wang Bing puzzled asking, this issue she is very curious, actually does Xia Tian is do, why some people will deliver him that big house, but also so many luxury car. Many questions surround this Wang Bing. She had guessed at that time also Xia Tian is Oboe who came from the star. Afterward thinks one want to smile, was drama series pats. I am a student.” Xia Tian said that his present decent employment was also student, he cannot say one were Xia Group Boss or is the black market 12 health/guard, either said were one Dragon Group represent vice- teacher? The Xia Family eldest son has remembered a good drop suddenly, afterward he stands up directly toward responsible there of hotel walks, the manager in hotel naturally knew that Xia the eldest son, greeted hurriedly respectfully. However Xia eldest son's following words make him very awkward, but Xia the eldest son has used immediately the method of combining threats with inducements, finally responsible function nod of hotel silently.