Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1074

Has saying that Boss of this roast duck restaurant compares to cultivate the behavior. He knows that had such matter, the surrounding person will have the resistance, therefore gives all people to exempt the list specially, and has made a new roast duck, but also a person has wrapped a 1000 red package. And has wrapped a 10,000 red package to Xia Tian of litigant. This is also cost-effective regarding Xia Tian, after all his has not eaten. But Xia Tian unexpectedly rejected. What's wrong? Are you unsatisfied? You said that but also there is anything to request, after all was our people makes the mistake.” Boss of roast duck restaurant said that he wants to subside obviously this matter. Naturally is unsatisfied, Boss you work are so bright, I naturally must help you remove 315 suits and reporters.” Xia Tian said directly that he did not say a word about Xia the eldest son. Although he clearly knows that is Xia eldest son does, the matter that but he does not raise any concerned Xia eldest son, sits on the ground the leg soft roast duck restaurant manager also clenched teeth, he saw Xia the eldest son, then nodded. His meaning is the matter he can a person shoulder. Xia the eldest son naturally is also satisfied nod. That was really good intention thank you, but that two matters I asked the person to solve, so long as you did not investigate that extremely thanked.” Boss of roast duck restaurant said. Was right, Boss, treats does not need, today I ask others to eat meal, did you such do snatched my crest of wave? Also, I had hand to have the foot, Qian Kao gain, the red package exempted.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, his meaning has rejected the Boss good intention, traded new coming up to be OK. But!” Boss also wants to say anything. Not anything, but, having helped delicious some that I do be good, I come with admiration, do not let me turn over to disappointedly.” Xia Tian very serious saying.

Good, you could rest assured that I make personally and ensure makes you satisfy.” Boss said directly that he very long had not begun personally, but this does not represent him not to do, this roast duck restaurant is he did, at that time he was most famous roast duck Master, afterward the business fire he had passed to the chefs the craftsmanship. Saw nod that appearance Wang Bing who Xia Tian atmosphere keeps. The Xia Tian procedure fully showed he does not seek after the little profit . Moreover the moral behavior is also very good. Listened to the Xia Tian words embarrassed, surroundings these people also. Boss, our red packages do not want, gives us to make one on the line.” We have not thought wanting, a moment ago heard that matter, therefore somewhat is unbearably angry.” Boss, you must go to the kitchen to us personally.” Surroundings these people also know one eat absolutely does not have the issue, otherwise they are impossible not to have what response, can itself that comes to here to eat meal not be the poor person, they do not hope to be this villain. Others Xia Tian seems under 12-year-old children is reasonable, how they will be the villain. Well, really thanked understanding.” Boss of roast duck restaurant bowed to all people, he misses these red package money actually, but cares about the reputation, now these people understand him, that reputation naturally cannot lose. Before long, the police came, after the police came, the manager roast duck restaurant has seized directly, all are successful, has not asked anything, has not looked for Xia Tian to make the record. Before long, the new roast duck delivered. Fertilizer, but is not greasy, delicacy.” Xia Tian eats up the first time, felt the delicacy in meat, before this taste him, has never tasted, he also roasts the thing to eat, the thing flavor that but he roasts is ordinary, is unable to achieve roast duck restaurant Boss this flavor.

Likes well.” Boss of roast duck restaurant said. Too the delicacy, Boss, can your craftsmanship teach me?” Xia Tian liked this type of roast duck really the flavor, entire only roast duck from inside to outside, cripy delicious, the entrance, this feeling simply was good. Ok, I teach many people to make this type of roast duck the method, but each person's understanding to the roast duck is different, the talent is different, the flavor that therefore they make does with me is different.” Boss of roast duck restaurant said. Good, tomorrow, no, the day after tomorrow, starting from the day after tomorrow I come to study your craftsmanship.” Xia Tian said directly. He had inspected a moment ago carefully, the cook or the blade labor, perfectly, the sliced meat of roast duck was all shaved, each slice of meat is all just right, is nothing more or less. Blade labor perfectly. This blade labor is Xia Tian cannot achieve, is exactly the same because of the size of not sole physique . Moreover the meat qualitative texture is also exactly the same, wants to achieve this point, even if Xia Tian opens the X-Ray Vision eye not to be impossible, naturally, if his cautious and solemn, cuts one, can cut two, however Boss of roast duck restaurant will only use such one to complete whole set working procedure. If Xia Tian can learn this blade labor, he can its improve, turns into the swordsmanship. Although he now had the day cold sword powerful force sword, but his swordsmanship, outside Heavenly Connection the hole immediately do not open, can learn the swordsmanship the words, he is equal to being many skill that First Layer maintained life. Naturally, with the swordsmanship that Heaven Absolute Wake evolved has not been considered as that he learns, because that swordsmanship needed the compounded drug to catalyze. It looks like beyond the day the flying immortal is the same, if he does not need the compounded drug to catalyze, that this move does not have any might. But if he has learned this blade labor, then he improves again, he can certainly study one set of swordsmanship, he were also when the time comes many First Layer maintaining life qualification. Bah!

What thing is this? This type of thing is also the person eats?” At this moment Xia Tian Xia the eldest son of their neighboring table cursed angrily one, his scolding sound captured the attention of all people. The disturbance just ceased, did this have an accident? Sir? Is the roast duck does not suit your taste?” The Boss inquiry of roast duck restaurant said. Your this thing is astringent and greasy, the bitter taste, simply was disgusting, can this person eat?” Xia the eldest son shouts directly. „Can I taste?” Boss of roast duck restaurant asked. Ok, you eat, how I must have a look at you to explain but actually.” Saying that Xia the eldest son disdains. Boss of roast duck restaurant has taken up duck meat directly, the entrance later careful mastication, without any issue: Sir, roast duck any issue, has not believed you to let taste with the woman who you come together.” Small red, you taste!” Xia the eldest son said directly. Small red picked one to roast the duck meat to put the mouth directly.