Almighty Student - Volume 11 - Chapter 1075

Small red duck meat entrance time, on the face had a happy feeling, she said one unrestrainedly: Delicious.” Hears the small red words, Xia an eldest son's brow wrinkle. He has eaten one. Bah! Xia Dashao cursed angrily one again: This is any thing, salty, smelly, is not the person eats radically.” All person all doubts looks to the summer old and young, because he shares a table small red also started to say delicious, that obviously this roast duck not any issue, the one who had the issue was summer old and young person. He is finding fault. Sir, my roast duck possibly does not conform to your taste.” Boss in roast duck restaurant have attempted personally, without any issue, therefore he guessed that the summer old and young definitely is finding fault. time, he noticed that the manager and summer old and young flirted with the eyes, obviously was he and manager is in cahoots. Even if this, Boss of roast duck restaurant has not gone to look for his trouble, but his unexpectedly also looks for trouble now. What does not conform to my taste, the thing that you make is unpalatable, any taste this is, thing in the trash can compared with your this delicious.” Xia Dashao is to describe that actually this roast duck has multi- being unpalatable. Gives you, the trash can, you want to eat anything, inside anything has.” Xia Tian hands over a trash can directly to the summer old and young, and hand signal that has made invitation, the meaning was you wants to eat anything to select. Brat, you court death.” Xia Dashao looks angrily to Xia Tian. Yeah, I see have found fault, but has not seen has found fault like you, came up dead to nip was saying that others roast ducks were not delicious, again sat can come to taste to the position, has a look being unpalatable that his roast duck was looks like him to say!” Xia Tian was saying to the surrounding person directly. I come!” Immediately the man walked, he took up one piece to roast the duck meat to eat directly, the flavor was delicious, afterward he looked directly to Young Master Xia Da: Being sick of your Y.”

You.” Young Master Xia Da wanted to say anything, but he saw vision that periphery these despised. Afterward came 2-3 individuals to taste has roasted the duck meat, without any issue. Xia Tian and Wang Bing there happy is eating. But at this time Mr. Xia Da face was green, he has not believed in evil doctrines and has eaten one, the result is the same, is unpalatable, various types the flavor that kept him from enduring have crashed in his mouth. He also drank water to rinse the mouth, but he discovered that the water is also spicy and astringent. Looks Xia Tian they eat is so happy, oneself eat anything to change flavor, the summer old and young is not very comfortable, but he must wait, he wants , after Xia Tian they finished eating, finds the way to shame Xia Tian again. Boss of roast duck restaurant has not felt embarrassed them, only considers a joke, smiles. This middle Young Master Xia Da also attempts to eat several types of things, finally is the same, is unusual being unpalatable, regardless of he drinks anything is difficult to drink, but he does not dare saying that he knows that certainly had problems. If he speaks at a venture again, surroundings these people definitely will despise his. Quick, Xia Tian they finished eating. Boss, pays.” Xia Tian direct payment. Also buys any list, today exempts the list.” Saying of Boss face smiling face. That is not good, if such delicious roast duck I do not make a payment, that is unfair to my belly simply.” Xia Tian said that has put out 10,000 directly: Boss, this is my food fee, remaining when I asked the person in this room to eat meal, naturally has not included by me this table of people.” Your boy!” Boss of hotel did not have politely directly Qian Shou: This money treated as your school expense.”

Xia Tian shows a faint smile, has not spoken. ! Surroundings these people heard Xia Tian to say treat, immediately the applause was unceasing. Bingbing, I drive, or rides my car(riage) to walk.” Xia the eldest son runs over to say hurriedly that saw Xia the eldest son so does everything to Wang Bing, that Sister Hong naturally is unusual is unsatisfied, stared Wang Bing one eyes. Does not use, we have the car(riage)!” Wang Bing said. Your car(riage) is not the broken surface steamed stuffed bun of your company, you ride my car(riage), making your nearby that boy take taxi.” That boy who Xia the eldest son said is Xia Tian. This time Wang Bing has not paid attention to him, but looks directly to Xia Tian: We walk.” Em!” Xia Tian nodded. Afterward they walked directly, the summer old and young is this person, cannot obtain forever is best, because just he cannot obtain, therefore he felt that Wang Bing is good. Bingbing, you are not takes taxi, either takes the subway? You is a big star, how you can handle this matter.” Xia the eldest son spoke of here time pretended intentionally surprisedly. But Wang Bing from the start has not managed him, she and Xia Tian has arrived at outside directly, arrives at outside time, Xia the eldest son accelerated to arrive by his car(riage) intentionally, a face ridicule looks at Xia Tian: grown man, goes out a car(riage) not to have, was really too disgraced.” Wang Bing moved toward a parking place directly, afterward she opened the vehicle door, Xia Tian sat in the position of copilot. When Xia the eldest son sees Wang Bingkai vehicle hour, on the face presented the surprised expression, this car(riage) he online has only seen, it is said entire China only then, was bought by a mysterious person, but now Wang Bing and Xia Tian unexpectedly is driving this car(riage). Hey, with doesn't need to deliver you a regulation?” Xia Tian is shouting to the glass outside Xia eldest son.

Xia the eldest son mouth opens big, on the face has written all over inconceivable: How is this possible?” Words that does not use, we walked, was right, forgot to tell you, lay down in the hospital is good for half a month.” Xia Tian said that Wang Bing drove directly, only left behind Xia the eldest son and that Sister Hong in the wind disorderly. At this time Xia the eldest son has a feeling of showing off meager skills before an expert, he a moment ago still in ridiculing Xia Tian did not have the car(riage), but Xia Tian unexpectedly makes a super car(riage) now, his car(riage) in the opposite party eye seemed bicycle in a eyes. We walk!” Sister Hong looked for a stair to Xia the eldest son. Em!” Xia the eldest son nodded, when he wants to board, he felt suddenly own under foot one soft, the whole person lay on the ground, the front tooth has knocked all of a sudden to fly. How were you?” Sister Hong holds the summer old and young hurriedly. At this time in Xia Tian car(riage). Was right, why will the summer old and young the thing be unpalatable with that preliminary way?” Wang Bing puzzled asking. Because his sense of taste lost control.” Xia Tian said. Sense of taste out-of-control? What is this?” Wang Bing puzzled asking. His not only sense of taste out-of-control, his nerve already necrosis.” Corners of the mouth of Xia Tian slightly one slanting.